Everything Wrong with Dating Today

In this week’s video, I’m going to go wildly off script and dive into these issues to explain exactly what you need to know to win in dating in 2019.

Believe me: This message will help you avoid the traps I’ve seen too many single men and women fall into…

Let’s Continue this Conversation and Grow Stronger Together. Leave Your Comment Below.

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  1. Emma says:

    How do you mmove on & maintain the confidence to try dating someone else again, when they guy you’ve just been dating goes cold & doesn’t give you a reason why he still wants to see you, but just as freinds?! Not knowing whether it’s because it’s something you said, did, or maybe they weren’t attracted to you, or, hoping that it was then with issues going on & couldn’t commit to you at the time, even though they said they wanted a relationship?!

  2. madie says:

    hey mathew, so could you mabye do you’re next video on how to get rid of a crush. its a long story so im gonna shorten this out. me and my friend like this boy, friend loses oreo and forced to ask out crush, crush says yes = heartbroken forever. i always wished you would do a video about this it would really help how to handle a heartbreak crush edition… once again heartbroken forever…

  3. Belinda says:

    Thank you Matthew that was interesting cant wait for your next video.

  4. Amnah says:

    Thank you Matthew…

  5. Ekaru Deborah says:

    Iam really amazed with your teachings though iam not yet got the right person to date yet.

  6. Inonge Namakando says:

    How can I make a long distance relationship worth?

  7. Kate says:

    I’m probably the strangest case of dating. For 1.5 years I love a man who unfortunately loves another woman. I’m unattractive to him. Unfortunately, none of us is so strong to end this relationship. I do not have enough strength in myself and he does not want to interrupt the correspondence with me, offering me only friendship. What should I do? because it costs me a lot emotionally. I can not imagine life without him. I love him so much. No man is a new anchor point for me.

  8. Dorcas wanjiru maina says:

    I like your teachings you really inspere me i love your program

  9. Alice says:

    My comment has nothing to do with this particular video. I’d like to have more video in the future with advice on how to make new female friends. Meeting someone is really really difficult if you don’t go out, and if you don’t have many female friends to go out with, it is even more difficult.

  10. Nikoletta Varvolgyi says:

    Thank you, Matthew. As a dating coach in the making, couldn’t agree more. Very well said. Hope your words reach every woman on earth who need to hear it. Your work is amazing. Thank you for being and giving:)

  11. Annette says:

    You have a heart of gold Matt, thank you for validating this issue. I’m sure many women don’t want to share their disappointment with the dating world & how men are treating them, but it’s the current reality that many of us women find ourselves in. I’m sure the novelty thing is true, but doesn’t that really just come down to a massive lack of immaturity within males today (yes women too) What is causing this? Is it how they are raised? The breakdown of families? Lack of proper male role models? Abuse issues? Society’s influence? Generally, men have always been slower to mature than women, but it seems so much worse these days. I’ve had my fair share of Dick pics, MPI’s & players, but I’ve also met some lovely guys, but unfortunately I wasn’t attracted to them. Sometimes the nice guys lack confidence & come across too passive & feminine, which isn’t attractive. I’ve also met guys I really liked but they either had an ex still floating in the background, had been cheated on by multiple girlfriends & was deeply wounded & a guy who wanted to keep playing the field. I could also write a book on my terrible online dating experiences; one guy rang me at the last minute & wanted to meet at the restaurant/hotel, but just sit in his car, as he wanted to wear his trackies!! He couldn’t even be bothered putting a pair of jeans & a nice shirt on for a first date, obviously I didn’t go ‍♀️ One of your best videos yet! Well, my favourite is still MPI guy & the one where you lay across the bar to flirt with a girl Your mum has done an exceptional job of raising you Matt xo

  12. Trudy Khoo says:

    Dear Matthew, Stephen ,

    I would like to sincerely and gratefully thank you both and your family and team for such excellent content. It has been so valuable to us women out here and we are truly thankful.

    I would like to ask a favour that you would both put it out there what I am about to request so that women will be more aware and not get conned.

    My friends, friend’s friend have been conned and scammed. So many people from work, from our social group have been swindled of their life savings and they continue to be in debt because they were emotionally duped.

    These scammers are looking for prey via Tinder, LinkedIn, Facebook….. you name it. They are relentless and are getting worse as their techniques improve with more experience.

    They even have false websites, false bank accounts in never heard of banks, even sophisticated enough to use legitimate banks.

