Drive Him Wild with These 3 Irresistible Date Outfits ft. Louise Roe

In this week’s video I’m introducing you to my good friend Louise Roe who just so happens to also be a style icon. She’s hosted the Red Carpet for the Oscars on ABC, as well as Fashion Star and the makeover show Plain Jane.

She’s sitting down with me to give you practical tips you can use to dress for a date to create massive attraction…

She’s even put together 3 head-to-toe, irresistible outfits for your first date (and beyond) that work on real women just like you.

If you’ve ever wished you could have a personal stylist tell you exactly what to wear on a date, today’s your lucky day…

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  1. Charlene says:

    Hi Matt,
    These videos are great and lots of fun – thank you!
    I was wondering though that they’re all for summer or warm regions. Could Louise put some outfits together for the winter season (snowy regions), too, please? That would be great!
    Best X

  2. anne says:

    i am 60, 250lbs, legs like the preverbial pool table and look 8 months pregnant – that body shape!
    i wore heels for a first date not long ago and fell flat on my face… next time i’ll forget the sexy wiggle hehehehehe.

    i finally found clothes i liked when Nordstome came to town and i have 3 date outfits for coffee date, dinner date, walking date. i have no difficulty with attracting men, it is about confidence and most of all – wearing a smile!

    good luck folks, know yourself, love yourself and have fun. all else follows.

  3. Emily says:

    I have back issues and can’t do heels (at least I’m tall so don’t need them for the height). Finding shoes that make me feel both classy and comfortable is a big challenge for me. Suggestions?

    • Jill says:

      Hi Emily, I think you can definitely find fun/classy flats. I’m a shoe lover and get tons of complements on my flats. I think just being open to different styles is important. I hope this helped and good luck!

  4. marwa says:

    Pls send it to my email

  5. Vavavoom says:

    I have to disagree with the red lip color.
    The red lip color should be treated as another sexy bodypart like showing legs or a bit of cleavage. You can do either one of them, but only.
    If you’re not comfortable with showing your body off, or you’re doing a winter-date iceskating in Scandinavia then you won’t be showing legs or cleavage and a pop of warm red lipcolor will take your appearance out of the friendzone and into the datezone. So for those who won’t be showig that much leg or cleavage can opt for pigmented lipstick.

    Also those of us with exotic, dark features can pull of shades with a bit more pigment than light-on-light-on-light girls.

    There is also kiss-proof lipstick on the market so this idea about it getting all over his face is more in the mind than a matter of fact if you’ve been drinking a cup of coffee or eating eachothers food as she said since he will then have seen that your lipstick isn’t turning into an unpleasent mess.

  6. Emily says:

    The red dress is spectacular but looks like you could only wear it if you don’t need a bra. (I take a C-cup, and if I wore ANY dress without one, it would be uncomfortable for both my date and me.) And I love the pencil skirt, but, Louise, are you really saying we shouldn’t bother wearing such a thing unless we can sport a stiletto heel? I know they make one’s calves look amazing, but I wouldn’t last 30 seconds in those (even the ones that are “not that high”) without wanting to fling them across the room and run for freedom.

  7. Wendy says:

    How about a 47 year old widow…first date, not too far away….
    I have no clue how to dress…..

    • Vavavoom says:

      First let me just say that I am sorry for your loss and you deserve all the time you need to process that. :)

      With that said the “widow” part is irrelevant :) This is a new chapter in your love life.
      Just define your status as available or single :) Matt, Louise or your date doesn’t need to know how or what ended the last relationship – otherwise you’ll sound mournfull and as if you’re still occupied.
      Matt or Louise won’t respond the “what to wear”-question with “good you mentioned you’re a widow, cause that changes everything. For widows we recommend a classy victorian black dress, white gloves and a fascinator with a black veil. That would be good.” ;)
      Everyone has a past consisting of something, but you never hear other people define themselves as an ex: “Hi, what’s your status? I’m an ex.”

