Come Backstage – I’m Revealing My Secrets

In this Sunday’s video I’m taking you backstage to my dressing room at the Meredith Vieira show for a very revealing look at how I prepare for my most high-pressure situations and deliver the best of myself every time.

Whatever it is you want in life – to nail that job interview, approach a hot guy, ask your boss for a raise, give a speech at your best friend’s wedding, ask for a commitment with the man you’re dating – you can make it happen and get the outcome you want if you just follow my 3 secret strategies.

Be sure you watch all the way to the end of the video, because I’m also going to tell you how to get your hands on a top-secret free download that is nothing short of life-changing…

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25 Replies to “Come Backstage – I’m Revealing My Secrets”

  • You are a true inspiration Matthew, both personally and professionally. Really appreciate your guidance.

  • That was an amazing video. The rush at the moment was palpable. Still you went on to make a video. Marvellous how you committed you are! Read your brother’s document. One word. Wow! Truely well written n so candid n insightful. My regards to steve n I hope we see more of him. Awesome family really. Can’t totally discount the genes.
    Lots of love.

  • Hey Matt!

    I love your advice!
    I am definitely planning on trying new things that make me uncomfortable this year!


  • Hi Matt and Stephen,
    I love the video and post, so true.
    My dad has been always quoting Einstein (I think), that “genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work”.
    One should not be praised for talent (not earned) but for hard work.
    I used to be very shy child, and even more shy teenager, for various reasons. but I like people and I wanted to have friend and interesting life, so I just ignored fear, pain and rejection and was able to create interesting life with lovely people within it. I just continued, and persevered and was focused more on other then my fears. And I have to say (not being very modest) that now I am a quite self-confident, charismatic person.

    But bad things happened to me in love life (shit happens), so I lost my confidence in this area.

    Thanks to you, Mathew, I gained my motivation back, and hope that I can find true love in my life. And this is good to be reminded that it is not only luck, but also hard work.
    Thanks guys
    And all the best for you in 2015

  • I want to say two things the first one you will be blessed of it the second you judge..
    First : I would like to congratulates of your amazing Book and YouTube and everything you really shown that nothing impossible in the relationships field ,but what I do really like it and love it is like this vedioe

    Complimentary to Getting Sh*t Done lol

    *that’s It..6:30am Im In the Shower..I’m out There

    ~Try Stop Meeee Uncomfortableness

  • Where is my rest of comment!! Hhh okay now you don’t knew the second and am not going to write it again so wish you all the best

  • Hi Matthew
    thank you so much to help women to get the love that we deserve. I have a big question. I want to get back with my ex boyfriend I broke up because I was immature and told him very bad things. So when I sent him an email saying I still like him. He said I appreciate you. He just broke my heart. but then he said we should hang out more. I am not sure what to think I am confused.
    Please let me know what do you think?

  • As always, THANK YOU AND YOUR BROTHER for all that you do!!! And thank you for this incredible video about taking risks and being flexible.

  • Yiihh,you make my heart pound so,just hearing your voice fascinates me…reminds me of a computer software that i teach for graders-you really sound like him.something like English
    Anyways…i really need this boosters:) planning to apply for a scholarship abroad and requirements says we need to make a video-and tell the board what makes me different…guess i need to have an a deeper and longer introspection/reflections…this will help for sure! Best foot forward?”don’t hold back,do something uncomfortable” i’ll packed that with me <3 thank you.

  • Amelia !! First : you should knew how to leave a comment !! Which you can totally don’t knew ..
    Second: the guy are doing his best to teach us how we can be independent without missing the part we are women’s and we are part of men’s Amelia sweet hart there is no shame to be not satisfied of something you didn’t like or persone but the huge shame to be agrassive like this .. The program don’t work !! Well guess what when I start this one I got a five men they are after me now and if you want their number be my guest .. And for your records Matt not make us to pretend or not being our self Matt teach us to how to arrange our life think Belive and for sure love !! With all my respect next time talk with some polite ..Matt go ahead this is my secound time to see this vedio you aren’t just coach of love you are a coach of LIFE

    1. There is a no questions ask money back guarantee on GTG. I did sign up and pay the money. After trying the GTG program for a month decided that the email updates were perfect and free. Called and sure enough. Got my money back.

      I HIGHLY recommend trying GTG because I am sure it works for some.

      I love the videos every week and learn so much from.

      Keep up the great work Mathew Hussey.

      YEA !

  • Hi Matthew! Great video. I downloaded the guide. It is a great document. Thanks to both of you for sharing. So more of it is coming this week? Sweet! :) Great way to start the new year.

    You did handle that radio show like a magician. They say hard work beats talent any given day. I still think you were born to be a public speaker and human dynamics coach. You have a “will power”. One needs that will power to turn the knowledge into a product. I think, that will power comes out after experiencing some serious breakthroughs, which happens only if you take risks. So it goes back to your video and the Impact file again: take risks! Scare yourself and resolve to remove your ego!

    Thank you for always encouraging your audience and working to move the society forward. I do have some interviews coming up. I am somewhat nervous. I will use your and Steve’s suggestions. A lot of new adventures coming for me this year. I can feel it.

    Here is to taking risks and making an impact!
    Have a great week! xx

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