Jealous? How to Take Back Control…

FACT: Your partner is attractive. (After all, whether it’s because of his looks, his personality, or both, YOU are attracted to him!)

FACT: It’s inevitable that other women are going to find your partner attractive.

So what do you do when you look across the room and catch another woman flirting with your man? You could view it as a threat, become jealous and needy, and even storm over to the two of them and break it up… OR you could do THIS, which puts you back in control and actually builds the kind of trust that lasts. I’ve been getting lots of emails from women asking how to deal with this tricky situation, so I’ve devoted this week’s video to a deep dive into practical, actionable advice you can use right away…

Be sure to leave a comment and let me know how it works out for you.

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  1. Donna Ruff says:

    Hi Matthew..My husband and I met at work we ended up getting married it’s been almost 2 year now. There is a Asian girl that had not been there that long. I had been there 8 years my husband not long either he was married before his late wife had lupus.But the thing is the Asian girl..she slept with our supervisor so she could run a machine they put me with her so she ends up nip picking at every little thing that I did on my job because she still did not know how to do thing’s so she started trying to get me into trouble..she is a big flirt around guy’s including my husband..I asked my husband to stay away from her he gets mad and said he had to communicate with her if she is asking questions about something on the machine.She runs back and forth to him a lot they pick and cut up with each other and he made me feel intense every time we when into work. He told me he wished sometimes I was on another shift I said why so you guy’s can cut up all the time..he shows his self at work to much I think around women who like to flirt..well I ended up asking if I could be moved to another shift come to find out the plant manager is the Asian girl is friend’s she said I was not going to be moved..So every time my husband would cut up with that girl I would cry and he new it hurt me so I told him I was going to quit my job because of it he told me we would be fine we would make it if I got a part time job..but that’s not what I wanted I just wanted him to leave her alone but no..So I guit he still cuts up with her because I know him better. Now he is going to Arkansas a trip from work with other people I am going to be really hurt if she goes..and he is going on my birthday he is going for a week.I don’t know how to take this..he tells me I am jealous but I told him it’s just her I am his wife not her..he calls me on his break and some times he has to work with her and she can stand there with him and just chitchat..I just wish he would ignore her instead of putting me in a hurtful position..I trust him I just want him to guit giving her to much attention it’s ridiculous..when I guit my job the other women we’re mad and they said to him you knew what that girl was seen what she was doing to your wife why did you let your wife guit her job?’s been 7 months my birthday is coming up in May my husband is going on that trip he said he would love to go..but if she ends up going I am going to be very upset..just because all of her. With him I need help..I don’t know what to do or say. Please help me.I rather if you messagener me. But this is fine.

  2. S says:

    Excellent advice… especially with the ultimate control!!

  3. Kristin sharum says:

    I’m such a jealous person. I needed this!

  4. Danielle says:

    Beautifully said

    • Danielle says:

      I live the reminder that you’re not the police and that your partner has gone out without you before in their life and dealt with attention from other people before.

      I’d love to hear a script on how to have that jealousy conversation with someone. How to verbally communicate with people and express my desires and standards without it sounding like I’m too demanding or constricting or over reacting or over thinking.

  5. Sydney says:

    I thought it was really good. One of the best videos.

  6. Jo says:

    One thing for once that makes sense!!!!!! If YOU ARE the flirt, that put things in a mans head and they give up on you!!!!!!!! But some men have past where they been cheated on, so its them, so depends on the man. And also TALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IS the key, and if you can feel they are loyal nothing to worry about, as i felt no bother when one of my exs chatted someone up, as they wanted to tell ME how they felt. I knew they wouldnt go there, they were telling ME how they felt! I had an ex who two woman wanted them and they didnt go there yes they flirted to tell me something thats all! I didnt feel threaten as i knew they wouldnt go there, it was just a moment that told me they needed something from me!

    • Jo says:

      And i been ABUSED ALL my LIFE, and that says a lot!!!!!!!!!! I didnt feel any threat when they chatted them up IN FRONT OF ME!!!!!!!!!! As i knew it was him getting past a mood, after he chatted them up, he had a little rant at me, which was the time to give YOUR PARTNER a HUG, all they wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So when you feel that let them get it out of their system then give them a hug!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jo says:

        When he was out i was more worried about what he up ie not woman but him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He NEVER made me feel he would go off, more what he was doing as him!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Marisela says:

    Very realistic point of view, and excellent advice!. Thank you so much for remembering. It really has a lot to do with self-confidence, and maybe there is where we must begin, building up a strong self-confidence….
    Big hug.

