3 Tips For Making The Second Half Of The Year Ten Times Better Than The First

We’re 6 months into the year. It’s time for a pep talk…

It was my birthday this week.

What’s struck me more than ever this year is that my birthday marks the halfway point of the year, and so I’ve since come to think of this as ‘half-time’.

In sport, the talk that a coach will give his team at half-time is very different from the one they would have gotten going into the first half of the game.

When starting out we ask, “What’s going to make this year better than the last?”.

Now we’re midway in, we need to adjust course based on what’s now happened and where we are in the plan.

When you look back and ask yourself if you’ve achieved the things you wanted to have achieved by this stage in the year, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the urge to want to write off the rest of the year before you’ve even begun playing the second half.

I know I’ve been a little frustrated at myself at there being a few things I’ve wanted to get done that I’m yet to get to.

There are certain projects that I still haven’t been able to start, and I have to accept the reality that I may have been overly ambitious with a few things.

But here’s the thing…

At the end of June, there are six months left in the year.

184 days to play with.

184 days to be productive, to be efficient, to go out and love, to have adventure, to do new things, to build an amazing life, to work towards your goals…

And this is time that we all share in, right now, that we all have in the palms of our hands.

If we focus on frustration from not having achieved what we wanted to have achieved by this point, we’re never likely to achieve what we have the potential to achieve throughout the second half of the game.

To combat this, I’ve looked at three areas of focus to help in making the next 6 months what I want them to be personally for me. I hope in sharing them they will serve you in doing likewise…

1) Know your weaknesses

–What are the biggest weaknesses that you need to combat?

For me it’s: distraction, the feeling of overwhelm, losing touch with those I love, not sticking to daily habits, and not re-focusing on goals every day.

Awareness of our weaknesses allows us to bring attention to them and see the pitfalls that we would otherwise drive into if we weren’t able to anticipate them.

2) Know what drives you

The quickest way to lost motivation is to lose the connection you have with the reason for why you’re doing something.

We’ve all had days where we’ve felt incredibly productive. What was the difference? It’s likely that our focus was in a different place – set on something that drove us in an extraordinary way, and gave us the zest to go out and conquer in whatever it is we went on to do.

–How can you bring that feeling back into your every day life over the course of the next 6 months?

3) Renew your goals

The need to feel creative and that we’re making progress can lead us to coming up with new sets of goals, before ever having rounded off our last.

I recently heard someone say that…

“It’s better to go back to old resolutions than to keep creating new ones.”

And I think this is so true.

Coming up with new goals gives us the feeling that we’re being creative and that we’re evolving, when sometimes the biggest point of leverage we have is in going back to a set of goals that we’ve long since abandoned and taking them on with a new rigour, energy and determination.

–What goals / habits have you lost touch with? (that if you could get back, would really make the difference in your life)

(Photo: Angie Torres)

(If we really go for it, we can make magic happen. Photo: Angie Torres)

We can all make this into the most incredible year of our lives.

I hope you’re excited. Here’s to the rest of the year!


Question of the day: What is your #1 goal / area of focus for the rest of 2013?

Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Tonya Flavin says:

    My number one goal of 2020 is to maintain my weight or drop @40 more pounds. In 2016 I weighed over 350 pounds. I now ping pong between 192-197. Ideally I would like to reach 170. I married in December 1985, the man of my dreams. It was the last day of November 1994, that I lost him. I was lost, depressed and my life just fell out of control, with weight gain. In 2016, I had had enough. I decided to do something and I decided it had to be me, for me. So I started the Keto diet and it worked for me. I feel good about myself and my accomplishment. I now would like to find someone that would bring out the best in me, while allowing me to still be me. My friends say I’m the most loving and caring person they know but I can’t seem to find a man that sees those qualities in me. I enjoy traveling and teaching. I taught for 34 years and have been retired for now into my 8th year. I’m thinking about returning back to teaching to occupying my time. I would love to find someone to spend time with, I’m not sure I would ever marry again. I was lucky once but I’m not sure lightning can strike twice. I’ve been so out of touch so long, I’m not sure I have what it takes to be in any type of relationship again. However, I know I don’t like sitting at home with my Yorkie and two cats every weekend. I’m not sure you or anybody can help me but I’m a good student and any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I just would like to say “Thank You Matthew, for any help or suggestions.” I saw you on the Rachel Ray Show today. This message may fall on deaf ears. If so, I suppose it’s fate.

