Want More from the Men You Date? Here’s How to Get it

Smart, successful women are able to act in a way that brings the best out of the guys they date. How? I’ll show you.

I traveled with my mom to Dallas to hear from women about their difficulties with finding Mr. Right. In this video, you’ll get to enjoy some exclusive behind-the-scenes conversation and on-stage footage with real women + some super fun bonus footage of my mom trying to get women for me ;)

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21 Replies to “Want More from the Men You Date? Here’s How to Get it”

  • This video reminds me of one you have done earlier with being a tourist in your own city.
    After I saw that video I gave my self a challenge, every time I walk out the door I have to have the mindset of a tourist.
    And it has given me something to smile about everyday.
    So I get why you need to fall in love with the place you leave in, but I also understand why it can be difficult for some people. It’s like muscle memory you become so used to something that you don’t even think about it anymore.

    So changing your mindset can make the biggest difference

  • I absolutely love this!
    Totally agree!
    Give what you want to get more of…
    It works!!

    By the way, you are rocking that cowboy hat Matt!

    My favorite part of your videos is how the concepts always translate beyond dating into life in general. Keep on my good man, keep on!!

    tigress ✨

  • Matthew, you are wise beyond your years! I look forward to these videos every Sunday and always take something with me to practice for the next week. Keep spreading the love and empowerment, we all need more of you in our lives!

  • I love this video, you’re absolutely right.. we must start up by changing ourselves and that will be reflected on the people around us.

    I appreciate what you’re doing. you support, inspire and motivate thousands people, icluding me.

    Thank you

  • Love this and love your Mum

    And Matt. You need to take off that cowboy hat before you set yourself on fire .

  • What a great perspective Matthew! I thought this was one of the best lessons or eye openers yet…and not just for dating. In everything in life. Thanks for this Sunday Funday moment! Have a great one yourself:)~

  • Loved this video! Mum Hussey is such a gem! I am so disappointed I didn’t get to meet her at The Retreat I went to…

  • For me, this vidoe of you and your mum was VERY insightful, and brings a different approach and wisedom. really loved it and your mum brings 100% – i.e.
    You give out good vibes, you get back good vibes (mostly) . Its the best starting point.

  • Let’s fall in love with the places we visit, let’s be romantic. What you give us what you get. It is so inspiring. Thanks again Matt for opening our minds and showing us a new attitude motivation.

  • You consistently deliver great videos, Matt. And this is no exception. Your mom is a lovely person, and I’m glad I got to meet her and the rest of your family at the retreat. I adore how genuine you are and that you have such an amazing relationship with your mom, and how that relationship colors how you treat all of us women to whom you give advice.

    I really appreciate the message of becoming the person you would want to date. And to fall in love with the place where you are by looking at it with fresh eyes.

    Great work, Matt! Thank you :)

  • I am 56 yrs old and men my age are done living ready to go to heaven. I’m just getting started. People use each other so bad these days no one trusts anyone or I’d willing to try anymore. Very sad.

  • Totally luv this video! It is truly from the heart, treat others how you want to be treated. Your mum is cool.
    Hope you will have a great trip in NY,my town.:)

  • I live in Texas ! Moved from LA- I’m flirty and flirted with locals here ! But It didn’t work – the Texas ladies forgot to mention that Texas is very conservative !!! It’s different dating problem here ! It’s good u r going each state to understand the culture , the environment- to help not have generic dating advice – I really want u to customize/ sub categorize to age groups as well –

  • Matthew-you and our team a just Ammazing. How is it that you can wrap so many concepts and advice together so easily? And you do it with such Humility. It is so wonderful! Truly! Love it all. Such a treat! Thank you

  • What a sweet video, I love the beginning especially about stealing moments with the people you love… and it’s true, be the kind of person you want to attract. Thanks again Matt <3

  • hi matthew, I was watching video on ” the 4 primal attraction triggers. However , i am confused about #4 “speaking the language of men” because the video did not explain that part, i do not understand what they meant by ” Language of men. If you could please explain it to me and tell me what the language actually is , so that i can use that step, i would appreciate it. thank you.

  • Ah Matthew I am so touched by your modeling such LOVE and CARE for all you encounter. What a joy to see you how you appreciate your mom.
    Thank you thank you for the beautiful, thoughtful and heart filled work you do in the world.
    I am better for it.

  • I was just thinking today how much I love where I live, even with all the traffic, etc. It really is beautiful. I wish I could find someone to slow down and enjoy it with me.

    You’re right, Matthew. The essence is all your attitude. You’ve got to bring the aloha with you, wherever you go.

  • hey Matthew, this is redhead from Pakistan (i know not your usual scene) but there is something i wanted to bring to your attention. or to kind of thank you for actually. i opened one of your videos by chance right about the time that this guy friend who has been flirting non stop with me for a couple of years now, asked me to meet him when he was visiting my city. Now,you may think its perfectly natural or maybe even advancement on his part, but theres a catch. i told this guy i loved him a month prior to this and rather than responding he chooses to do this later. anyhow, there i was, heartbroken and alone, that i found myself watching your videos. and instantly i felt that this man (i.e. you) is out there with a purpose. your views on how women ought to be treated are not just identical to mine, but so so respectful. not to mention you care so much about how other people ought to be treated and kindness in general that its heart warming. i watch your videos not for dating tips tbh as im single hehe but because your tips and discussions are something i can relate to in my everyday life as well. the best thing i believe you relieved me of was toxic friends who, much like your toxic guy gig, knock on my door when in trouble. but would NEVER invest the way i do. you should be proud to know that i dodged quite a few shitty people in my life for the first time after this. because ive been ghosted on, and ive been abandoned way too many times, but id always melt when id be approached due to the silly soft corner we all have for certain people. your advice resonates not just in love and relationships, but also in friendships. because like you say, its all about the investment :).

    p.s. i totally have a thing for British guys so i can’t not watch your videos haha. not being creepy swear, but your kind has given me aloooooot of trouble back when i was in London just because of the darn accent. may you get whatever you wish for in your life :). God bless!

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