  8. Diana says:

    Thank u i struggle with this because my man is very friendly even though he might not be drop dead handsome. his personality catches women attention. Plus i been cheated on so my insecurity dont help. Thanks

  9. Theresa says:

    Hey Matthew, thank you for yet another practical advice. I know what you’re saying about having no control over what other people are going to say or do in a situation. It’s a perfect opportunity to determine whether the guy is up to our values or standard of loyalty. Jealousy is very hard to control once it sets in and you give a very sound advice on how to manage it. I don’t mind the longer video. Sometimes, it’s necessary. More power to you Matthew, Stephen, and the entire team.

  10. Pamela says:

    Wow, this was a good one, it’s true, if he isn’t going to act right with or without you there then is he really worth being with?
    Preach Matthew Hussein
    You’re awesome!!!

  11. Maya Morgan says:

    Very clear and great examples we can relate to!! Great reminder of focusing on what we can control rather than the behaviors of others which we can’t control, only influence with our reactions! :) Thanks Mat! Love when you dive deep into a subject! Love your way!!

  12. Yvonne says:

    Good advise and such a very common situation!!!

  13. Adrianna says:

    That’s very true but It’s hard to realize while nobody (like you) tell you what to do.
    Thanks xx
    I would like to know what is the best way to do when your partner try to make you jealous? Any ideas? :)

  14. Adrianna says:

    That’s very true but It’s hard to realize while nobody (like you) tell you what to do.
    I would like to know what is the best way to do when your partner try to make you jealous.

    • Celia says:

      Call him out on it! Ask him – and also yourself – why he feels the need to play such games. True connection builds on honesty and that is not an honest behavior… Is the relationship in trouble and it’s his way of showing it?
      Yes, I am not Matthew but still thought I might just share my idea :-)

  15. wallace says:

    That was great!!
    Thanks for all your hard work
    Your advice is simple clear effective
    Love listening to you Matt

  16. Cathy Stephens says:

    This was very helpful! I’m 54 yrs old and two yrs ago I re entered the dating world. Didn’t think I had jealous issues due to my first marriage of 33 yrs to a very controlling man. This had made me feel at ease with the man I am with now. He’s very nice looking so therefore women confront him a lot but I’m down with that. I’m not too bad myself lol. Thank you very much. Can’t wait for your next video. Love and kisses

  17. Lara says:

    Hi Matthew, you talk a lot about getting the guy but could you please speak to us about women who dont have any problems in that department? What should women do to keep the guy they are able to get? Videos on this would be much appreciated! xxx

  18. Tricia says:

    ThankGod you did this video, Matthew! All true. All accurate!

  19. Sandy Belle says:

    Matthew, dear, I know you might not like the idea, but it occurs to me that we shall soon need your brilliant advice on… well… how to “get the guy” through social media, like Facebook.

    You know, these days twenty-somethings (like my lovely self) don’t really exchange phone numbers when we meet: we actually prefer to “connect with our new friends on Facebook”, since that’s the easiest thing to do… or at least so it seems :| And, as we all know of course, guys tend to be shy when it comes to initiate the talking, even if it’s just the innocent-looking chat-box…

    So, off to the question: is there a way for a woman to initiate a Facebook/e-mail conversation with a (shy) guy… so that in the end he nonetheless thinks it was his idea to start the chase?

    Oh my goodness, I feel like a little cunning witch, as I’m asking question… And what a gorgeous feeling it is, yeah!

    And thanks for all, Matt, you’re a heaven’s gift to us. Thanks to your precious pieces of advice, I finally feel like a woman, yay!

  20. Gabrielle says:

    Hey Mathew!

    First of all, love your work–thank you for being such a diamond in this world!
    Second, what about dealing with jealousy within a friend group? Occasionally there are times when I go out with my girls and I’ll feel a bit overshadowed when talking to guys because another girl (sometimes in my group, sometimes not) competes with me for the guy’s attention. This puts me into a weird state, because on the one hand I become jealous of the girl who just stole all of the attention I was getting with this guy, but at the same time it feels desperate to “fight” for it. How would you recommend handling those overpowering people and/or those situations in general?

