The 7 Ways To Guarantee You’ll Be Kissing Someone Special On New Year’s Eve

I want to introduce some accountability into your love life by playing a little game…

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Let’s imagine that Armageddon is coming. On January 1st, if you haven’t found someone, the world is going to end.

The only way to stop it from ending is to find someone special who you can kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Tall order? Big challenge?

Introducing accountability like this changes the way our brains think about what we can do. It forces us to think of new strategies and ways of doing things to guarantee we get the result.

I put my own brain on this to map out what I’d do if it was my job to make sure you got the guy (or the world would end), and I’ve created a little something with all of the ideas I came up with…

The 7 Ways To Guarantee You’ll Be Kissing Someone Special On New Year’s Eve

I’ve literally created a document which details the 7 ways to guarantee this happens, and I want to enrol you in this challenge over the holiday period to get you the result.

It’s completely free; the only price of admission is that you making the commitment to really go for it.

It’s fun and exciting to take on this kind of a challenge, and a great way to start doing something instead of just watching videos and thinking about dating and relationships all of the time.

So there’s my challenge to you. I’ve thrown down the gauntlet.

You’re going to be kissing someone special on New Year’s Eve (if you follow through with the challenge).

All you have to do is head on over to now to get your free copy.

I can’t wait to hear your story of how you get on!

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  1. Val says:

    Dear Matt,

    I followed your advice and it worked!! :D I kissed someone special at minight. I did everything you said, secured the date for NYE, and the rest is history. It was wonderful and the first time I had someone to kiss at midnight. I’m so happy and well, thank you!! Now I’m pretty much doing everything you say for Valentine’s day haha! You seriously rock.

  2. Amanda says:

    I bought the man myth and redirected me to a page that says Members Only but won’t let me sign up! Please advise?

    Thank you!

  3. Ashley says:

    LOL. I think you missed your calling as a bad ass rock star! Keep on singing Matthew… I want your music to be serenading me and my guy when we kiss on New Years Eve. ;)


  4. Elle says:

    Oh my gosh! Your smile at 1:46 when you teasingly say, “interested?” . . . It totally made my night! I seriously watched it three times! Super sexy, Matthew!!

    Challenge ON! ;)


  5. jeannie says:

    Matt, I clicked on “other” and clicked download now. All I got was the picture of the blonde lady and that was it. Not working. How do I download?

  6. Mejustjoking says:

    That is not possible. You are too far away o_O :-)

  7. Dana says:


    I have all your videos and even the keep the guy series. Yes I’m still looking for my guy but it’s never to early to learn how to keep him when I find him!!!

    I saw you video about NYE and I totally loved it! It does make so much sense. I was racking my brain because I travel out of town every week and my girlfriends are spread out all over the country. So I wasn’t sure I could make your list happen.

    I decided ok, I have to start somewhere and I started with three friends to meet up with….. Well it has totally snowballed in a great way so I now am up to 6 dates real dates in the next week and I have only been working on this for 2 days. Even if I don’t have that amazing person at midnight on New Years it’s ok. I feel so empowered and ready to go find him and I am having fun doing it too!

    Who knew it could happen! Thanks and I hope you have an amazing girl for NYE :)

  8. SP says:

    With regards to the email just sent about ‘getting a guy to call’…

    Firstly, great advice on giving a guy a reason to contact you but – is it just me or is calling never really an option when guys get in contact with you. Maybe it’s an age thing (i’m 22) but guys who ask for my number always text it’s much more casual. It’s not that I mind but I feel it changes the whole dynamic and solution.

    What are other people’s experiences? Do guys say they’ll CALL when they get your number and if so, do they actually CALL and not just TEXT?

  9. Manon says:

    Note to you Matt about the NYE challenge:

    Although you’ve done an absolute great work on building the NOAH, you might have not invited everyone on board yet!