  2. Kim says:

    I am a new viewer to your videos on youtube.com and your site here. I find your conversations to be very interesting and straight to the point. With this video “3 Tips For Making The Second Half Of The Year Ten Times Better Than The First”, the topic of creating new idea while not finishing old ideas is not being productive really struck me. Reason being has to do with the fact that I love writing and coming up with story ideas. The only problem is I have so many ideas that I don’t go back to the old and finish. I have tried before I watched this video but I feel by watching this it gives me some more ambition and strength to continue. Thank you!!

    Also many women go to your lessons and seminars commenting how handsome and cute you are. Would you say that the fact that women find you attractive a huge factor as to why they listen to your lessons and go to your seminars? I am sorry if this is a weird question but I am really curious to hear your opinion.

  3. Linda says:

    Matt, happy belated birthday!!! I wish you many more, filled with happiness and success.

    Oh and, by the way, I just noticed I always read these articles in your accent! Haha!

  4. Alice says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for your work, it is always very inspirational!

  5. Lynda uk says:

    As always…inspirational……but when we are goal driven, sometimes less is more. A walk by the shore…
    Happy Birthday and thank you x

  6. Steph says:

    Inspiring words and yet practical ‘let’s do this’ stuff! Your blog is a treat to read x

    • Steph says:

      Ooops – goal is… better time management, not just so that I can get work done easier, but to make more time for the writing (novel and play) I’m doing aside from work :)

  7. Steven C says:

    Hi Matthew!

    I’m always so glad whenever I find new content from you. I was just watching the retreat video as well, and I don’t know how you do it!! — but you manage to speak directly to the heart and address what exactly we’re feeling and trying to figure out.

    I’ve been trying hard to figure out a game plan (and so good that this video was like a mid-year check in on progress) of how to maintain intrinsic motivation everyday, and not go from one week of being super excited and revved up, to slipping back into where I was before and feeling discouraged.

    I feel like your advice is always so exact, I would want it on a podcast I could play whenever I need a push to stay focused and motivated.

    Thank you SO SO much.
    Cheers to 2+ years of following your videos

    Steven from New York

  8. Yixuan Li says:

    Hi Matt, I am so happy that I found you early this month through Yoututbe. Your advice is practical and revolutionary. You inspired me to get up early in the morning. Borrowing one line from the movie Google Internship “We can’t stop time, but we can manage time.” :-)

    You made me understand that getting the ideal guy and achieve the ultimate happines is not just about the techniques. Techniques are important, of course. However, it also involves self confidence, the way we think and the we do things, and most importantly the Attitude that women should have in life. Simplest things, such as we get up early in the morning and set up a plan for the day and set up the goal for ourselves for a week, a month or even a year, and being consistant about it….The whole a lot of factors contribute to a result that we will become a better person and have a better relationship with ourselves. Trust in oursevles, have that core confidence in ourselves that we can do it, and set up a plan to make it happen.


    Cath xx

  9. Helga says:


    I’m watching your video’ A Glimpse Into A GetTheGuy LIVE Event!’ right now and I just felt so thankful for you advise that I had to let you know how amazing you are.
    Thank you for being here, that’s all I can say!
    I hope that there will come more amazing years that bring you all great things, this is just the beginning.
    (Happy Birthday handsome :)


  10. Jacqueline says:

    I have NO idea how I missed this!! But I’m soooo glad I’m seeing it today!! :)

    First, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!! Hope it was wonderful and fabulous and may ALL your wishes and dreams continue to come true! :)

    Second, thank you for doing this and for the MUCH needed pep talk! ;)

    Third, I spoke to John and was interviewed and accepted. However, some things shifted and I hope that this doesn’t ruin my chances of attending another one of your retreats in the future. I LOVE your work and you have an AMAZING staff by the way. I’ve only come into contact with John and Brie, but they are wonderful and I can imagine what the retreat staff must be like. Hope to see you soon!