    You’re the best, can’t wait to hear from you :)


  21. paula says:

    Hi, i think you knocked the nail on the head on this one lol….im a very jealous person in this area and i do find it tough not to storm in or get moody.
    Will try this next time!
    Thankyou sooo much ☺

  22. Ramona says:

    Thank you Mattew so much, It is so helpful and amazing that you cover a broad range of issues for how to deal with different social situations.
    One question if you can answer, would be even more helpful than any single of your videos: How do you find the best tactic for any social situation? I mean your advice shows the best reasonable way for common every day situations that we might encounter. Do you get them by reading different books or it is just by personal experience? I am asking this because I might encounter something in my life and need to find a logical way to solve it, and most probably I cannot find that in a short amount of time by reading books or watching videos! What is your secret then?

  23. Begi says:

    I liked the post but I have another problem which is similar. My boyfriend is loyal, he loves me and he doesnt flirt with girls. The problem is that he “keep looking” at women, especially beautiful ones and it drives me crazy. I told him several times that it hurts me. But he says he has no control and its an reaction.
    I wonder what to do. Its really hurting me every time we are going out. What do you suggest?!

  24. Eve says:

    I have only a question tht makes me wonder why coz when a guy comes over to me to express his feelings of love I jst chase him away, but some i like them bt I don’t hv a way to talk to a dude coming to cultivate me than to push away…..any advices to my sickness Matt???

  25. Eve says:

    Jealousy can definitely make people or anyone else to be selfish in order to thnk further e.g on relationships #nice topic this is…

  26. Eve says:

    Enjoying the advices thnks…I’m quite surprised coz it’s honestly awesome knwing personalities Matthew.

  27. Debbie says:

    I really liked this post Matthew. It is easy to become jealous and needy when we fail to see the bigger picture. The power to be jealous or not is in our hands – it’s a choice. Thanks for that reminder!

  28. paige says:

    My partner gets not only jealous, but becomes possesive. Jealousy I understand, it’s natural… but what’s the best way to aproach your man when he’s having an out of the blue outburst with random accusations.. out of nowhere…
    For example there’s been 2 seperate ocasions about one of his friends. He claimed I lied to him about giving something to his friend (we all use to work together, so his work mate) which I still to this day have no idea what he was talking about.. he says he was told something…
    Naturally I got pissed he was accusing me straight out and taking someone elses word over mine, I could’ve asked him what it was all about to help this insecurity he had but I got a bit peeved about how he approached it…. so took the emotional response.. my bad on that.

    next time when he left one morning.. I had a lazy ass day and slept…. a long time… my phone died… I figured, we just saw each other, I don’t have to charge it, all clear! Then when I charged it at about 6pm there was 2 messages come thru.. I miss you and are you really that busy or just ignoring me.. I asked when he sent them as I just charged my phone. He said I was bullshitting and that he was upset and was asking how my date was with this same guy again and without asking was telling me to spend the rest of my life with this friend of his…..
    that got sorted..

    Just recently, I sent him a photo.. a naughty photo, he was at work I thought he’d get a kick out of it instead he jumped straight to the omg how many guys do you send photos like this to and was asking if I’m on a porn site ……..

    So I tried to be as understanding as possible when sorting this out with him but I was hoping maybe you could do a video on the best way to deal with a man who’s posessive. Is it just about making him feel more secure? I love him to bits, I’m always telling him and stroking his ego and trying to find new ways to be spontaneous and fun… but sometimes I get the feeling because I know he loves me, he wants to marry me… but how do you kill the mentality of him thinking I’m too good to be true, that I must be playing him. I’m not a try hard, I’m not perfect, he’s seen my ups and downs… I get scared that if this isn’t sorted before marriage, this possessive behaviour could turn into something worse.. there must be things I can do to I guess create more trust and less insecurity

    Love your channel btw :D

    • Diana says:

      Like Matthew mentioned, it’s ultimately your choice to be with this kind of guy or not.. no amount of assurance and compliments will really “fix” someone’s insecurity, if it’s there and it’s up to them to change that about themselves – it’s not your job, nor in your control.. we’re all responsible for being our best selves, and fixing whatever issues or baggage we carry around with us and into our relationships.