    I am sure you have been aware of this and I beg you, to bring it out to all vulnerable lonely women so that they will not be swindled out of their life savings, not to be in debt for the rest of their lives because of unscrupulous people.

    I pray that you will both at least think about this and make it happen. For all the women out there…

  13. Si belle says:

    I hear you, too! Thank you a lot, once more…
    This morning, I found myself trying to help one of my male students who lost his father some weeks ago, haven’t seen his mother almost for a life time. He missed midterm exams, and I gave a chance to him with a make-up exam. He said that he felt very lonely, now just has his girlfriend. And none of the other professors hadn’t asked his situation, feelings. I understood him with all my soul, because we are in the same ship. Talked to him, tried to show some ways!.. He invited me to a cafe where he works as his guest. When I touched him, I felt happier and stronger. Once more, today, I stood up again! But of course, I don’t want to add any other big problem onto my bill.
    So, what I know is I cannot give up as a strong woman!…

  14. Cecy says:

    I like what you said- life is not getting easier, and we become stronger. What are you going to tell yourself if you dated two guys this year that you are very interested in– after 3 months– they said they are not ready for a relationship. You had to walk away, and it is impossible to not have bad feelings.

  15. cheryl says:

    I’ve all the time in the world to wait to date a real man after listening to your video

  16. Ileen says:

    After getting propositioned 5x last week even before a first date, I’m happy to hear this from you. Especially the part about your Mum. I’m not giving up!

  17. Kenny says:

    My first time watching your video. It was really worth seeing. The best focal point for me here is to become stronger in the face of our challenges .

  18. Joanna Lavarias says:

    I never ask for a date I am thankful for your guidance and it’s not my attitude to ask date to a man I hear you you hear me?

  19. Margaret Jean Marie says:

    Hi Hussey I really enjoy reading your messages and it has help me a lot however I am a 59 years old,have been married twice and a mother of three children I have been Marie twice but don’t know the love of man.Now I have always longed for that kind of love,so now I am wonderingif it’s to late for me to even think of tha. But my body is saying something else.is there a phone contact for you I really would like to speak to you in person I need some answers please.

  20. I am Maria but hide me with this alias "Jahzel" says:

    Hi Matt, Thank you so much for your concern with us, women to learn how to deal with men and to be stronger as dating becomes more and more difficult and complucated. i have been single for many years since my husband left me for another lady and another and another until his death two years ago. I know how to flirt but all too often, the men i get to attract are the married ones who flirt back but just like that, flirting. The other extreme group is of younger men of until 30 or 40 years my junior who couldn’t make up their minds because of so many hindrances like their own mothers who might be against such a relationship, their peers and so on. Hence, they could never be serious…Pls help me find a real man, a true gentleman who will commit, i really want to have a man to love me truly and whom i will love in return and live with for the rest of my life, who also share the same values i have. Thank you.

  21. Carissa says:

    So called Online dating and the Internet has opened up a candy store for men. Easy as now for them. Why should the women work harder. If the Internet was disconnected most men would have to work harder. Welcome to 2018 and Mr Shallow who doesn’t need to work harder

  22. Roseline Isaac Esan says:

    Calling him all the time,does it make me cheap?Or does it means I love him more than he does.

  23. Kathleen says:

    Thanks Matt! I’ve long believed social media and texting have “ruined” dating…but I refuse to let it become an excuse for my singleness. Love your videos and will eventually get around to reading the books I downloaded. Too busy with my fabulous friends and career!

  24. Martina says:

    I can see this addiction to novelty around me… And I found out (few months ago) my boyfriend having cybersex addiction, addiction to new people on FB etc…. On the other side, he wants to be in meanigfull relationship with me, he is trying very hard, is sweet to me, generous to me, lovely, trying to fix the relationship, trying to make me happy… but we still fight over this addiction (which he has problem to talk to me about openly and honestly – which is the main thing I wish from him). I have studied a lot about addictions since I found out… and I am afraid that this problem is secretly growing in our society, and for many people its not about moral standars and not wanting to have real relationship, but simply being addicted – thanks to these new dating apps, growing cybersex pornsites etc – it is so easy to fall into this… and it doesnt have such visible side effects as alcohol or drug addictions, for example…. I have no idea how to solve this with my boyfriend when he is so private about this. Its killing me :-(

  25. MJ says:

    Thank you… It needed to be said. And, hoping more and more men hear you because there are so many great women out there that are being overlooked for the wrong reasons.
    Thank you Matthew for doing what you do.