    Grande abrazo!!

  11. Adele says:

    Great video – inspirational & motivating. Thanks x

  12. Zuzana says:


    I WUV U!!!



  13. Lilly says:

    I wanted to thank u, u r an amazing amazing person who gives hope to sooo many people. I feel better after having read your this article and now I have renewed my goals so would be focusing on them…Thanx n keep it up :)

  14. Haley says:

    I am loving all of the videos you are posting and hope you don’t mind that I’m taking complete advantage of them :) lol. I wanted to go to your live event in New York but I missed it because I had some family functions going on that night. Come back to the USA soon and please make New Jersey a stop! (Preferably in the northern half of it haha.)
    Happy Birthday!
    ((My goal this year is to finally have a first date :/ kind of pathetic, I know, but I think it’s possible thanks to your vids, newsletter, and Get the Guy book! Love it by the way, I bought it just after your web chat.))

  15. Rose Tataw says:

    Great article. I enjoyed reading it.

  16. Anna says:

    Happy Birthday Matt!
    You always inspire me! What I am doing for the next 6 months: learn new things without fear of being not smart/ interesting enough, do new things, meet people, start to date, be more open to different kind of men.


  17. YuetChing says:

    Happy Birthday Matthew!!!~~

  18. Rita says:

    I am excited .. are you Mathew???

  19. Michelle says:

    Hey Matt!

    Yeah, I know what you mean by this, My birthday is June 14th, And I just turned 25 and that made me think of all the things I haven’t done still, the things I have to do, need to do. I am working so hard right know to earn money for my music education in USA, Berklee College Of Music. I got accepted this fall 2013, but had to put it on hold for fall 2014 Coz I need to find the money. And it makes me frustrated that I can’t go now. Crying allot, coz If I don’t have that, music, I wouldn’t be who I am as a person really either. I love myself for who I am, love to sing. It is all I want to do. But I am focusing on how to get there so I hope it will happen for me soon. My biggest dream ever.

    Thanks for the advices Matt, love it! Will try to follow it :) Feel free to give me more advice, would love to hear some more :)

    X/Michelle in Finland

  20. Tammy says:

    Happy Belated! I’m a June baby as well and have been doing a half year review for ages on each of the Solstices. Keeps it easy to remember and not tied up with holiday distractions. It’s a great habit and I look forward to the review of past years to pat myself on the back for growth and goals achieved or revised.

    Thanks for all you do and share to help make our lives more playful and meaningful. Keep up the amazing work!

    All the best,

  21. Jasmine Che says:

    I hope you’ve had an amazing birthday Matt! :D
    I’ve been thinking myself too, since now I have just finished exams, I can go out and do what I’ve been wanting to for so long.
    1. Making the most of London and its opportunities: bikram yoga, galleries, theatres, shopping :P – so my days since my last exam have been jam packed.
    2. Finish reading your book and meet a new person every day (I’m on chapter one hahaha :P)
    3. Learn French, reconnect with friends and work on getting super toned again!!
    4. Enjoy myself :)

    Thanks for the pep talk Matt! Xxxxx

  22. Emilie says:

    hey, joyeux anniversaire Matt!!

    you still do impress me with your being relevant and renewing yourself and your videos.
    that one’s great, I needed that


  23. Caressatran says:

    Hi Mat,

    Happy birthday handsome Mat. Keep being awesome :).

    You are one of the few people that makes life worth living.


  24. V says:

    Happy Birthday You Handsome, Hunky, Hussey

    yes this half is better already, I’ve never called you that before.

    = )

  25. Lisa says:

    hej matt,
    thank you so much for your pep talk!
    I am about to star the second half of my masters, it’s thesis time!
    I am very excited about it as I will be working a great glaciology research centre
    in Switzerland! my goal is research after that. so now I have to work hard and make it happen to be able to get a phd position next year. it is always hard to say goodbye to people that came close enough to be good friends, but also now I can make new friends and meet exciting new people! I am also very much looking forward to those sexy ski instructors! ahhh, winter come quick… ;)
    all the best to my fellow girls!

