I Answer 16 of Your Burning Questions + A Big Thank You

This week we’ve reached 2 incredible, mind-blowing milestones that would not have been possible without you.

To celebrate these milestones we’re doing something special – I’m answering as many of your

most burning questions from Twitter as I can in one video (turns out it’s 16!).

To name just a few…

  • Can a relationship work when 2 people have different religions?
  • Do men feel an emotional connection after sex?
  • What are the top 3 signs of a healthy relationship?
  • Am I dating anyone? (Yes, I really answer this one…)
  • Click to Watch Me Answer 16 of Your Burning Questions

I’m also announcing a fun contest we’ve got going on this week that you’ll definitely want to enter, and Jameson, Sam and I get a little silly on set…

It’s a mixed bag of awesomeness, so watch and enjoy!

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  1. leah says:

    Im from england too, and your right, nobody quite knows how to make a decent cuppa apart from us, so the answer is simple, hire somebody english, perfect brew every time. I will happily apply, so long as i can make my own brew while im making yours. I find here theres a hell of alot of texts that only work if you’ve already been with somebody a fair while, if you use them while your still trying to attract this person it can go wrong fast!! If someone sent me a text aboutmy clothes on the floor within the first two weeks of knowing them id be like block and delete, its common sence that it must work the same way for a man, he doesnt want a girl who comes across as easy for longterm, so my flirty text is simply this “hay, i think you looked really great when i saw you/ walked past you the other day. I loved that jacket you was wearing. Fancy a cuppa sometime?”

  2. Anna says:

    Told him: “I can’t wait to see you and rip off your clothes!”

  3. Patricia says:

    Text: The Coffee you make me was cold (we have talked to long), get me a hotter one tomorow. Be there at 10. ;D

    Matthew I love your Videos <3 stay the way u are

  4. Heather Wahlquist says:

    (Matthew Hussey used ONLY as an example here.) Matt and I were newly dating, emotionally clicking, our seeming open book lives we discovered (shhh, had secret doors), just bliss, k… Well, a short time after making mind blowing love for the 1st time, he went away for a month. So, one sleepy Sunday while I was lounging in bed, I sent him this: “Mr. Hussey, I can’t find anything to suck on.” (personalize it, ladies -You’re welcome ;)

  5. Paula says:

    My flirty text:
    Me: I’m running errands and then going to the gym. What are YOU up to.
    Actually, that’s a rhetorical question. What I really want to know is if you’re imagining me naked.
    Him: Well the thought had crossed my mind. ;-)

  6. Kelly says:

    YAY for being in cosmo! I’m going to go “buy” this asap ;)

  7. Meera Sinroja says:

    Damnnn, lets just do something!! ;)

  8. Josefina says:

    Hey Matt, really enjoyed that video! On the ‘cuppa’ business, I couldn’t help but feel identified. Just an idea, but working in an architect’s office the ‘boss’ once showed me a colour swap range from a paint product showing the different shades of ‘tea’ colour and told me exactly which colour was the one he liked his tea to be. I never got to make him tea but well your comment reminded me of that and thought it could help?

  9. Christine says:

    “I’d like to rectify more mistakes with you…in my bed.” Last boyfriend I sent that to. Lol he said he forgot how to talk for a minute and was impressed.

  10. Colleen says:

    The tempature appears to have risen, promptly remove thy clothing.
    *awkward 40 minute silence until I finally responded*

  11. Merary says:

    Love your work! :3
    Text: “I am going to rock your world, get ready…”

  12. Sherri dowless says:

    Hmmmm….coffee. ..tea or me?

  13. Pernille says:

    You are the cutest thing Matthew! I just love your videos, you’re truly amazing and believe that you are helping a lot of women with your advice.
    And what an amazing idea that Cosmo got! I’ve been hoping for you to get your own column ever since you did the feature in Glamour magazine!


  14. Jay says:

    Text: You ready for that smile? Better come ‘n’ catch it ;)

  15. Karlene says:

    Not a flirty text, just a question…What would you say is the maximum age difference that can work for a healthy relationship/marriage?