  29. Sa says:

    Honestly not sure if it is palce to write it, but I have question: My boyfriend has/had dog with his ex and I feel that she is using the dog to keep him near. Cause she is sending him photos and videos of the dog. We don’t live together with my boyfriend and I trust him but I don’t like what his ex is doing. Also he has keys of her aprtment and we together was there to water her flowers as she was out of town for few weeks. As I asked if she knows about me he said – no, why should she. Should I worry? I already met his parents and friends, I feel very good myself with his mom and he seem to be happy about it. Just his ex gets me irritating…we are together few month

  30. Kim says:

    Hey Matt. Great topic today. Jealousy can be real ugly when one cannot manage it. It perpetuates destruction on every level in any relationship.
    Excellent advice and perspective!
    Hey those Greek crickets were a noisy bunch!

  31. Habibti252 says:

    Hey Matt. Thanks. This video was an eye-opener.

  32. marian bodnaruk says:

    OH…he’s getting more and more handsome by the minute…and aging well too!
    Cypress (hope l got the spelling right) looks very interesting and a place l would consider visiting myself.
    So Matt, let me get serious here for a moment, l loved this video…l shall heed the advice…oh, yes!
    Thank you also for the emails and hoping all is well with you.

  33. Diane says:

    Thank you Matthew. Great coverage of a difficult situation. As I am single, I feel embarrassed when other women rush over to see “what’s going on”. I actually feel insulted by it – as fooling around with another woman’s significant other is something I would never do. When I was much younger I looked up all the references in the bible warning about adultery – there were so many!! I was amazed!! Letting him know your standards, conversations about different situations – excellent advice.

    Thank you for another great video – packed with so much insight!!


  34. Nina says:

    I love this little snippet that you did Matthew. I deal with this on a daily basis and I can actually say that I get the same attention, too. It’s just as hard on my partner as well to deal with. So with that being said I’ve been told before ” omg you’re like a beautiful girl with insecurities when you shouldn’t even be that way”. It’s just a tough situation because I’ve let things go like innocent chatting and later on it seems it becomes a problem with both where my partner thinks I am okay with him talking and the other person feels I accepted that she can flirt with him. The more I let it go the more it bothers me and when I do act like the police then I am the bad guy. So I see how you say that in the end you have to make decisions that if you’re partner crosses the line then and not care then maybe he’s not the guy for me. It takes awhile to see it that way but thanks for this video. Love it! :)

  35. Poone says:

    Exactly I will watch and see what he does even maybe I let this situation happen if I see both are interested in talking :)

  36. johnson Cho says:

    All I’m so soli because I crazy in your msg inside im soli all gIRL ,I no agian ready

  37. Melissa says:

    Appreciate the confirmation. Your information brings to light, toxic behavior and how to deal with individual situations for the best possible outcome!
    Thank you greatly, for continuous & brilliant insight on relationships. To have the best life possible with your partner.

  38. Anonymous says:

    This! Exactly this! I have always had the same opinion on this subject, and I am glad that it is now confirmed by you, Matthew. I could think of a few people who needs to see this…

  39. Pam Johnson says:

    I totally agree 100% as to everything you said and totally will follow those principles and I will remember standard is huge that’s the biggest principle in all of this without it as a foundation you will always end up with a person that may not have the standard you’re looking for! Initially I did follow up about 50% of what you stated before and did follow in consistently but now you laid everything out so you gave all of us women tools to use and you can believe I will follow these principles 100% and consistently. Thank you so much! Cheers from the United States Pam Johnson

  40. Susie says:

    Matthew your short video helped me so much thank you

  41. DonnaM says:

    “If that person wants to cross that line and doesn’t respect us they aren’t the catch we believed they were”
    I think that is a key concept – that we deserve the best – not second best.. As Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’ song points out!
    Thank u Mathew!

  42. Kathleen says:

    I’m a jazz singer who modeled for 15 years and I’m currently in a long distance relationship with a gorgeous and successful male model. He lives in L.A. I live in Washington State. I would make myself sick if I worried about the women he is around everyday. This video reaffirms my position. Thanks Matthew! I needed that!

  43. Vera says:

    I’ve enjoyed all of the informative videos I viewed, this one especially addressed my insecurities. The advice regarding a “Pact of Loyalty” and communicating one’s standards makes such good common sense. Finding the ideal moment to have that discussion, and not putting your partner on the defensive regarding his behavior, may take some delicate handling. I would be interested in more information as how to effectively lay out the format for that discussion in order for it to be a positive communication.

  44. Nikki says:

    Mat, thanks for yet another reason to believe in you & the work you do .xo

  45. Diana Calleros says:

    The key word I heard was “loyalty” that brought back a memory in my early adulthood before my father passed away he said to me that I had to understand that men can be “loyal” that men are hardly ever “faithful” but can be loyal so I find it curious that you never mentioned the word fidelity but did emphasize on the loyal term. Thank you.