  26. Anya says:

    I just want to say: thank you so much for this video! What you said was exactly something that I needed to hear right now :-)
    Thank you again!
    And most of all: Happy Birthday! Have a good one.

  27. selam says:


  28. Sam says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT! It was recently my bday too! And I really needed this haft-time talk, thank you. My main dis-motivation (I guess) is because I now live in a small town, where people only go out with their life-time friends, and it is quite hard to meet new people. I sometimes spend days without being able to talk to new people, because there is no one around!! :(
    Any words of wisdom? Any brilliant ideas?
    ** I think I need some help with new tactics for the second half of this game coach!!!! **


  29. Elle says:

    My birthday is near the end of May and I tend to do the same thing every year. Every birthday I think oh no I’m older and half the year is gone and I haven’t done everything I had on planned doing. Normally what happens after thinking this is I will go and do something impulsive and permanent to make myself fell like I’ve accomplished or changed something in my life. This never really worked because ended up feeling the same way on my next birthday.
    So I was stuck in this cycle until this birthday when something different happened. I was inspired by two things a psychology book (not self-help) and the video on 5 things we can learn from Gatsby. The tip from that video that really stuck with me was having plan in place for your daily life.
    So this year I made list of everything that wanted accomplish during the summer season. I figured if I keep myself on shorter time frame I wouldn’t have a chance to procrastinate.
    I organized and color coded the list by how difficult or time consuming the task would be printed it and carried it with me everyday. About a month later out of the 30 items on the list I have accomplished 5 tasks/goals and I’m working on 6-7 daily. I’m so happy because I accomplished a goal that I had labeled as very difficult. I didn’t think it happen this year let only this month. Thank you for the Gatsby video while it was very funny I actually did learn something from it. So here is my best shot at this week’s advice.

    I tend to get stuck in a rut. I will do this same things everyday and every week.
    I don’t really like doing anything that would require me to break out of my comfort zone which I think is part of what causes me to procrastinate and get stuck in a rut.

    What drives me
    I’m probably most driven by accomplishment.

    Revisit your goals
    I have good idea of what my goals at this point

    Have a good week and happy birthday Matthew.

  30. Zoë says:

    I am actually very proud of myself because I have set myself certain goals this year and so far I have been achieving most of them or I am making the steps needed to get there. So, if this is the point to review, I can be pretty happy with where I am.
    I have achieved my education goals (just completed my Psychology degree as of last week) and I have been making a name for myself in my job I have been doing on the side, now I have contacts and people in the company wanting me to relocate to bigger roles because I am outperforming my peers (despite being a full time uni student).

    My #1 goal for this year was to become a more relaxed person, as I can also get overwhelmed and have been known to stress way more than necessary. I am yet to achieve this, but I am going overseas to Europe and New York (I leave on Wednesday!) and I hope this big, scary situation will give me some perspective. I need to develop some more confidence in myself so I can relax knowing I can handle almost anything when I am focused on it.

    My other goals like meeting new people, having a relationship, etc. have also gone quite well. I’m now actually attracting guys (and had a decent 3 month relationship), though this could be better, as now I am getting the guy, but he’s not the guy I deserve. However, I am definitely making steps to change this. I found some time when my friend and I are in London which coincides with a Women’s Weekend and I have signed us both up!

    My goal of getting fitter has been pretty neglected. That’s another area that needs working on, and now I have to change gyms because a trainer there has asked me out and is way too clingy. Ughhh, I liked that gym.

  31. Jill says:

    Happy Birthday!! My birthday was bittersweet as well everyone remembered it and some how made sure I celebrated but I also had a slight melt down because I am nowhere near where I thought I would be so my goal is on my next birthday no matter what the year has or has brought I will make the best and I still want to learn to do a handstand.

