I Have BIG NEWS… My New Dating Advice Show on ABC!

I have a new TV show out on ABC Digital!

The best part? You can watch ALL 10 episodes on demand right this SECOND!**

You’ll see me give texting advice to women in which I reveal some of my all-time favorite copy-and-paste texts to get inside the male mind and attract men using only your thumbs. ;)

**Due to international rights agreements, the full show is only being offered within the United States and its territories, but international viewers can catch one episode HERE!


9 Texts No Man Can Resist

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  1. KiSiel says:

    why can’t I live in US?!! ><

  2. AK says:

    I think your flirty texts suggestions are brilliant. I’ve used them, sparingly, on a guy I’ve been seeing for 3 months, but unfortunately got lukewarm to no reaction.
    He replied only with a :) to my “you were in my dream” text, and totally ignored the other two sent a few days later at intervals. I’m scratching my head! I’m usually very relaxed and outgoing, and I’m convinced that my flirty texts were strategic and witty.
    What went wrong?!

  3. d says:

    Hi Matt, I like your new look (slightly longer hair & designer stubble in this video!). Love the episode too! Congrats!

  4. Marta says:

    Congrats- you are great as always!
    However, these texts will become ineffective if too many people use them.

  5. Thuraya says:

    That’s a pity for those who are not in US. Can’t stream those vids in Germany.

  6. Vasiliki says:

    Congratulations for scaling new heights and setting new standards!!!

  7. Lourdes says:

    Soo good Matt, as always

  8. Christine says:

    When will the rest be available on youtube?? I’m from Australia and can only view the first!

  9. Hafsa says:

    Can I get the copy-and-paste about what to text him.

  10. Hafsa says:

    Wow Matthew Hussey I am so happy for for you. Congratulations on your new show,on ABC can people in Canada watch your 10 episodes or just one.

  11. cinzia says:

    Could you please send your international customers and viewers a pdf with short recaps of these videos? That would be much appreciated ….

  12. Dina says:

    It is not possible to watch the episodes, if you live in Europe!

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