      Good luck :)

      • Kathryn says:

        Wear something you are comfortable in and is flattering for you and it will give you the confidence you are really going to need if you haven’t ‘dated’ for a long while. I really hope you just relax and enjoy yourself, good luck. And I hope it went well if you’ve already been. xx

        • Kathryn says:

          Ines de la Fressange dresses for this/her age group particularly well as she recognises the need and want to look modern but classy. Clothes designed for the fast fashion younger age group do not have enough fabric in them and do not suit a woman. Women, rather than girls, have fuller figures which can look very sexy. She focuses on the need for a slightly altered cut on the clothes to tweak and flatter and super cosy nice fabrics. The colours run a neutral palette with occasional touches of pattern to add interest and prettiness (important if you are petite or have a delicate look). If you are larger, block colours look good. She likes navy as I do, it’s softer than black, and tones well with other neutrals as a base or stand out item. The Italians have always gone for this classic, pared down look but in the best fabrics you can buy. Also wearing cheaper clothing with one more expensive fabric piece can pull a look up a lot. The Italains also accessorise well and any accessory must really accentuate, add to the outfit and be specific not look like you wear it with everything in your wardrobe. I think anyway, lol. Also this way you’ll never look back at a photo and say what was I thinking?!

  8. Ursulline says:

    Biggest thing here is – Know.Your.Audience. Go get a tan? Shorts on a festival date? Pencil skirts? If I’m not mistaken I thought Matt gives advice for all women including women of color 1. (like myself) who don’t get tans. 2. Women in their later 40’s/50’s who listen to Matt’s advice aren’t going to go for the whole shorts look for a date. And 3. Although the pencil skirt idea is totally my look (I work a corporate job and have dates after work as well) some women work at fitness clubs, work as servers, work at grocery stores, should they opt into a pencil skirt straight from work as well?

    I like her style choices, ironically (minus the suggestion to get two shades darker of a tan) the style choices fit me, a single woman, slender, in my late 20’s but this advice in what I understand is meant to be a quick snippet into her book’s advice didn’t transcend across age groups and Matt’s audience.

  9. Amanda Mcphee says:

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Clueless xxxx

  10. emily yarbrough says:

    my first date outfit is a little bit brighter than those. I don’t have a conventional style. i usually wear something functional and cute. heels are a no-no due to the fact i can’t walk in them and haven’t attempted since my daughter could walk. the red dress does attract attention. i have been part of the red dress phenom.

  11. Barbara Chism says:

    This video was very helpful; Thanks Barbara

  12. Amy says:

    Thanks, I love the idea of lashes as an alternative to mascara. While I was blessed with decent lashes, I was not blessed with decent feet. I would love to hear your thoughts on making flat or flatter shoes work. For example, with the pencil skirt, perhaps with flats it might be better to show the knee? Also, for those of us whole have to deal with cold weather half the year, it would be good to hear some tips to stay comfortably warm as well as sexy. Thanks again!

  13. Caroline Adams says:

    I love the outfit ideas. It certainly is helpful. Unfortunately, I do not have any of the items shown so I guess a shopping trip is in order. I am curious what you would have used the shirt and scarf you didn’t mention. I wear alot of more lose skirts since tight skirts highlight your thighs and I never find it flattering.


  14. Sky says:

    Sorry but found this boring. Leather skirt and those shoes for work? You must be joking, not that I wear it anyway bring a veggie. And of course all women have board meetings….. Come on, dress us regular girls please!!

    • Carol Lawton says:

      Great suggestions re first date outfits or in my opinion, also ‘anytime dates.’ I especially like the cut-offs with the fringed tie-dyed shirt. I’m certainly going to where that combination with my b/f the next time we go out, weather permitting. Interesting that many women, myself included, think the so-called polished look is necessary when that super, casual outfit looks great. As is said, “Simple is/can be better or Keep it simple”❥

      P.S.I hope this isn’t inappropriate but YouTube shows different versions of cutting our own t-shirts rather than buying a new one, if you prefer. Many only requiring scissors and a ruler… No sewing machine!

  15. Giselle says:

    Loved this clip!! This is what I’ve been looking for so long. Can’t wait to get my own copy. Thank you!

  16. Rebecca says:

    Great video! I wish I had her as a personal stylist! Can you give us the brand names of the clothing shown? Specifically, where could I buy those hot black pumps?

  17. Janice says:

    My head hurts after watching this video…as well as my stomach…great outfits AND I am so not a girly girl…I admit I’m too lazy to put makeup on daily and I really wish I could walk in 4-6″ stilettos and I can’t….
    So, what about us down to earth, over 40 and in quite good shape for age ladies?

