This Sneaky Psychology Secret Makes You Everyone’s #1 Priority

I have a sneaky psychology secret that will make you everyone’s #1 priority if you only know how to use it… It’s all based on the fact that most people don’t set their priorities for their day ahead of time, and end up focusing on what seems urgent right in front of them.

In this week’s video blog I’m showing you how you can become top-of-mind to anyone, whether it’s your boss, your client, or the guy you’re hoping will ask you out for Saturday night… Use this trick and you’ll get the result you want quicker than you ever have before…

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  1. Claire Lowther says:

    I really enjoyed watching this video. have fun making the next one :) :)

  2. Claire Lowther says:

    I really enjoyed watching this video have fun making the next one

  3. Anna says:

    Wish you did more videos like these! Really useful for high value successful women :)

  4. Kimberley says:

    I Wasn’t able to see it.

  5. Farnoush says:

    Thank you , please speak a little bit slower for who are not advanced in your language…love you and your business.

    • Ramona says:

      Hi lovely,

      You can simply turn on the CC (subtitle) or speed down the video by that wrench icon (setting) you see on the bottom of the video.

  6. Sa says:

    Your points in this video are really good Matt!
    Although I care about my love life but I enjoy this video and want more of it even more than your love couching ones.
    Thank you!

  7. Stephanie White says:

    Excellent post! I work in Real Estate sales and often times it can be difficult to get customers to get over a hump or move with a sense of urgency. I know first hand that staying on someone’s radar is essential but this is a new perspective that I had never considered before. Thank you!

  8. carla says:

    * sits back and watches Matt’s email inbox explode with repeat emails *

    That might just break the internet.

    Naughty Matt! ;)

  9. Veronika says:

    Mathew, you are hilarious and very proactive! Thank you! Great leadership skills!

  10. Shev says:

    Thanks Matthew! Really timely advice for me. Have been feeling a bit stuck with getting responses from my management, and will definitely try implementing these techniques! Wish me luck!
    Warmest regards,

  11. nicole says:

    Great advise and just what I needed to hear right now – trying to get on my boss’s radar about a new client!

  12. stayc says:

    Hey matt am seeing you in September and was wondering if you had any advice and info on dealing with and handling Narcissists? as so many men have this now a days? also how to dealt with the damage they cause and leave you with? thanks

  13. Mary Jones says:

    Thanks Matthew. I want to see you in London at your Live Event. You’re not only gorgeous but speak sense too. I’d love to have one-to-one coaching with you.

  14. Beth says:

    This is great thanks Matt for breaking it up and doing something different!! I enjoyed this video. Hope you will do more of these types of videos in the future!

  15. Jackie says:

    Great video!! Thank you!
    Often times I take their non-response as rejection or not being interested…however, I just gleaned that they may have forgotten – or were distracted with something…so not to take it personally. Instead, reach out again highlighting how it can benefit them to contact me.

    Thanks, Matthew !! :)

  16. Manon says:

    Excellent. Thank you!

  17. Maame says:

    Love this perspective! Great timing as I launch my first international project for women. Thanks for your insights and sound advice as always Matthew. Here’s to life, love and business! Maame Joses, The Netherlands

  18. Isabella says:

    Thanks for all your advise, your a true blessing!



  19. Karen says:


  20. Kate Lanxner says:

    Absolutely loved this advice, it is so true but no one up until now has said it so succinctly! I had been feeling low that people are not responding to my efforts ( I am an entrepreneur). Now I know I have to be “louder” and send things first off. THANK YOU for all you do.I hope to see you in London Sept.19th!
    I don’t have a website but check out my FB page, Blueprints for Balanced Peace on FB. My book.
    Peace, Kate

  21. jenn says:

    Mathew , you changed my life thank you.i have been hearing you for a year . i was heart broken , today i am a stronger individual and have decided to give love a chance again.

  22. martizka says:

    Please more videos like these…on personal grow, self-organization, success generally (not just love life).

  23. Garima says:

    its a great video but the only drawback is could u plz elaborate more in terms of specific and concised steps to be taken it looked more generic . Could like give us a rough action plan

  24. Molly ann marsh says:

    Very beautiful answer to a very real problem / situation. It is truely the only way to pick ones self up and to carry on. I left a long marriage because of rejecting words —-and mean abusive words. I do have to change my way of thinking everytime a man is attracted to me —it’s hard to get mean rejecting words of someone I loved out of my head … times . But I do and your answer is truely the best and heartfelt and mind changing ;) thank you

  25. yvonne bowles says:

    Hi matt

    All I can just say thank you and I need you in my life to get up beside me lol every morning

  26. Shade Odeinde says:

    Hey Matthew! Thanks for the reminder to be persistent and to ask with the other person’s benefit as the focus.

    P.S. Cyprus is awesome! Have fun!

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