The History of ‘The Dick Pic’ (A Documentary)

Have you ever received a picture of a guy’s junk?

I know a lot of women have.

I recently asked this at a seminar and was stunned at just how many women had been victims of this weird, insecure, pathetic behaviour from guys.

So my camera-man Jameson and I got our heads together and decided it was time to delve into the history of this bizarre phenomenon. This short video charts the results of what we discovered. ;)

Brought to you but the Hussey History Channel (Watch the video and you’ll understand lol)

Directed by Jameson Jordan
Written by Jameson Jordan and Matthew Hussey
Produced by Dependent Media and Get the Guy
Associate Producer – Alex Avila

CAST (in order of appearance)

Dr. Richards – ROY ALLEN
Dick Photographer – MATTHEW HUSSEY
Male Model – RYAN TURNER
Female Model – SAMANTHA PENA
Narrator – JAY SHIELDS
Videographer – BEN GOODMAN
Dr. Pamela Johnson – IONE BUTLER
Agnes Schwanz – BEATA KAMINSKA


Additional Cam Op – KEVIN WILLETT

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  1. XO says:

    OMG. I am an anthropologist (Ph.D.) and this gave me a good laugh. It isn’t often that someone parodies our profession in such a way. If academe and my colleagues weren’t so uptight, I’d share it on Facebook.

  2. Sheila says:

    Is it not the same thing when a woman sends pics of her “girls”? ☺️

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Hilarious… loved it, thank you.

    I have received one or two little weens… have to say it killed any curiosity or enigmatic charm I initially saw in the guy, right then stone cold dead!

    Guys if you want to be rid of a good woman faster than the last cold beer at a July bbq…. and she just isn’t taking the hint. This should do the trick. But forget any chances of winning her back and forget winning back your own dignity (speaking specifically about univited pics)!!

  4. Anja says:

    Hahahahahaha thanks!

  5. Sherry says:

    Hilarious. Well done both of you!
    Its happened both from a boyfriend and from a friend, and it sucks to open an e-mail to an unsolicited “Little Wein”, regardless of size! Lol. Men. Entertaining at least.

  6. Cathy says:

    Very funny, Matt! This should be required viewing for every guy wanting to put a profile on a dating website. :) Jameson, the filming and editing are masterfully done! When are you guys going for a feature-length video?

  7. Mariana Valente says:

    Awesome! It lighted my day!

  8. Caro says:

    I received a dick pic 1 week ago. Opened my eyes at 7am on a Saturday, and here it was!
    Thank YOU, Matt. I could not stop laughing. You are the best, and really awesome as a photographer:)
    Good acting skills, there!

  9. jaycie says:

    i dunno dude….i think context with the dickpic is paramount towards deciding if this is vulgar behaviour or not. if i was chatting up someone on fb that had friended me say from a mutual team sport or something and they dickpic’d me unaware, yeah, i would be skeptical about their integrity/reasoning -but if it was sent to me via tinder or some other more sexually liberal site, i wouldnt bat an eye. i dont go to a strip club and act all haughty when i see genitals nor do i think the people showing them are insecure or pathetic. so i dont think people need to overreact if the context can logically warrant this phenomenon. although many dont like to admit it—penis package is important with sexually motivated relations and many women want to know what theyre potentially going to unwrap. some women might even want to thank these guys who are gutsy enough to expose themselves with no questions asked. ok- im done playing devils advocate. or should i say ‘c*ck cheerleader’

  10. Nikki says:

    I actually don’t mind if a guy sends a random dick pic out of the blue. For me it just means he has one agenda ” hes only looking in my pants” and nothing more. So it saves me from wasting anymore of my time on him and get to move on to someone who treats me with more respect. Plus it’s the guy who doesn’t do that you one you end up in a relationship with, he’s the guy that you mutually exchange pics with

  11. lida says:

    Hi. I’m seeing a guy from Tinder for almost 6months! We kiss eachother, but he hasn’t invited me to his place! I’m his friend on Facebook, I know he is single, but I haven’t figured out why he doesn’t have sex with me! He has sex with other girls, but not me! I feel bad, I’m very in shape and healthy. I wish I knew how he could not have sex with me :-( he doesn’t like to send me a picture! I’m very picky and slow, but 6months is enough to pick a guy!

    • Gigi says:

      This guy is NOT interested in you! He kisses you because he can. He uses it to boost his ego. He likes the validation of you wanting him. I’m sorry but he does NOT like you. To be honest, if he did he would make it happen. You deserve better! Move on to a guy who appreciates you & is honest about his intentions.

  12. Donna says:

    Hysterical ! I love your humor Mathew XOX

  13. anon says:

    Matt, I have never received a “dick pic” fortunately. I definately wouldn’t be turned on by it, if I did get one.

  14. Darlene says:

    So, men like to send selfies of their genitalia because they are over confident (narcissistic)?
    Or insecure? Or both?

    • Jacqueline says:

      Yes well said.

      Actually it’s both… a deep rooted insecurity underlies a narcissistic personality (I work as a psychotherapist). That said not all insecure people are narcissists by any means… and we can all have moments or situations in our live’s where we behave narcisisotcally, (it’s part of the human condition) – I as going to say “except me” as a narcissistic joke ;)

      These pics are cultural now too, but it draws out the narcissist so at least we can vet them sooner rather than later ;)

      Merry Christmas,

      • Gigi says:

        Thank you for the incite. It is great to have a professional opinion. I recently received my first dick pic from a guy who I thought respected me. He was COCKY & I made the mistake of over looking it. Wasn’t sure if he was a narcissist until now.