    Do I really have to go through all this every time I meet a man?

    Do men go through all of this when they go on a date?

    I must say I’ve met many a man who looked like they didn’t put any effort into getting dressed for a date after I’ve put a lot of effort into my physical appearance and still “between relationships” as we say, lol.

    I get it’s a headspace thing too and this just seems like so much work and somewhat superficial…

    Am I doomed to singledom because I am NOT a fashion Queen and don’t enjoy the getting ready, and primping myself part of dating???


    Thank you Louise, love your energy, this is just not my cup of tea, never has been…

    • Mary says:

      Janice, If the man doesn’t put the effort in you can do better. I am over 50, NOT in shape and do all this and I am very well looked after by a number of men. It IS worth the effort. I do not consider it effort actually. I have been told many times that I can get ready faster than anyone they know. This from women! It does not take a lot of time. Just different tactics! Mary

    • TK says:

      Agree with Janice!! Enjoyed this, but would love to see some (age-appropriate) advice for more mature ladies who are re-entering the dating pool.

      • Kathryn says:

        I also agree with you Janice. The majority of us are not going for cocktails up the Shard, Coachella or well I don’t know where you would be going looking like you were part board room, part casual and edgy all in the same outfit. We go to the pub, bowling, the cinema. All places quite casual, and even when we want to dress up we want to look pretty, comfortable in well fitting clothes that suit our personality. It’s great when you get past all the insecurities of your twenties. You no longer have to wear things ‘bang on trend’ or what you think you should. You can really start to own your look, for your clothes to express your personality, creativity or, if you like, be purely functional because your mind is on other things. It is sexist as men do not have this problem and as a feminist, strong independent woman I find all this distasteful and slightly worrying when we have a generation of young girls thinking they need Botox before they have wrinkles, boob jobs, anorexia to fit into these little outfits. Where are all the men who like real women?! Even Chrissy Teigen joined the debate, Instagramming her cellulite and saying even the models don’t look like they are portrayed.

  18. sharrollene says:

    This is woundetful thank matt

  19. Sue says:

    Louise is really lovely and I think she’s awesome with her styling efforts and her new book! I think all three looks would be great if you’re between the sizes zero and six . Women who wear a size 12 and up are typically not going to wear a pencil skirt’and definitely not shorts if thighs are a concern for them and knees like myself . I would’ve liked to of seen a dress option that wasn’t so short or look that involved denim jeans because I live in New York City and you can wear jeans up or down . I’ll take a look at her book I’m sure there’s more information there . I definitely appreciate all her references to beauty, body care and make up because those are the other essentials that are needed to complete any great date look .

    • Mary says:

      Sue, I am size 18, and wear and OWN these looks. I have commented to another damsel in distress on this page, and I repeat, I am well looked after by a number of men and I am certainly not young. It IS worth it.

  20. Sue says:

    Louise is really lovely and I think she’s awesome with her styling efforts and her new book! I think all three looks would be great if you’re between the sizes zero and six . Women who wear a size 12 and up are typically not going to wear a pencil skirt’and definitely not shorts if thighs are a concern for them and knees like myself . I would’ve liked to of seen a dress option that wasn’t so short or look that involved denim jeans because I live in New York City and you can wear jeans up or down . I’ll take a look at her book I’m sure there’s more information there . I definitely appreciate all her references to beauty body care and make up because those are the other a sensual’s that are needed complete any great date look .

  21. Ellie says:

    I love the advice, Louise seems really down to earth and practical, not judging people’s size or shape. What I’d love to see though, is how more casual people can adapt their styles for dates. I wear heals about twice a year, they hurt my feet and I’m just not that kind of girl. I wear trainers after so or would keep on my brogues. There are girls who might turn their nose up at that, but it’s me and it suits me. I don’t have a problem with guys not being attracted. But a few tips on pairing trainers or brogues would be great. My dates tend to happen in pubs or crat beer bars, so rustic and low key sexy is more me. I reckon I’ll be buying the book, Louise, good luck with it!

  22. Andrea says:

    She was absolutely adorable. Thanks for having Louise on your show. Have a hot date tonight, so I think I will wear a red dress tonight! Kudos on the laces heels-sexy!