    The reason I’m saying this is because you’ve spend valuable time and effort with instructions as to ‘How To’ reach the ark.
    But not the first step, which is introducing the accountability. (Why should I stop hibernating and leave my cosy cave kind of thing…?)
    Yes you have excellent followers and the number isn’t modest.
    So getting as many as possible willing to go on board and take the 7 steps is a challenge on its own ;)
    I, as much as you wish for this constructive challenge to be a great success for many of us! This is fun!

    I’ve seen your post doing exactly just that what I am asking above
    But like you’ve already said ‘watch my face’ …
    Thus, maybe a video about ‘Really Why’ to pull that switch could be benificial and not have people obsess about the deadline or looking desperate, etc.
    Getting people to switch their minds and take actions is the challenge. The kiss is the trophy… ;)
    Once you’ve tasted that reward, you’ll have people remember the process for the next thing in their life.

    you raised an important point about accountability and family, that’s a great start :)
    Ok some didn’t understand the metaphors with Armageddon at first… (That is inevitable… After all aren’t you challenging them ; )

    On a side note, I’ve walked quite a long way with you, so consider this as me grabbing your arm and pointing out at something on top of a building.

    Wish you a great success with the retreat!

    M. x

  10. Maryann says:

    Wow! I first heard of you on the radio; and since I have followed you on iHeart radio, your online website, and purchased your book. I can’t get enough of the common sense advised I read and hear; and wonder “why have I made this all so complicated?”. I like this challenge :) Although I will be with my parents and children on NYE (kinda hard to me kissing anyone) I get that the point of this is to get out of my comfort zone and meet some people. I have started doing that and its FRIGHTENING! I like just hanging out with my girlfriends and drins ;) But I do see how opening up your social circle is the key to a more successful social life and your potential mate. Thanks for all the FANTASTIC advise. I hope to one day be able to give an incredible testimonial.

  11. Julie says:


    I cannot thank you enough. While I am not totally interested in being in a fully committed relationship right now, my divorce hasn’t even been final a year, I have been using your tips and program for several months and it has already changed everything about how I go about interacting with men. I like the concept of practicing the skills for use in a future relationship. I actually have two different men who would very much like to be the one to kiss me on New Year’s, but this year I am taking a friends trip to Chicago instead. By no means does this mean that I will be leaving your advice behind. It will definitely be traveling with me to Chicago. Thanks for all that you do and the immense level of exuberance that you do it with.



  12. sophie says:

    To Matt and all the single girls out there: I would like to share my story with you all. I’m a 35 year old asian girl, and I am an introvert by nature. I had a few wonderful relationships in the past, but when the last relationship ended, I thought I was done with love.

    For the past 3 years, I spent most of my leisure time in solitude. I weaved myself into a cocoon. I took up a part time job to fill up my free time on weekends, I traveled alone, I watched movies by myself, I even dined alone. Few months ago, a friend gave me a copy of your book, I thought it was quite interesting so I ordered your ‘keep the guy’ DVD box set and studied it. Clearly, the things you said in your seminars had some profound effects on me.

    Last weekend I was invited to a Thanksgiving party. To my surprise, I said yes even though I knew I would be terrified being stuck in a room full of strangers. I knew from my past experience, whenever I was with a group of strangers, I was usually the quiet and invisible one. But this time I wanted to be different. I felt different too. So I baked a pie and wore a cheerful smile to the party. I was more pro-active and I interacted with everyone in the room. As I was breaking out of my cocoon, I noticed a wonderful change in me, and guys in the party seemed to noticed me as well. At the end of the night, a cute French guy asked for my number and invited me out for lunch the next day.

    The first date was lovely. Although I intended to follow your advice and make the first date short and casual, but we ended up taking a long walk and spoke for hours. At some point, he reached out and held my hand.

    When we said goodbye, he said he had to leave town for a business trip on the following day. The cynical devil in me thought that he might just ran away and never called. Surprisingly, he texted me the next day and told me he would like to see me again when he gets back this weekend.

    I am thrilled about the second date. I don’t know how things will turn out but they will be exciting. I have made the first step and I feel that I am ready to love again.