  16. Laurie says:

    Matt, love the question&answer bit. Especially the fact that your single <3

  17. Susan says:

    “Touching you harder now … ;-)”

  18. Tijana says:

    I like reading your emails now and then ´cause you´re intelligent, fun and really have something to say – I´ll put my name on that. But maybe you could make your own tea (breaks are good for you)? Cheers :)

  19. Hannah says:

    ” I wanna do bad things to you “

  20. Sierra says:

    QUESTION: when in a relationship with someone who is ill or injured for a long period of time, it’s very hard on both ends and puts a dent in the relationship.
    How can the relationship still flourish when one person is unwell and the other has to be the care taker?
    How does the unwell person remain confidant? How can the other person get through easier seeing and dealing with their unwell partner?
    How can the relationship still flourish when the give and take can no longer be equal?

  21. Jan says:

    “I feel an old weakness coming on strong.” (Song by Delbert McClinton). Works every time!

  22. ancient chinese secret says:

    Hey, bravo on your accomplishments, Matt. Lotta hard work paid off! Yay!

    Ummm, okay here we go: (you know, for “the competition”…and I just want the feedback, not the magazine, well, no offense, but I’m sure another gal really needs your John Hancock…okay?)

    !!! Only for the lucky guy who gets to be intimate…otherwise, til then… I’m extremely shy!

    I know you’re a visual creature but I like to watch, too. Guess I’m just naughty that way…

    Ohhh, something just happened that made me feel so hot n steamy…

    What are you wearing?
    (whatever answer)
    I want it. In a pile. On the floor.

    Okay. How’s that? Well then, have a nice day. :)

    • ancient chinese secret says:

      OMG I meant as in your SIGNATURE!!!!!

      • ancient chinese secret says:

        Oh! It just came to me! In response to the hot n steamy…
        He asks “Really…What happened?” or some such
        Answer: “I made the hottest cup o’ tea! Damn that was good”…. I need a new tea bag. Help a girl out? ;)

        Cream? Sugar? LOL Kidding!!!

        Okay, done for today. Sorry, that was really bad.

  23. myflirtytextmessage says:

    “Yes, Mr. Grey.”

  24. Dee says:

    This is one of the racier flirt texts I have ever sent, but it got a good response.

    I’m drunk and sitting on this bar stool, but I would rather be sitting on your face.

    Obviously it was to someone I had an intimate relationship with. ;)

  25. Ann says:

    If I were to send a flirty text it would be….. Matt you are one sexy Brit and I love it when you say idear!

  26. desiree sanges says:

    I just wanted to let you know one guy from work noticed something different about me , he said I was glowing this morning…. you sexy fox!!!!

  27. Candice says:

    Btw, I love the scruff! Makes me feel like Mountain Man will have his way with me…

  28. Alyse says:

    Had a dream last night. We flew… as if held in the arms of an eagle. The breeze was gentle and warm, there was an excitement in the air. We then found ourselves in the warm ocean waters roiling about like two otters playfully chasing bubbles. It was all so gentle, easy, and joy filled.

  29. Kalee says:

    Matthew, we are going to go on a coffee date. I mean I feel like you at least owe me that, since I subscribe, read your book, and go to your events. OH and since we both live in NYC now ;)

    and my flirty text is more of a conversation on how I got the guys phone number. We were talking about what we both do for a living, and he said he was super man. I then said well how ironic because I am super woman. and He said oh really? well how can you prove to me that you are? and I said I couldn’t tell him yet because I needed to know and trust he was actually super man in order to share my secrets of being super woman. Then we started talking about how crazy schedules defeating crime, and such. He then told me how he had the night off of from fighting crime, and helping others, so I said well there is one problem, and he said what’s that? and I said well if you have the night off, and replying so quickly, then how come you haven’t asked my number yet? :p and he said “well that’s because you haven’t given it to me yet Super Woman..so send it to me” (this was on a dating app)

    I at least that that convo was clever haha I hate dating apps, but that was the best beginning convo I’ve had. Even went out on a date with the guy, didn’t work out, but it was still fun.