    • Gigi says:

      A guy who sends an solicited dick pic is over confident. He likes to sexualize woman. He thinks you want it. If you politely tell him you did not appreciate it, he will disregard your feelings & try it again “in context” framed as something meant to sound like a compliment. For example, “See what you do to me?” Still not acceptable. It is the equivalent of a guy whipping out his dick in public and saying look at my cock.

      • Jasmine says:

        He is COCKY! He wants validation for his penis. Not a gentleman or someone who values woman other than as sexual objects.

  15. Paula says:

    I think you may have some potential as an actor Matt lol. This was hilarious. Loved the middle part too. haha Thank you for addressing this phenomenon.

  16. Amy says:

    Next time a guy does this to me, I’m literally going to send a text back that reads “Little Wein”

  17. Kitkat says:

    Most women are looking for love and romance and nothing kills that like vulgarity. I think it is mostly a matter of timing. Don’t send a dickpic if you are just getting to know someone. To my opinion, a dickpic is only ok if we have already seen it face to face :)
    I must have gotten a dozen of them when I was dating. One time, an old lover did that to me. We reconnected after we had broken up for a while. I was seeing someone else at the time. He stuck around as “just friends” for almost a year. All along he was encouraging me to break up with the man I was seeing. Lo and behold, after I turned him down a few times for sex (because I was seeing someone else), he sent me a dickpic saying: “suck this!”.
    Yup, I guess he got frustrated. I blocked him and stopped talking to him, again. So about six months after that incident, he sent an email demanding to know the reason why I stopped talking to him. I thought it was obvious. After I explained why I had found his dickpic offensive, he said: ” I was just trying to share my beautiful erection with you, after all thinking about you got me hard and I’m sure your new guy’s not as big as me”. (????).
    Huh? Yeah size matters, but it is not everything. And guys need to learn once and for all that women are not as visual as men. A dickpic does not turn us on. You want to turn us on whisper sweet nothings in our ears. You want to get us wet, tastefully describe what you want to do to us. Pick up the phone and call and talk to us as your voice is the most powerful tool you guys got in your arsenal. Remember that. Most women need courtship, romance, context, even if it is a “just sex” thing.
    One word, Do Not Send a dickpic, unless she asks you for one explicitly, or she is sending you chickpics. OK. :)

    Thanks Matt for looking into this.

  18. Slavica Bogdanov says:

    Hilarious and so well done
    Congrats Matt! Wow, the effort and time to create this video!

  19. Angie says:

    Freakin’ hilarious Matthew! Loved all the puns. Excellent point as well.

  20. Suz says:

    Freaking HILLARIOUS!! And informative!

  21. Marlene says:

    Ha! Your hair Matthew was too distracting lmao! I hurt from laughing so hard…thank you as always..
    Have received the dick pick but does it count if you are already sleeping with said Dick??

  22. Tavia Wong says:

    hahahah, I died laughing. Matthew, you’re getting so creative in your vids. You’re also really business-savvy, especially in marketing. Keep it up, I love your work.

  23. SG says:

    Hope this was sarcastic!!! A sorry excuse for a silly behavior. Nobody loves a dick-pic of any kind until you know the person and his dick :(

  24. Sade' says:

    I can’t stop laughing!
    I love how you addressed this!

  25. Fabian says:

    That was so neat Matt, I see your talented gifts in all you create. ..good documentary. Lol

  26. Soho Chick says:

    This is so funny! I’ve received a few Dick Pics in my time and i just makes you think about the kind of guy sending them…is it really the sort of guy you want something serious with? Not for me, though i do find them highly entertaining and you have to hand it to guys, some of them have no shame! Although i do understand that some ladies out there really don’t appreciate these kind of pics, maybe they should see it for what it is and get a sense of humour!
    Loving your work Matt! xx

    • Lady Sunshine says:

      I recently received a dick pic. I told him I did not like that. Though, if he described what he wanted to do to me without being vulgar I might like it. A few weeks later, he sent me a pic of a penis coming all over a girl with a text saying “I want to do this to you!”

  27. Iris says:


    Very very nice!
    Especially that you address this nasty occurrence.
    I’ve had once, was chatting nicely with a guy and suddenly out of nowhere in full glory there it was… THE DICKPIC. I felt so betrayed. I called him out on it, gave him a peace of my mind and blocked all contact. At first I thought I was overreacting, it’s just a picture anyway. But the more I thought about it I realised that in fact it made me feel just as violated as when I was a teenager and had to cycle to school through country roads. And on more than one occasion it happened that a guy flashed me. In my opinion it is exactly the same and should be considered the same legally.
    On the other hand however did you ever asked the woman at your seminars if they ever send pictures like that?
    If actually chatted with guys who were complaining about this and that they were only after one thing.
    It would be interesting to find out if women starting to flash themselves as well…
    Not a DICKPIC but a CHICKPIC maybe?


    • Nina says:

      I asked the sender of my dic pic if he would think a pic of my private area in all its glory would be vulgar. He smiled & said any guy would love FREE PORN!!!

      Please let me know if any of you have received a response to the question of what if I sent you an unsolicited pic of my female genitals?

  28. Bliss says:

    That was hilarious but so much truth. It should definitely be warranted. Anatomy is only attractive or enticing when you have more to connect to or with it. My two cents.

  29. Mandie says:

    Love your work Matthew. Always something new, funny, enlightening and interesting. Lol. KEEP IT UP! (No pun intended!)

  30. Megan says:

    Matthew, I’ve really enjoyed your videos and emails… very educational! But this takes the cake! It really does, especially since I’ve experienced the “little Wien” gesture before. Thank you, as always, for putting a smile on my face ;).

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