    Thank you so much Matt! I think 2014 will be a very interesting year for me and my new date :)

    I wish you love and happiness too!


  13. Amber says:

    Bruce Willis isn’t going to save me? But what if I kiss Bruce Willis?

    Haha, I wouldn’t.

    Interesting proposal though. I’m curious to try this…

  14. Lynn says:

    I’m grateful and enjoyed this useful clip and I followed sharing instructions. I am going out, listening to the videos but I don’t stay out for long. “People” have started to miss me! Oh yea if your gonna sing. Sing in the bloopers at least….and including backup singers – Jamerson ;-)

  15. Kamilla says:

    Hurray! A challenge!

    You know… just the other week I said to myself “I want a challenge! A big juicy challenge to sink my teeth in!” And the next day I met a guy at a cultural event. And we talked for a good hour and a half..had a nice little brainal hehe…and allmost ended up having sex on a public toilet. Yes..haha..but I stopped it cause it was too much too soon.

    And then we hooked up for 4 days. And then I find out he is now turned full time christian on me and want to “know god more” and go into celibacy and not have sex untill marriage, cause thats the right way. You may understand that I was surprised to say the least. It was not the same man that I met that first day, who chased me in hallways and lauged openly and mischiviously. Thing is, he spent sunday afternoon with me, when he should have been in church. And this sunday I followed him to church and was unpleasantly surprised by the 4 hour long service. Dear lord allmighty I dont feel like doing that again!
    This man is from Nigeria, has been in sweden for 3 years, has a three year old son, lied about his age, said he was 28, when he was 30. Now he wants to be “just friends”.

    Its a mess.. And Im not religious in that aspect. Im spiritual, but not a god worshiper.

    This my friend, was a challenge I didnt know I wanted.

    Cause the guy is really something. But also unavaliable emotionally and scared and in the claws of his fellow believers.

    Advice, Matthew or anyone?


  16. Angela K says:

    Hi Matt,

    I just wanted to clarify something. I know you are very bizzy but if you would just help me with this, I would me most grateful and chufted.

    I am quite happy to give this a go, purely on the basis that it is fun and a game, but if I do manage to get someone to kiss, is that all I have to do to complete this challenge ?

    And what sort of kiss ? A peck on the cheek, a kiss on the lips or full on snog ?

    I would be more than thankful if you would guide me with this, as I’m a bit unsure,

    Many thanks, your friend,

    Angela K x

  17. Terry says:

    I’m going on a cruise for NYE – will this still work for me? Any suggestions??? And sing all you want, you gorgeous man!!! :-)

  18. Stefanie says:


    I just emailed a bunch of people that I’ll be throwing a New Year’s Eve party, like half an hour ago – 2 positive answers already! Thank you, how could I not think of this?!

    Looking forward to read more from you :) xo

  19. Matthew Hussey says:

    Oh and one more thing…

    To all those negative people who said I suck at singing and don’t have a career in it…

    You’re right.

    • GLO says:


      When are going to sing for us again??? Can’t wait!!!!

      I’m going to have to pass this challenge! :-( I have tried many of your advices and SERIOUSLY you won’t believe my luck!!!! I literally feel like I’m going against mother nature that I have to end up alone. Im sorry girls that Im being little down, but after following the advices for while, and no results and pucking myself up to keep going … Nothing wrong w your advices!!! They are phenomenal and I’m applying to other areas in my life as well, but maybe if you sing for me, us, will make me feel better. PLEASE!!! I’ll let you to pick the song!

      PS: I’m the cool (good looking-hottie per my friends), up beating, positive to all, smiling, happy, works harder than anyone in my dpt, cheers everyone up that doesn’t get or meet the guy!
      Good luck to all the single ladies with the chalenge!! I’m cheering for you girls!!!
      Wonderful Christmas to all and Sucess and health in 2014!!!!


    • GLO says:


      When are going to sing for us again??? Can’t wait!!!!