  30. Caroline Michelle says:

    He asks, “What are you doing tonight” (totally original, but soooo very common)
    me: “fullfiling my wildest ambition”
    Him: hmmm… sounds sexy
    me: well it is exciting, hot, intriguing and blissful all at once. I bet you can’t say that about your night
    It became a competition with flirting inserts at every corner.

    Funny part, I was actually describing reading a really good book in the bathtub at the time (I LOVE enjoying a cup of tea and a great book!). It was much more fun making him guess then telling him exactly what I was doing!

  31. L says:

    I had a dream about you last night ❤️❤️

  32. Cindimccready says:

    I like your hat ….

  33. Lenka says:

    Hmm I just made this amazing croissants. The smell and the taste it’s amazing and it reminds me you. The chocolate inside is melted as me when I see your eyes.

  34. Iris says:

    I love the advise! Wish I could ask a direct question!
    Here is a text I send “Here, a warm hug to let you know I was thinking of you! XOXO.

  35. Isabel says:

    Somehow, the part of the hypothetical girl that uses the book to get him reminded me of the film “Down with love” with Ewan McGregor and Renée Zellweger. Don’t know why…

  36. Martha says:

    Hi Babe,
    You’re my favorite daydream

  37. Fun_n_games says:

    oh my gosh, loved the commentary on the tea version of the litmus test.. nerd alert

    AS simple as it sounds it could be profitable. Historically bottled water was heralded as a concept that would never work- “water is free”; yet here we are today with $7/ bottle at the airport

    Anywhoots, I think there is a contraption for eggs already out there- people seem to have similar trouble getting eggs “just- right”

  38. Michelle says:

    Hey Matt, do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again? ;)

  39. kay says:

    I knew a service manager from an auto dealership who specifically told me he does not talk. My car had a problem so talking to him and asking was out of the question.
    Your advice to provoke his ” Provide and Protect” mode
    worked like a charm.
    My best text message would be ” I don’t mean to bother you but my car has a (fill in the blank) problem. COULD YOU HELP ME?”
    I got a text back with what garage to send my car to and just tell them that his dealership sent you.

    This worked more than once, with him texting that I wasn’t bothering him.

    But he still never said more than 6 words in person. But that’s here nor there. He still communicated.

    My second best text or maybe equal is where you feed his ego by giving him a compliment. ” You look great in that shirt.”

  40. Karen says:

    Thinking of you and smiling….

  41. gloglo says:

    To a guy I had started seeing, “Just finished having dinner. Would you like to join me for some dessert?” Came over in a flash. :)

  42. Stella says:

    The day after our second date it was cloudy and rainy, he texted:
    “It’s a good day to be indoors with a good book or a good movie or a good sangria and good company.”
    I replied:, “I’m indoors, have good books and movies. Just missing the sangria and good company. Boo, hoo, hoo…”

    He called and we got together for the day and evening. It’s been 4 months of heaven.

  43. Darna Fieldes says:

    Hilarious! I experienced waves of joy and laughter reading through the ladies comments below. Not a scrap of decorum, just pure unadulterated desperation with a hint of horny. Amazing. Well done lady friends. You made my day. Matthew Hussey…man meat in a midst of carnivorous comments! I could only imagine throwing myself at Jameson…and that is only if he is, in fact, a large green bottle filled with Irish whiskey #yayjameson

    (*someone will most definitely take offense to this and possibly kick off. No need. I am honestly thankful for all the ladies who’s made me giggle. Made my day) #thanksgals #gogethussey

  44. Essex says:

    You, your sexy arse , my bathtub, NOW ;-)

  45. Alexandra says:

    Flirty message, before a date at the beach, but it’s versatile changing the last phrase:
    “Well, Matt… seeing that I’m not able to articulte a coherent thought while you are looking at me with that gorgeous eyes, imagine if I’m half naked, it’ll be ten times worse!”

  46. Maria says:

    “If I call you darling, will you make me pancakes?”

    It’s stolen, reminds me of the movie ‘breakfast at tiffanys’ and it works.

  47. caroline says:

    There are no seats for me to sit on ! So can I sit on your face ,? With a cheeky wink ;)

  48. Adriel says:

    “I want you to take advantage of me. In every way you can imagine, I will make all of your wildest desires come true. I aim to please you, and I’ll show you what to do. This time, let’s start in the shower.”