  23. Julie says:

    She’s great, nice job! She has lovely energy and appeal–thx for introducing her to us…. Now please, can she find 3 outfits for us girls over 30 and bigger than a size 8? Best of success xo

    • Ellie says:

      All of those would work! Depending on how much more than a size 8…but the principle is the same. Skimming the figure, not tugging at it. Red. If you can wear them, heels. Some skin. Go for it!

  24. erylou says:

    I love the outfits

  25. Jeunedivorcee says:

    Love the video, very inspiring! Not a big fan of that particular red dress though as I’m quite petite and feel like I will be wearing a potatoe bag! But definitely like the pencil skirt and the idea of a white shirt with it to make it less plain I might add a nice little brooch with it.
    And the fringed tshirt wouldn’t be my first choice but love it in a pub or a barbecue. I would wear it for a 3rd or 4th date though. Good luck everyone with your dates x

  26. Kathryn says:

    I agree with Mandie. I am an eight up top, ten below and slightly curvy and cannot wear pencil skirts. They only suit a straight up and down, tall person. Also, if you wore said skirt with a white t-shirt you would look incredibly plain when you sat at a table anywhere, because whoever you are talking to is only seeing your top half. The colour would be doing nothing for your face and you wouldn’t be able to wear any jewelry. T-shirts go with track pants.
    As with red lipstick there is a red to suit everyone. I am a porcelain English Rose and need a red with blue undertones. Ladies with warmer skin tones can wear reds with more orange undertones. The right red can look beautiful but it looks good in autumn/winter time especially and can have the effect of looking more dressy. Careful if you don’t want to look overdone.
    Heels are all dependant on how tall you are and need to be relatively expensive or they don’t have the right support for walking and giving the correct posture. If you are five foot tall, a mid heel is going to look high on you. Similarly a high heel will make you look like you are on stilts.
    Make up on a first date has to look natural. Go with a lash look, but there are great mascaras look like lashes but better than own. A make up artist for a French fashion house told me her fav and it’s mine. You don’t want it clogging or flaking off as the night wears on. Skin is the priority to look luminous. There are plenty of great, cheap skin care ranges and thick foundation looks horrible. All the models and people going on red carpets will have masks and buff their skin so the blood comes to the surface, giving a healthy fresh look. Invest in a good Bb cream or light foundation. And hair should look clean, then it won’t matter if you’ve had it tied up for work and not had ten hours blow drying in the salon.

  27. Lucy says:

    Love these outfits, thanks guys! There’s just one piece of important info missing though – where are they from?? That red dress is awesome! X

  28. Mandie says:

    the outfits are great if you are a slim, trim,
    Sexy 20 something. If you are a slightly overweight, pale fifty something, not so great. If I rocked up to a beach picnic wearing cut off denim shorts, a fringed cropped top and large shades I would clear the room!!

    Something cool and linen maybe? Or cute and floaty with neat jeans.

    Also bright red isn’t a good colour on everyone. You would need to feel mega confident about how you looked in it to rock that little number. If you are feeling nervous and a little apprehensive about this date would you really want half the room staring? Would your date? I know my man would die if he thought eyes were turning our way. I might feel confident but if your date doesn’t feel so brave… Not such a good choice. I would leave the bright red sexy number to further on down the line when you really KNOW what he feels
    Comfortable with and what turns him on. Black is sexy, discreet and suits most everyone. It is subtle and can be jazzed up or down. White is also sexy. Bright red is great UNDERNEATH!

    • Anja says:

      I agree! And not all women are crazy abaut shoes like that. When i where it, one of them are always falling of, bc my feet are almost 2 different sizes. But I love kneehigh boots with heels! And yes, black will always be sexy ;)

  29. jen says:

    This was excellent, I watched the today show one with the stylists suggestions for very high fashion nasty print clothes…
    Louise is a genius, love the suggestions thanks to both of you.
    My last 2 first dates have been straight from work – I am a fitness instructor, I was in leggings and gym top

  30. Wendy Durnan says:

    This was a great video. After work dates are really difficult for me because I work in a hospital and I have to wear scrub and my hair pulled back.
    How do I pull this off?
    I have once showered and changed at work. Difficult because now co workers are questioning me….

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