      I’m going to have to pass this challenge! :-( I have tried many of your advices and SERIOUSLY you won’t believe my luck!!!! I literally feel like I’m going against mother nature that I have to end up alone. Im sorry girls that Im being little down, but after following the advices for while, and no results and picking myself up to keep going … Nothing wrong w your advices!!! They are phenomenal and I’m applying to other areas in my life as well, but maybe if you sing for me, us, will make me feel better. PLEASE!!! I’ll let you to pick the song!

      PS: I’m the cool (good looking-hottie per my friends), up beating, positive to all, smiling, happy, works harder than anyone in my dpt, cheers everyone up that doesn’t get or meet the guy!
      Good luck to all the single ladies with the chalenge!! I’m cheering for you girls!!!
      Wonderful Christmas to all and Sucess and health in 2014!!!!


  20. Matthew Hussey says:

    Good to see so much interaction on this! Really excited.

    For everyone who thinks that it is too desperate, needy or ‘game playing’ to go about with this apocalyptic attitude to finding someone before the end of the year, my response is as follows;

    1. If people never feel a sense of accountability, they don’t do anything. When they don’t do anything they get nothing. When they get nothing they ask ME how to get themselves too do something so they can start having someone. It may sound a little extreme to get someone to imagine the end of the world is coming if they don’t do something, but it certainly gets people off their arses and taking action in a way they didn’t before. Desperate or not, I’m in favour or some action over NO action any day of the week.

    2. If you can get people to believe that there’s no other choice than to make it happen, their brain starts to work in very creative ways to find solutions to the problem that they didn’t find before. It’s the same experience people have when a family member gets sick and they suddenly have to find money to get them treatment. They suddenly start finding ways to create money that month that they’d never come up with in a month where there was no ‘pressure’ to do so. It forces us into a problem solving mindset in an area – our love lives – where we are particularly inept at doing so.

    3. It’s FREE guide which I worked hard on to make december a really productive month for everyone involved. The world ending was designed to be an overly extreme and FUN (watch my face in the video) representation of accountability, done with a wink but carrying a serious message of taking action today instead of tomorrow. Not something to throw yourself off a cliff over, or an excuse to compromise on your standards and become needy and manipulative. Oh and did I mention it’s free?

    Ok I’m done. Go talk to some people!

    Matthew x

    • Victoria says:

      Liked your fun suggestions and I know we can think of other creative ways as well! I like the concept of “Create scenarios” some of us are good at doing that…in warmer climates the endorphins are already present. We go to see fireworks on the beach, christmas walks to see the lighted trees, join a special christmas choir at your local church, take your pooch to see Santa for a picture, some pups are guy/chick magnets! So many fun things with the holiday themes! Have fun, but keep it real! Will keep your blog posted for celebrations!
      Cheers from the islands!

  21. Eve says:

    Enough! Enough!! I’ll download the bloody e-book, just STOP. SINGING.


    ;) x

  22. Plamena says:

    Can I kiss you?? :D

  23. Narisa says:

    Omg…the singing! You and I are done! LOL

  24. Wendy says:

    Same here, already found the guy, the soulmate, the guy that has it all, manly, yet very affectionate, caring, intelligent, spiritual, respectful, sexy …well mmmm eveything… :-)
    So it will be a very special kiss at new years eve!

    But I especially wanted to thank you Matt, because it is thanks to you!
    I already saw him a few times with friends, he was right under my nose but I never really took intitiative. And after following the “Get the guy” online program, I decided to take action and not wait.
    We started chatting online and talking on the phone every sinlge day.
    Only a few days later he surprised me on my birthday by showing up at my doorstep with flowers.
    I was completely swept off my feet.

    You freaking Rock Matthew!!!!!
    Thank you so much for spreading your message so I could get it all the way here in Belgium!

    Lots of love to you and your wonderful team!

  25. Rain says:

    :D I can’t believe you posted this! I promised myself this very thing about a week ago. Yay!