    Also, tea is an art, not a science.

  49. Lea says:

    Hey get stripped you are picked?

  50. Mary says:

    1. Me: You stole something from me!!
    Him: what would that be?
    Me: my hymen. Poof! It has disappeared.
    Him: I don’t have it
    Me: hmm, wonder where it could be.
    Him: Hymen heaven

    2. Me: You are messing with my oestrogen.
    Him: Your oestrogen is messing with my testosterone

  51. Danni says:

    I’m feeling a bit nervous about our date tomorrow. Could you please send me a sexy photo of you so that I can relieve some of the tension… ;-) xx

  52. Cary Ellis says:

    Matthew you have brought tons of smiles and inspiration to my life! I’ve learned a lot and so appreciate what you’re out there doing! Keep up the great job! :)

  53. Krystal says:

    I noticed those socks you were wearing. Very telling….

  54. Angela says:

    NOT dating anyone?

    What happened to Maureen – his girlfriend who visited him in Tampa during the Retreat?

    His friends/the coaches said this one was serious because he was introducing her to his parents.

    • Angela says:

      I guess it’s hard for anyone to measure up to his mom whom he really puts on a pedestal, and she is FABULOUS…

  55. Tonya says:

    Babe, ever since the last time we were together, I can’t get the touch,taste of your lips and smell of you off my mind!! Let connect real soon.

  56. Ashley says:

    After asking the age of a guy I was talking to,”A younger man eh… I don’t know if a younger man could keep up with me “

  57. Carolyn says:

    To a guy who was already interested…I’d said earlier in person that the undershirt he’d stripped down to (it was a hot day) made him look sexy & dangerous & almost criminal:

    “Hey, and that thing I said earlier about you in that shirt, if it made you feel dirty and objectified…

    That was wholly my intention.”

    He called me almost immediately.

  58. Cindy says:

    Hey Mathew!

    I’ve been doing some research on how to meet and attract an amazing man! Was thinking it would be fun to get together, so I can practice on you some of these new techniques I’ve been learning! However, you must promise that you’ll let me leave when I’m done ;)

    Now, why don’t you email me your number, so I can really send this as a text!?!

  59. Carol Yahyavi says:

    Sitting here in my favorite jammies watching you search for just the right thing to say. You are so adorable when embarrassed, and so sexy when totally confident. Too bad we live so far from each other … or do we????

  60. Tamar says:

    1. Let’s just say.. I really feel like fixing your tea right now..But seriously, Just tea..

    2. I wonder if it’s hot out side, Or is it Just you..

    3. Hey!
    You don’t get to kiss me till I say you can!
    Ok Now :)

    4. So.. What else do you do in life if I may ask, I mean, beside hitting on blonds, and building up this muscles..

  61. Femme says:

    Hey you,

    I am in need of someone that is strong and you are the only man that i could think of that can pop my bottle, help me out!? xx

  62. karly says:

    – If a big fat man creeps into your bedroom one night and stuffs you into a bag… Don’t worry… I just told Santa what I want for Christmas ;)

    – I just want to be upfront and say that I visually enjoy you… And touching you makes me want to dance to Kylie minogue ‘lets get physical’

  63. Julia says:

    hey sportsman, yesterday I saw u jogging in the park – the passion in your eyes and the certainty in your moves… are still on my mind. Although u re not the type I usually date, u could convinced me with the same essence I saw yesterday by going climbing with me next week. I can use some help ;)

  64. kate says:

    It was not a text but you can make it into one.
    This would put Mathew in seizures…
    One time I suggested to have a first date in…a donut shop at 8 am on Thursday(I was bored – long story).
    I actually didn’t mean to flirt but standing at the counter I said with confidence:

    “I want large sausage kolaches and cream filled.”

    The guy texted me as soon as I drove around the corner.
    A few months later he is still talking about this 8 am date.

  65. Nola says:

    Please, please, please make up the tea colour code guide. There is seriously nothing worse than asking for a tea and getting what can only be described as a cup of old dish water.

  66. Noelie C. says:

    Congratulations for your two milestones!

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