3 Tips For Making The Second Half Of The Year Ten Times Better Than The First

We’re 6 months into the year. It’s time for a pep talk…

It was my birthday this week.

What’s struck me more than ever this year is that my birthday marks the halfway point of the year, and so I’ve since come to think of this as ‘half-time’.

In sport, the talk that a coach will give his team at half-time is very different from the one they would have gotten going into the first half of the game.

When starting out we ask, “What’s going to make this year better than the last?”.

Now we’re midway in, we need to adjust course based on what’s now happened and where we are in the plan.

When you look back and ask yourself if you’ve achieved the things you wanted to have achieved by this stage in the year, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the urge to want to write off the rest of the year before you’ve even begun playing the second half.

I know I’ve been a little frustrated at myself at there being a few things I’ve wanted to get done that I’m yet to get to.

There are certain projects that I still haven’t been able to start, and I have to accept the reality that I may have been overly ambitious with a few things.

But here’s the thing…

At the end of June, there are six months left in the year.

184 days to play with.

184 days to be productive, to be efficient, to go out and love, to have adventure, to do new things, to build an amazing life, to work towards your goals…

And this is time that we all share in, right now, that we all have in the palms of our hands.

If we focus on frustration from not having achieved what we wanted to have achieved by this point, we’re never likely to achieve what we have the potential to achieve throughout the second half of the game.

To combat this, I’ve looked at three areas of focus to help in making the next 6 months what I want them to be personally for me. I hope in sharing them they will serve you in doing likewise…

1) Know your weaknesses

–What are the biggest weaknesses that you need to combat?

For me it’s: distraction, the feeling of overwhelm, losing touch with those I love, not sticking to daily habits, and not re-focusing on goals every day.

Awareness of our weaknesses allows us to bring attention to them and see the pitfalls that we would otherwise drive into if we weren’t able to anticipate them.

2) Know what drives you

The quickest way to lost motivation is to lose the connection you have with the reason for why you’re doing something.

We’ve all had days where we’ve felt incredibly productive. What was the difference? It’s likely that our focus was in a different place – set on something that drove us in an extraordinary way, and gave us the zest to go out and conquer in whatever it is we went on to do.

–How can you bring that feeling back into your every day life over the course of the next 6 months?

3) Renew your goals

The need to feel creative and that we’re making progress can lead us to coming up with new sets of goals, before ever having rounded off our last.

I recently heard someone say that…

“It’s better to go back to old resolutions than to keep creating new ones.”

And I think this is so true.

Coming up with new goals gives us the feeling that we’re being creative and that we’re evolving, when sometimes the biggest point of leverage we have is in going back to a set of goals that we’ve long since abandoned and taking them on with a new rigour, energy and determination.

–What goals / habits have you lost touch with? (that if you could get back, would really make the difference in your life)

(Photo: Angie Torres)

(If we really go for it, we can make magic happen. Photo: Angie Torres)

We can all make this into the most incredible year of our lives.

I hope you’re excited. Here’s to the rest of the year!


Question of the day: What is your #1 goal / area of focus for the rest of 2013?

Let me know in the comments!


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