  32. Jamie Ann Burke says:

    What I love about this video is that it reminds me that “it ain’t over till it’s over” I realize that I’m in the bad habit of giving up on a goal if not achieved by a certain deadline. The truth is… Life is NOT the same thing as school. In school you get a certain grade at a certain point then you move on. It’s done. If you got an “A” you are an “A” student, if you got a “D” that defined you as an underachiever . But in life we can get a “D” and then choose to learn and grow until we get that “A”. So it’s not over we can still achieve . Thanks for this insight Mr. Hussey. Happy Birthday! If you are ever in the Los Angeles area please let me know where you are speaking next!

  33. NancyH says:

    So true and dead on, Matthew! By far, one of your best… Focus is key to avoiding any distractions that may circumvent. By identifying these three areas, one becomes that much closer to spending time on what truly matters and fits. This focus is a positive and advantageous one that leads to a path of endless possibilities, while also grounding you into the present. We all need to be reminded from time to time. So, don’t sweat or stress the small stuff. And know that ambitious drive comes from the fire of your birth year/sign. ;-) Cheers and enjoy a wonderful birthday year…you’ve earned it!

  34. Sab says:

    Happy birthday!!! My birthday was recent as well. Although, if you’re a cancer, I MIGHT not be able to follow you anymore ;)

    I don’t make conscious resolutions, I set out to change when I’ve had enough of a certain situation and I think I actually think I’m really close to where I want to be this year. Surprisingly so. But definitely good.

    How old are you, birthday boy?

  35. Rebecca Hosking says:

    Hi Matthew. How cool are you! :) I watch your blogs and I find myself having to replay them at different times because I’ve gone off into my own thoughts about something you’ve mentioned. It takes an extraordinary person to do what you do. Keep smiling, you’re doing a terrific job!!
    Beck x

  36. Maren says:

    Hi Matthew, I’m a new follower of yours, but just wanted to say thanks so much for this post and for the work you’re doing! I really needed to hear this today! In the past 6 months I’ve had to make challenging decisions that will result in big changes for me, and your positive, genuine, and humble attitude has been a wonderful source of inspiration. I think it takes a special person to seem like “that cute boy next door” even when you’re internationally known! :-) I hope to be able to come to one of your retreats. Thank you so much for sharing your outlook and insight. Happy New Half-Year! :-) xx Maren

  37. Stephanie says:

    Dear Matt,

    Thanks so much for this helpful video! I can’t tell you how much I’ve been needing to hear exactly what you just explained. I love hearing and reading about your useful “get the guy” tips as well, but once in a while it’s absolutely wonderful to hear information that’s geared towards enriching your own personal wellness. After all, creating a better you brings you closer to the things you really want, right? I believe so. Anyway, thanks again. Looking forward to more great self help tips.

    Much love and kindness,

  38. Nicky says:

    Happy birthday matt!!
    My goal this year is to get you alone in the locker room at half time, just to hear more of your expert advice, obviously!!! ;0)
    Or maybe to set more realistic goals hehe xx

  39. Thirza says:

    Happy Birthday Matthew it’s a little bit late but late than never (: Thanks for making this video i was thinking this week on that. Because a Girl from my class is good enough to go to a another school and all of my teachers was saying congratz and you did you best to make it …. And i was thinking and me than?? i was feeling that iv’e done nothing. In the moment i was feeling frusted and angry and useless. I was feeling That ive not done my best and that i was not good enough for everything. Because one time earlier i got that sitution in the past and this week again. It’s not that she dont deserve it. But sometimes you want the person be who get those compliments from others. And the people who work their bott off let we say it that way get always harder punished i think. But Thanks Matthew for making this video it was very motivated and it make my day good again Thanks so much <3

  40. Sailing says:

    Have a really wonderful Birthday Matt!!:)
    The most important thing for me right now is got out more and have fun…meet more peoples. I really love your work and actually I did try and made some new friends…I even post your work at my website (the website is promote Hawaii to China) . I have created a section about dating and relationship on the website and would love to put your work on the magazine too in the future.

    I really believed would have that special ONE, who will with me for the rest of my life! We enjoy each other company, adventure and exciting for what we doing and sharing …..

    Really appreciated your work Matt and wish see you soon!!
    Please say Hi to my coach R. I looking forward to talk to him soon.