  26. Kristen says:

    I’ve already found a guy to kiss on New Year’s Eve, thanks to you and your advice! Met him online in mid-September and we’ve been dating exclusively since the end of October. Thanks for everything you do and for all your hard work and advice!

  27. Ewelina says:

    Dear Matthew,

    Thank you for being my inspiration for over a year! Thanks to to you, I’ve improved not only my relations with guys, but I’ve also become a more self-confident person and it’s helped me a lot in my career!

    Everything has started quite ridiculously, because I wanted to write my thesis about rhetorical mechanisms used in your little speeches… Of course I couldn’t have done that, because I’ve followed your advices even though I was conscious of your “tricks”… Thank you for doing what you do!

    If I had a chance to choose whichever guy that I’d like to kiss by New Year’s Eve, I’d choose you! Of course it’d be a cheek kiss!

    Best regards,

  28. A. says:

    Thank you, Matt for this. I found out about it on your radio show. I’m a few days out from a breakup with a guy I dated for several weeks. Nope Matt, I didn’t Keep the Guy. :-( I was going to sit at home because gosh, the idea of getting back out on the dating scene is so tiring. And it’s cold. And it’s winter.

    But no. Not gonna do it. I’m going to do what your guide says to do. Do I want to kiss someone on New Year’s Eve? No, not really. But I do want what you said about moments. Just some happy Christmas moments and memories, even with people I don’t know. It’s Christmas!

    So thanks for that guide. It really gave me something to do! I’m not quite ready to be out there to date, but I can still be out there! It really is a nice time of year. :-)

  29. Diane says:

    Thank you Matthew,

    It would be so easy to stay at home for another New Year’s Eve and watch “When Harry Met Sally” yet again. I do love the movie, but I like your challenge even more!! I accept your challenge – thanks for the great ideas too!

    You can sing any time… :-)

    Here goes!

  30. Jade says:

    OMG. I hate going out of my comfort zone in this subject.

  31. Sheryl Williams says:

    Interesting to see what would happen

  32. Dominika says:

    “Let’s imagine that Armageddon is coming. On January 1st, if you haven’t found someone, the world is going to end.
    The only way to stop it from ending is to find someone special who you can kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve.”
    hahaha! So everybody, sorry, you`re gonna die…
    Just kidding, I`ll try ;)

    Matt, I just love you, you made my day (as always…)!

    PS Finally found someone who sing as good as me! We should sing somethint together ;D

  33. Sarah says:

    Matt, I’ve really enjoyed your videos and overall love what you have to say. Even enjoyed meeting you when you were on tour in Atlanta. But this seems a bit desperate and needy to me. The world will not, in fact, end if I don’t have a guy for new year’s. If I have that mindset no good guy will actually like me. Heck, I wouldn’t even like me. Playing games seems childish and insecure. Maybe I’m missing something. Thoughts?

  34. Shalom Frickenstein says:

    Love this. It’s what keeps single guys cleaning up and getting laid. Women buy into this shit like no other.

    Ladies, trust your instincts. Be yourselves and people will like you. Play games, create challenges and act psycho and no one will

  35. Melanie says:

    I’ll that challenge, Matt. Just, just don’t sing again, ok? LOL..

  36. Josefin says:

    Matt, I have to ask, did you have something in your hair? O_o It looked like a little white fuzzy ball xD (it was kinda killing me all through the video) And challenge accepted! Love you, you sing so beautifully ;D

  37. Anna says:

    Are you enrolling yourself in the challenge Matt?

  38. Eartha says:

    Love u!!!

  39. Agostinha Jacinto says:

    funny thing….i received your email after i dwnload your paper..and its so funny……you suggest that we should creat a folder wuth the name get the guy..and i have that already…since i subscribe in yout site! :P

  40. Eartha says:

    Mat you are cute!!….can we date??…lol

  41. Erin says:

    Challenge accepted Matthew. Let’s do this!

  42. j says:

    Why not? Nothing to lose and everything to gain, right?

