Was Breaking Up With Him The Right Decision?

You decided it’s time to break up.

And now you’re single again. But for some reason you don’t feel at peace.

You’re still haunted by that eternal question: Did I make a HUGE mistake?

Even if it was YOU who decided to call off a relationship, at some point you’re always going to get that horrible feeling inside of you that questions your decision to dump someone. Your friends and family say it’s for the best. But maybe they don’t really know. Plus, there was that one friend who advised you to give things another try with this guy and now you’re even more lost and confused!

You could be stuck forever like this. Frozen in the limbo of wondering whether you’ve made the best decision of your life, or thrown away an incredible relationship. In this week’s video, I’m going to show you an easy way to tell whether you made the right choice, and personally guide you out of this anxiety and indecision with simple but powerful change in mindset, so that you feel confident in your feelings and can let a relationship go in peace.

Believe me, I know myself how easy it is to get stuck in this place for months only to come out of it and wonder why you wasted so much of your precious time worrying.

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