Do THIS To Get To Mr. Right 6x Faster

I decided to have some fun this week and read out your (often hilarious) responses to last week’s video on the “MPI Guy.”

But hearing so many passionate responses made me wonder: Why do so many women waste so much time with terrible guys like this, especially when he puts in such a poor level of effort?

Well, I’ll show you.

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75 Replies to “Do THIS To Get To Mr. Right 6x Faster”

  • Hi Matthew,
    I’m at a loss….
    I am a divorced mother to one daughter who’s love life isn’t progressing IN THE SLIGHTEST! I have been divorced now for more than 4 years. I’ve spent the last 3 of those years in a part time “relationship” with a certified MPI. There really hasn’t been time for a full time relationship for either of us, so his MPI behavior wasn’t a problem, in fact it was welcomed. During our time together I have kept my options open, but just haven’t found anyone I like better. He and I are very connected when we’re together. The apart times though feel anything but. I feel like I’ve set a bad precedent with this man, and am growing tired very of not knowing where I stand with him….
    So I come to you with this question. What am I doing wrong?
    Not only with my MPI, but with men in general? I listen to you, and although I have learned a ton, I usually react to men in the very way you suggest (or close to it). I just scare them off though. Keep in mind that I’m not expecting or asking for anything from these men in the beginning, and I haven’t progressed further than the beginning with anyone. I’m not looking for marriage, I don’t want to have any more babies, but I cetainly don’t mind any he would have. I was a step parent in my marriage, and was a great one at that! I just want a partner. That’s one reason I find your advice so valuable. I need to learn to tweak my interactions, so that a man will actually value our time together.
    Please keep in mind that I live in the armpit of America. I’m not interested in a guy covered in tattoos and expensive clothing labels, who drives a jacked up truck w/mud tires. I want someone intelligent, mature, and thoughtful, who thinks I’m great. Suitable choices in my area are few and far between.
    Do men of character exist in the single world? If so where are they, and how do I find one?

  • Dear Matt

    To say that your video was eye opening is the biggest understatement… LIGHT – BULB. I haven’t played a computer game in well over a decade but, odd as it may seem, I couldn’t help comparing your message on MPI guys to getting stuck on a level of Rayman or Sonic – potentially for years! We need to remember the problem guy isn’t the final level.

    Very grateful and determined to finish the game ;) Thank you X

  • Hey Matt!
    This was a huge eye opener for me!! What have I been doing with the last year of my life!?!?!

  • This was an eye opener actually! After a bad bad break up,I’ve been chatting with a guy for almost a month (!) every day and because he would initiate the talk. After our fist date (which by me was great BTW) the number of “talks” decrease significantly. Well, I thought “maybe this is because I didn’t kiss him after a great first date”. No biggie. But then we had a 2nd and even a 3rd acceptable date, planned by me unfortunately, but in a casual and cool way. “The-great-Matthew-advice”: “Oh, I’m going to this place now that seems great, you should step by”… And he went. But you know, same old thing. He flaked on me the next, and the next, and the next day (I did kissed him LOL He was too hot not to do it). It seemed there was a great chemistry, but literally ALL my friend said “If he flakes, don’t bother answering when he appears”. But I did. Until the last time and it actually gave me some kind of, I don’t know, satisfaction wouldn’t be the word, buuuut. Right after I met a great guy who was constantly insisting in meeting, do this, do that. Every time I went to his place, he’d always cook for me this tasty food, made great drink. In overall, it felt SOOOOO much better than the previous one.

  • Matthew I appreciate your videos. I watch them every once and a while to get “refreshers. However, the real question is- what girls in your personal life help you gather all of your knowledge and data? (Besides the thousands of girls and guys you teach) and how can I be of help?

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