  41. Jamie says:

    This made me feel really good! B/c even though a relationship didn’t work out the way I was hoping… I realized.. HEY! I started off the year single and I already met an great guy and had a good experience with him, and I can do that again. And even though I’m not in love with my job, I’ve taken steps to find something I’ll love… SO my first half HAS been a success :)

  42. Zsuzsanna says:

    Happy Birthday Matt!!!! Hope you had a great one…

    Thanks for your post, we all need someone to pick us up and get us motivated again and you never disappoint… I love your energy and enthusiasm you have for people and for life…. Amazing… I love watching your clips they give me the daily boost I need and start my days off on a happy note…

    Keep up the good work – there are loads of us out here appreciating it!!!

    Lots of love xx

  43. Lauren Elliott says:

    Hey Matt, interning with would be my goal for the second half of this year! Do you think we can make that happen!? :) If that’s not in your plans for the year, no hard feelings…I will still be cheering for your success. ;)

    Ps. This is the Lauren from Chicago whose friend Natalie gave you her number ;) haha.

  44. Kamilla says:

    Hello! A late Happy Birthday to you Matt!! =)
    Thank you again for great advice! Time to regroup! My goal after having gotten out of a longterm relationship recently is to find myself again and decide what I shall study next year.

    xx /K

  45. Sonja says:

    Happy Birthday Matt

    And thanks for this post! It just came at the right moment. Half time… I needed a motivstion boost from the coach.. Thanks!


  46. Erika says:

    Thank you so much for this, Matthew. I’ve never posted here before, but felt compelled to do so today. I *love* the concept of a half-time talk, as it allows me to re-evaluate and adjust my goals based on what the “defense” (life in general) has tossed my way. i recently moved to Europe from the US to pursue my passion, and it hasn’t gone the way I’ve hoped, so I can perhaps relate to some of your disappointments from earlier this year. But there’s still a lot of time on the clock, isn’t there? :) (Oh, my #1 goal: expressing myself without fear, in both my art and my daily life.) Thanks again, and happy birthday!

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Hi Erika,

      Firstly I want to commend you on going after what you wanted, that’s so awesome to hear! Secondly, never forget how strong you were to make the decisions that you did and that your past exactly as you said, something you can use and evaluate what your next steps are. I love your goal as well! thanks for the comment : )


  47. Gabrielle Carolina says:

    Was my birthday too, yesterday in fact. June bugs are the best.

  48. Freeda Singh says:

    Happy Birthday Matt, may your feet take you where your heart wants to go, and may you have all the happiness the day can hold.

    Thank you once again for motivating us and bring us up to speed with the real world. You are amazing!

  49. Amelia H says:

    Hi Matt,

    I was just thinking about this at the start of last week. This year hasn’t exactly turned out how I had planned and hoped. Thank you for posting this. It has given me a little more to think about.

    Amelia x

  50. Denisse says:

    You really inspire me!! I really admire you and love all your videos!

  51. Beth says:

    Matthew. I hope you had a fabulous, delicious, delightful birthday – and that each day you have a little taste of lovely.

    Thanks for the pep talk, it was perfect for me. As I am combining many of the suggestions and techniques from the training, your TV appearances, and my experiences. The possibilities are building, and choices are becoming more wonderful.

    You, my dear, totally rock! Sending a big hug!


  52. Diana says:

    Hey Matt! Hope you had a wonderful birthday! wish I could have licked the icing off your balls :)

    Any who, my number one goal at the moment is to stop being lazy and find a job! Like you said in your book, in order to get the guy you have to get a life!

  53. anna says:

    Happy bday Matty!!! thanks for the reminder wish you all the best GOD Bless you.. :)

  54. Erin says:

    Hi Matthew –

    First of all Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great celebration!