  43. Anca says:

    Thank you Matt, for your lovelly report. You really made my day. You are helping me alot woth your positive vibe. Love you, take care, keep it that way.

  44. Jo says:

    Hey Matt

    I love that shirt, it’s exactly what I’m looking for for my cousin. I think you should help me find one and if you’re lucky, I might even let you buy me a coffee!

    Haha see what I did there huh, did it work? ;)

    Great vid as ever Matt

    Here’s to the Christmas kiss Countdown :*

    Take care


  45. Elle says:

    What a perfect challenge for December. I’m in.

  46. Viola says:

    haha after “2012” prophesy, the world most likely be ok ;) hope, that special one’s kiss would be prolonged even throughout ever after! :)

  47. jayne says:

    Great idea Matt, but as I didn’t hear about you from the Rachel Ray show it won’t let me in!!

  48. Maya Morgan says:

    Yeah youhoo going for it straight ahead!! :) Thanks for the challenge, we need that clock ticking sometimes to push us into action and stop procrastinating! Because in the end, if we are finding excuses now there is a pretty big chance we will still find excuses in a week, month or year! We only have now to change our mindset, start our move and see it grow into something spectacular!!! :)

    Thanks Mat!

  49. Leecis says:

    OMG, HOW DO YOU & JAMESON KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE! Love how you make me laugh!

  50. Holly Klein says:


    I think this is a good Idea and we all set timelines on the things we do. I keep continue to follow the advice you give but I am not really meeting new people. I keep telling myself if I don’t end up in a room with someone I don’t already know by the time (fill in the blank) I will do something like (fill in the blank). Then something else happens and I forget or I get busy with school or work ect….

    The Idea of saying to myself “ok the waiting is over, you have reached the specified time” is good! No more waiting or time limitations…. Challenge accepted!

    Please whatever you do! Do not believe people when they say you can sing. They are saying it because you are cute and charming, and as your friend I just say No you cannot. You give wonderful advice so stick with it!

    Holly :)

  51. Rumors says:

    I think the link isn´t working. Anyway I´m curious of your definition of “someone special”. I guess it could be different depending of the person.

  52. Shaina says:

    Haha! YES! Thank you Matt- this is so awesome :D!! I love a good mission and adventure! I am so stoked- thanks for being my sidekick on this epic, world saving challenge :D. And I will see you in LA in April for your tour and will recount the heroic details of how I saved the world :P .

  53. Delia says:

    So what if you’r already dating someone from 40 days and they haven’t decided to make a move yet?

  54. Rom says:

    When I click on the Instantly Download Your Free Copy of “7 Simple Steps for Kissing Mr. Right at Midnight on New Year’s Eve!” and I click other it says I chose wrong. You don’t have a selection got social media? Since I neither heard of it from The Today Show or Rachel Ray. I’m on an iPad 4

  55. Angel says:

    One of the hundreds of reasons we love you Matthew!! Thanks for the great share, download and the inspiring video. :) Especially loved your singing haha! :) #awesome

  56. Hidz says:

    Dear Matth…I thought you were crazy..but now you proved me that I was wrong. You are ridiculously insane!!! Hahaha allright, I take this challenge and I will try my best. Oh my God! You are perfect to be my life coach! Have a great day and thank you for being someone who I could always count to. I love you coach! So here I CHALLENGE YOU TOO, to do one of the craziest thing that you haven’t done before on the New Year’s Eve! Have fun! -let me know

  57. Yaro says:

    Do i have any chance to kiss you?!!!!

  58. Olfa says:

    Well dearest Matt, if I don’t find a job by January the first my world will indeed end , needless to say that I am not in the right frame of mind to find a date. Life is hard.

  59. Lo says:

    Good advice! funny thing! and yeah .. awesome singing!!! You should seriously think about pursuing a singing carreer! :P

  60. Ingrid says:

    Thank you!! Challenge accepted! ;)

  61. Wave says:

    Let’s do this!

    (Man you cracked me up at the end! :D)

    Have a great Sunday!
    Wave x

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