This Journalist Set Out To Destroy Me!

Hi guys!

I had to tell you this story, it’s crazy. This journalist came to write a story about how GetTheGuy didn’t work. Watch the video and see the dramatic twist!

Also, if after the video you want to read the final story she wrote, I’ve included a link underneath the vid!

Matthew x

P.S. There’s a BIG learning point in the video, so be sure to watch it through (and don’t forget to leave a comment : ).


Click HERE to check out the offer that Matthew talked about at the end of the video

“…it was meant to be an exposé of dating gurus and their empty-promise tactics. But then Nikki Bayley heard what dating pro Matthew Hussey had to say, and her love life changed forever…”


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Click HERE to check out the offer that Matthew talked about at the end of the video


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104 Replies to “This Journalist Set Out To Destroy Me!”

  • “This Journalist Set Out To Destroy Me!” ??

    Was “A Glamour Editor’s Desperate Attempt to Get A Date With Matthew Hussey” not a title that would get readers to read it? lol

  • Hey Matt,
    I live in Singapore and girls are generally more conservative and dont chat up men so readily. Speaking to any stranger is already hard as it is. However,I have tried some things you talk about and have become more confident on dating websites where we get to send messages and I have found that men do respond more positively to it. I’m close to getting a date with a guy who said ‘ he likes my confidence’ and now i realise that the advice you give transends culture too, something I was quite skeptical about when I first started listening to your videos.

    I really hope to attend your seminars one day and look forward to what you have to offer women outside the UK. Have a great 2012 and hope this year will be the year I find that special person. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

  • Can’t wait to see what you have prepared for us :)
    I live in a country where there are only 2 million people. Half of those are elderly, half of the half are women, half of a quarter are married, and so on and so on…
    So you see, there’s really not a lot to choose from :)
    Ohh well…maybe I will have to go abroad to find my match :)
    Take care and I wish you a lot of success in 2012! :)

    Love from Slovenia
    Maja x

    1. I totaly agree with everything that Maja wrote. I’m from the same country and here’s NOTHING to choose from =/ very sad actually. :/

  • Hi Matt,
    Thanks for sharing such great videos. they’re very enthusiastic! I have a little question for you … I like this guy at my work who is very friendly but I’m not sure if he likes me too! We don’t have much opportunity to chat as there is no lunch time or such things and our jobs are not related!! We just occasionally meet in the kitchen area and that is for short… I always give him my friendly smile or talk to him whenever I get the chance. I’m a bit nervous in flirting as he’s my working colleague!!!! How would you think I can approach him?!! I live in Australia, can’t wait to attend your live events in here :)

  • Hey Matt
    I am from South Africa and have been following your advice for a while now and I have no doubt that it works, Its so refreshing to finally get advice that works rather than being overwhelmed with advice about playing games (eventually I got so confused and gave up).
    You truly are one of the genuine gurus out there.
    Thanks for all your help and may 2012 be a great year for you and your team.

  • Hey Matt,
    That was very interesting story! I’m very glad she found it helpful for her too and changed her life. And yes Matt, I’m from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I have AlWAYS wished for you to come here and give one of your life events. I so want and ready to change my beliefs and have faith in something to get me moving on forward and create my own success in this world! Can’t wait for the link!:)

  • I so wish that I could make it to the event, but I am in an accelerated program here in the states and I have to wait until I’m done to be able to travel… however I had a question… there’s a guy that I like, and I have read that he likes me too as well. Only thing is that he plays hot and cold with me many times, and recently I read jealousy from him because I am close friends with his brother. It is as though he thinks that I am attracted to his brother instead… should I tell him that it is him that I am attracted to and not his brother, or would that seem to forward!!!

