I Have BIG NEWS… My New Dating Advice Show on ABC!

I have a new TV show out on ABC Digital!

The best part? You can watch ALL 10 episodes on demand right this SECOND!**

You’ll see me give texting advice to women in which I reveal some of my all-time favorite copy-and-paste texts to get inside the male mind and attract men using only your thumbs. ;)

**Due to international rights agreements, the full show is only being offered within the United States and its territories, but international viewers can catch one episode HERE!


Free Guide

Copy & Paste These
"9 Texts No Man Can Resist"

11 Replies to “I Have BIG NEWS… My New Dating Advice Show on ABC!”

  1. Hi,
    Could you please send your international customers and viewers a pdf with short recaps of these videos? That would be much appreciated ….

  2. Wow Matthew Hussey I am so happy for for you. Congratulations on your new show,on ABC can people in Canada watch your 10 episodes or just one.

  3. I think your flirty texts suggestions are brilliant. I’ve used them, sparingly, on a guy I’ve been seeing for 3 months, but unfortunately got lukewarm to no reaction.
    He replied only with a :) to my “you were in my dream” text, and totally ignored the other two sent a few days later at intervals. I’m scratching my head! I’m usually very relaxed and outgoing, and I’m convinced that my flirty texts were strategic and witty.
    What went wrong?!

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