    Thank you immensely for the halftime pep-talk. :) Love the sports analogy here and it is so, so true. I tend to focus on thinking about these things at the beginning of the year and rarely revisit them. Having received a promotion last fall, I’ve spent most of this year very focused on work. Now I’m looking forward to shifting that focus towards my personal life and actually having some fun and accomplishing some goals in that area now too! :)

    Birthdays are a great time to reevaluate where you are in life. Last month when I saw that my birthday takes place during the Palm Springs retreat, it made me actually pull the trigger on pursuing it. What better time to really dig deep into making changes and learning how better to move forward? I’m also really looking forward to spending these next six months getting ready for all the amazing things I’m sure that will happen when I’m there. The hard part will be being patient. :)

    Thank you again – and see you soon! :)


    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Thank you Erin! Haha I’m excited to hear that being patient is going to be the biggest hurtle. That’s an amazing feeling! : )


  55. Judith Allan says:

    Happy day of your amazing birth!!

    I have had a very interesting weekend….. just watched the last two episodes of Looking for Love and it was so empowering for me….. to end the relationship I have and search for the authentic love that is meant for me. THEN I opened my email and saw your post…… Perfect timing for me to hit the reset button and step up my game for the second half of the year.

    Thanks for all you do and thanks for your work, it’s a gift for so many of us……

  56. Angela says:

    Happy Birthday Matthew! My birhtday is this coming Friday and I feel the same way about birthdays, a milestone for a new year and assessing things. Great to have!

    I do have to share with you something a friend has just e-mailed me that I’ve reconnected via e-mail with “the difference I see in you now is pretty remarkable. It looks to me like you’ve finally settled in to being the great person that you are, I feel a calm confidence coming from you that wasn’t there in the past. Just being instead of over-thinking things.”
    I’m being that woman of worth, Matthew and this is thanks to you. I am an accountant and have realized my over analytical thinking doesn’t help me in my personal relationships. Your book and the newletters I’ve been receiving really helped me to move forward. Thanks for extending beyond just a book to read. You are GREAT!

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Angela, this is such a beautiful post! I’m so glad to hear about all your successes and growth : ) Thanks so much for sharing and happy early birthday!


  57. Caitlyn says:

    Hi Matthew!

    Happy Birthday! :) I hope you enjoyed it spending time with family and friends. I attended your seminar in Atlanta and thoroughly enjoyed it. Always looking forward to your words of encouragement.

    Do you have any advice for the shy girl? I always find it hard to break out of my shell and feel comfortable in my own skin. Also, where do you get your daily inspiration?

    I hope your having a great weekend!


    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Hi Caitlyn, thanks for the birthday wishes! So sweet.

      My advice to you would be first and foremost, always remember to smile. You don’t have to be an extrovert to give a flirtatious, demure, Mona Lisa smile that will surely peak a guy’s interest. If you feel nervous about this, like you don’t know how to give the ‘right’ smile, just focus your attention on something in the room you find beautiful or intriguing, or think of a lovely memory. The smile will come naturally : )

      Thanks again for your comment!


  58. Beanie says:

    Thank you for your message Matt, my birthday is coming in a week and I feel like I’m wasting my time still as nothing has changed much the first half of the year! Anyway, “You gotta get up and try .. try .. try” is what I’m thinking!

    Happy Birthday Matt, you have done a lot to be proud of! :) ..

    Love from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

  59. Tracy says:

    This was such a refresher. I feel so much more motivated now! Happy belated birthday, you’re such an inspirational person.

  60. Christina P says:

    Congratulations, you made it to 26! :D #belated #hopeyouhadagoodone

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  62. Erin says:

    Happy birthday! My birthday was the week before. Birthdays are fun…

    My goal is to embrace my Snow White/Cinderella/Ace Ventura Pet Detective tendencies and implement more ways to help animals. I used to want to be a vet when I was a kid and animals seem to flock to me. Like when a lost pet parakeet found me outside of a Mexican restaurant. And I recently came across an abandoned 4-5 day old rabbit (sooooo small). I’m not even going to tell you how many stray dogs like me… (I may have kept two of them.)