  26. Patricia says:

    Thanks for that video, you know I came to a point when I thought am done with dating. You have renewed my spirits .

  27. Julie Davies says:

    Hi Matt, you may have just saved my day after being ghosted by yet another guy. You’re so right. We are a an ADD generation, looking for the next hit. Thank you

  28. Sofia says:

    Your videos and messages have brought me wonderful, practical and humourous guidance which i very much appreciate, and will continue to. However im surprised at this responce. With all due respect, it sounds as if you’re dodging what is the truer reason you dont work with men: it would not be financial viable for you. What is the percentage of men that would sign up for a relationship course compaired to women? As a whole, women tend to take more reaponsibilty for what went wrong in relationship as well as take more initiative on self improvement.this sounds like a gross generalization but i dont think any relationship counselor would disagree.
    I also respectively want to point out the in congruency bewtween the message of women’s lives being changed after a week long workshop with you, and the 10 years we wouldn’t want to wait while you make any difference at all with men. If your workshops are that powerful why is it conditional on gender? Its ok to admit that working with men is not your specialty or interest and that may be largely because you dont want a huge decrease of your income. We as women are used to these indescrepencies. I know that I still want to change my personal habits and that’s enough. Im not going to look to men or anything outside of me to change and take full responsibily for what i create in my world. I think this response could have been more honest and honoring to the insight of all of the couragious women that follow your work.

  29. Liza says:

    Hii Matt..your words really inspire me and boost my confidence. I owe you for taking right decision in my life. For selecting right life partner from all the odd ones whom I was assuming as potential options to risk my life with. Keep posting such videos to keep us on right track post weeding also. As it is very essential to remain focused and aviod getting distracted from men with hidden intention. Thank you for using your knowledge and resource for benefit of evolving society.

  30. Selene says:

    I have to level up! lol.

  31. Christine says:

    Yes…. its exhausting. I literally cried watching this. Doesnt seem to matter what choices I make. Just so tired.

  32. Stacey says:

    I really enjoyed watching rhis video.I have seen my own mother go through last 15 years of in out of dating and failed marriages. Breaks my heart. I’m on my new journey this is amazingly 100% true honesty.I love your passion in all you do.

  33. NG says:

    I just give up. I am 59, never married and am just tired.

  34. Sol says:

    This is spot on! I totally agree with you and I truly believe that’s the right approach but not only where it comes to men but the attitude towards life. It’s pointless to complain about things that are outside your scope or reach. It’s better to occupy that time in doing positive and challenging things that will make us grow in all many different senses, rather than be PREocupied about things we are unable to change. Thanks for sharing these kind of messages and for being so clear in your messages!

  35. Taylor says:

    BEAUTIFULLY SAID MATTHEW! A lesson for every day & every part of life…read ALL the way thru! God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can & the wisdom to know the difference. AHH. They left 1 out in case if emergency… Ah Fuck It!

  36. Donna says:

    Thank you Matthew, you are an inspiration and this video made so much sense. You’re input and guidance is always appreciated.

  37. Indah says:

    Hi im Indah from indonesia

    Now I in situations that my partner want to break cos he really need to focus on work.
    But when I asked him break = breaking up? He said for now yes.
    Its make me so sad..
    We matched each other we spent all time together I came to his town and stayed more than a month sometimes.. Now 3days he not contact me anymore. I feel weak and no energy at all.
    Hr said he not ready anymore..
    Actually we still new in relationship July we started talking/chatted then August first met and spent time 4days together sleep and make love everyday. Than met again in September (during the time we already made commit to be a partner.) And then intense and always met and spending time together. Once he made mistake but I forgive him and we still good and then i made mistake and he cant forgive me and want to break and see what happen to us. Time will tell he said..

    Now am so sad..
    I really miss him so much
    What should I do…
    I want to be with him

  38. Vera says:

    It`s funny how my whole teenage years I have never been a groupie of any band, and never understood why people would. But now in my twenties, every time I listen to your videos and there is just so much truth to what you say…I am so glad that you do what you do. Thank you so much!

  39. Gina says:

    Well Matthew I am a relationship with my the guy which use to be my ex my first boyfriend to be expect we use to be so happy before but now as we back together I am so miserable he is no more romantic and loving wat do I do

  40. Paulina says:

    Nice message here, it’s like a way of cutting out anxiety and live your life with intention everyday. This guy must meditate every single day of his life, he is so aware of the importance of being present and value every single person around him. Thanks for spreading that everywhere you go. Keep going.

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