  • Hi Matt,
    sadly,will never be able to take part in your events because I’m living and working in Hong Kong….a bit too far away!too bad!
    sorry in advance if my English might sound odd at times,but I’m not a native speaker.
    In any case,just wanted to tell you how great I think your advise is….I’ve always thought that just sitting and waiting I would never have got the guys I wanted, but your videos really revolutionised all my ideas about guys….Now that I know I can approach them without coming across as desperate I really feel more powerful….
    I’ll share this story to give more evidence your tips wotk out!…
    Over a month ago,I was paying my rent at the agency and there was a cute guy doing the same…well,Think he noticed I was looking at him from the corner of my eyes because he started talking to me…he was done before me and I would have really wanted to ask him to meet again in some way, but I hadn’t watched your videos yet and I lost the chance.
    Well,this afternoon I was at the library with a friend and I went get some water at the bar…guess who was sitting there????him!!!!in a city of 7.000.000 inhabitants it’s a strange cohicidence,isn’t it? SO I decided that I had to take action. Came back to the bar, ordered a coffee and set at the table nearest to him (well, in between there was another occupied), waited for a while,then said :”excuse me….”he turned his head and recognized me straight away,then I said: “yeah,I was just wondering whether it was you!” and he started a conversation. a couple of minutes later he said to me to sit at his table, and we carried on talking for half an hour (he was talking about his job-hunting, his aspirations, his Portouguese flatmate and asking me questions about my life,etc..) until I had to go back. In the middle of the conversation asked for my email,said he was going to write me about something I said before to him(it was about job), and later he said that we should have gone out for some drinks sometime.Before I left I found a very easy and non-suspicious way to discover whether he was single and he
    said that he had been going out with someone for a while but that it isn’t working out (;-)). When we said goodbye he said that he wanted to introduce me to his flatmate Carla coz we really have the same character.
    I came back home tonight and he had already got in touch. Said it was great to meet me today, apologized for rambling on during the conversation and said we should really meet up soon (he didn’t mention job at all) and that I should really meet this person. Well, it isn’t a date, but I guess not a bad beginning, considering that i can start working at the thing (you created a monster!;-)).
    Well,of course I’m gonna give him my number in the reply.

    take care!
    ps. I’m recommending your site all my single friends!

  • Hey Matthew

    Firstly, I must compliment you on your very humble and supportive nature to everyone.

    The first time I came across your website, I bought your ebook and kept it aside but every time I see one of your videos or any newletters…it’s like a breath of fresh air. I met this guy I really like but it seems like everything is being stalled for some reason or the other.

    I did contact gettheguy but could not afford it then. I am planning to get in touch 3 months down the line.

    I just can’t wait.

    But Good work Matthew,

  • “Yes Matthew! I’m serious about finding the man I’ve always wanted and creating my dream relationship with him and I want to be part of the Women’s Weekend Live experience!” of course!, but I checked the offer and I don’t have the money for Friday (if I don’t have the money means I am not serious?: of course not) Well, I will figure it out, maybe I would buy your resources by pieces separately in the future months or will save money for visit London and the Camp… in the meantime good luck to the other 1000 girls ;)

    1. I am in the same boat (or atleast the same lake) as you. Cant really afford it but doesnt make me less serious. Hope you get have success. Ps like how you wish the other girls luck.

  • Just wandering why such rules/regulations/tips only work in the western world and not for example, in the Indian culture, or can someone prove me wrong? Speak to a bloke and he will ask, ‘what caste are you’? and when you respond with something that doesn’t suit his background then its, “Oh my parents won’t be best pleased, forget the coffee’…….such is life

  • I’ve already started setting money aside for when you come out to California. My goal for this year is to put myself out there and get the guy!! Thanks for this offer!!

  • I have truly enjoyed watching any and all videos you have posted on YouTube. I love the emails I receive and I have put some tips to work and boy have the responses been great. thanks Matthew you totally rock. I just wish you could give a seminar here in Los Anegels, California but one day you will and I for sure will be one of many buying my way in into your seminars. If I had the funds to go to London I would so go. I wish you the best in this new year and hope to one day meet you.


    1. you were here in LA…lol now where was I when this all happened. Oh well…there is always next time. for the mean time I’ll just “keep on trucking”…one day I will meet you.


  • Hi Matthew!
    Is there some way I can talk to you (email or whatever) a little more personally then in a comment here? I have a question that I really need some help with, and I trust your opinion more then anyone else’s. I’d love to come see your live event, but sadly I’m in the US (MO) and can’t go to London right now :(

    Thanks so much for everything!
    Bree <3

  • Hi Matthew,

    I NEED help!
    there’s this guy i like and he’s showing me some crazy signs he likes me !

    However i’m afraid he won’t aproach me because of his friend and i don’t know what to do anymore …

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