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Haha I love the alter-ego’s of your tendencies, and neat stories! Thanks for the comment Erin : )


  63. Alena says:

    Good Morning from Canada, Matthew!
    Fabulous halftime talk!! :) “Discovered” you a few months ago and absolutely having a blast practicing what I’m learning from you. Loving the videos and this is one of my favorites so far. Your energy, enthusiasm and warmth are always so evident. Thank you for brightening my day! I look forward to sharing my next 6 months with you and your team! Happy Happy Birthday!! xo

    • Alena says:

      Oops:Each year since my divorce has been a different focus: finances, job, fitness…Right now my biggest goal this year is getting my home/household organized. Raising 4 kids is craziness especially in a home that looks like its been lived in by monkeys. Cheers! :)

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      This is fantastic and we look forward to having you with us! Thank you Alena from Canada : )


  64. Rumors says:

    Happy B-day!!! I hope you had a great time with cake and your loved ones.

    My first goal is to know what I really want. A important goal.

  65. Mandira Halder says:

    Many happy returns of the day. Belated greetings, sorry for that. Hope you had a good one.

  66. Rachel says:

    Happy birthday Matt! My birthday was last week, and when it passed I had that same thought. I felt like half of the year is gone already and still a lot of things I didn’t accomplish. Your video came right at it’s time for me! And it gave me the motivation I needed to get more things done.
    Thanks for the great videos and posts! You are amazing.
    Love from Lebanon!

  67. Nofyah says:

    my goal is to get off public assured income. I can’t stand it anymore and until then I won’t be able to pay off the massive debt I have or feel proper even getting married.

    thanks for the peptalk – I’ll be passing it on through my blog and fb and twitter. just too important a message to not share with friends.

    on another note, I never got the book.

    thanks for another quality post.

  68. Dena says:

    Happy Birthday Matt!

    Thanks for the mid year reminder — and encouragement — and thanks for sharing your new beginning :) with the rest of us. May this be your best year ever!

  69. Donna G says:

    Matt, I really love your videos. I learn so much from them, but not only do you make it a life commitment to help people find their other half and keep them. But you also give them advice on keeping focus with goals & dreams. You inspire me and I look forward to your blogs, shows, and videos. Take care and Happy B day! D :)

  70. Katie says:

    Soooo, this wonderful birthday video begs the question…how old are you?

    I tried to ask you on Twitter, but I got nothin’. :) My friends and I have a fun little guessing game and I want the edge. haha

    I think you are in your thirties because in the book you said, ‘When I was in my twenties…” So either that, or you are a little tease and you don’t want us figuring out how old you are!

    • Katie says:

      Ps. I was with a ‘Get the Guy’ girl friend at Starbucks and we were working on our GTG skillz. We are trying to meet regularly to practice. My stepping stone skill is trying to actually just look at a guy without bouncing my eyes away too fast…bonus points to look and actually give a cheeky smile. Well, I did it! He responded by smiling from where he was seated. Then he got up, walked around the store, and weaved his way back over close to our seating. When I looked up, he was smiling so I smiled again and said ‘Hey’. This started and led to a interesting convo. And here I say, “I can never meet new guys” There he was, at my local Starbucks from out of town. We left with a ‘great talking to you’ but I was so thrilled that I even looked (much less spoke!) I think I deserve an A+. :)

      • Katie says:

        Sorry to keep replying to my own post, but the link in my name was an old one (FYI). My blog is still there though. wwww.princessandthe-p.blogspot.com

      • Matthew Hussey says:

        This is great news Katie! Thanks for sharing your story and keep up the good work!


  71. G says:

    You are awesome & a genius haha I ♡ your work. Shout out from Dallas, Texas. Doing all this is very difficult when you’re heartbroken & still in love with a great person that no longer corresponds to you, sigh :/ But I’m working on it. Keep up the great work & wish me luck ♥

  72. Kelly says:

    Matt, your video blogs are sooooo informative, and not just you trying to sell what you do, or your product as a lot of people in your role can tend to do.
    Each time I click on the video button to watch what you have to say, it’s like i have been enriched in some shape or form, during those moments. Thank you!

    • gettheguy says:

      Thanks so much Kelly. That’s a really lovely message to read.

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Hi Kelly,

      This is just the best news! The ultimate goal is to always be a source that continues to add value to your life : ) thanks so much for your comment and support!


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