  46. Tammy says:

    Another excellent video! Thank you Matt!!

  47. Marie says:

    Thanks for this Matt. What you said about loyalty really struck a cord with me.

  48. Lana says:

    Hands down one of the best pieces of advice I have come across!! And I have always lived my life by this principle. My boyfriend and I were just recently having this discussion and I’m going to have him watch this video because it says it all. Thank you Mathew for all that you do.

  49. Kayla Myers says:

    Matthew, thank you so much for what you do.. From my standpoint as a Christian, I cannot agree with your opinions on sex; but you also have never, to my knowledge, have attempted to force your opinions on others..
    I know this was a longer video, however, I loved the length, so do not be afraid of doing more long ones in the future.

    Your video on long distance relationships helped both me and my, as you always say, partner in some of the ideas of how to make out relationship successful.

    Also (as a jtlyk), this is my first relationship and I’ve been watching your videos and reading your news Letters for an approximated amount of time nearing to one year. I do not know to the degree that you’ve helped me to prepare, but I do know that you were a help..
    A quick shout out to other sources of assistance and information that I found very helpful- “I kissed dating goodbye,” “chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul: Teen Love,” and “101 Ways to Get and Keep His Attention.”

    Again, thank you Matthew.

  50. Anna says:

    Thanks Matt!! You are so right, we cannot control any one else’s behavior, just our own!! And I really like the suggestion of coming over as the hero and not the police!!! Awesome advice as usual! I expect nothing less from you!!! LOL…….

  51. Cyrus says:

    WHERE HAS THIS VIDEO BEEN ALL MY LIFE? This video solves everything, not only for myself but for advice.

    Thank you, Matthew!

  52. Susan says:

    Hey Matt! Thanks for this video! Wish I’d seen it last week,but now I know what I instinctively knew about dealing with jealousy was spot on! My guy is that great guy, and after this week I am sure of it. He handled a few situations his way and confirmed my trust in him along the way! It was a tough week. I think we will both be stronger for it. I guess you would agree that jealousy in a relationship is not productive? Thanks again for all you do.

  53. Colleen Castano says:

    Your video wasn’t too long btw. Very wise comments and advise. I guess we sometimes assume something may happen but like you said it all comes down to trust & communication. It’s hard to take the other women out of the picture sometimes especially when they do it to deliberately to hurt me…something I need to work on. Its probably why I have more male friends! Lol :)

  54. B says:

    This was fantastic! I especially appreciated the tip on how to flip the mental script. It’s really good to have practical and non-drama ideas on how to handle something so many of struggle with to any extent! Keep it coming, love the newsletters and videos- you’re doing a fabulous job! :)

  55. Karolina says:

    Hi Mathew, I just watched your ” Take back control of jealousy” video and I really want to Thank You for it! Those are exactly the advices I needed, I’ll definitely follow them!! :)

  56. Lauren says:

    This video is awesome !! Not only is it great about how to handle tough situations out in public with your boyfriend, but he points out the best perspective to have when you are in a relationship. Keeping the power in your center & knowing you are in control of your choices is a great reminder. We simply can’t control the choices others make but rather observe & then have a loving, constructive conversation. This video had a really great message!!

  57. Jp says:

    That was really helpful. I am in a long distance relationship as my partner had to temporarily move away. The bit at the end about remembering I have ultimate control as I choose on a daily basis to stay (or not) with this person was great. It’s difficult at times knowing he is meeting new people and the insecurities it can bring with it. But you are right. Can’t micromanage or sweat the small stuff!

  58. Jody says:

    Thank yoy for the advice and putting into perspective. is our ultimate decision on whether we would l8ke to be with this person everyday. If that person wants to cross that line and doesn’t respect us they aren’t the catch we believed they were. The bottom line is its much healthier to walk away with our head held high and still feeling good about ourselves because we respect ourself. If your significant other respects us snd is loyal there will not be an issue. Again thank you for the insight!

  59. Marianne says:

    Great advice on how to handle this tricky emotion. Best advice that I’ve heard and knowing how to constructively approach it! Now I will know how I can use it to my advantage in sorting out the valuable sincere guys from the superficial ones. Thanks Matthew!’

  60. Florencio Ramos says:

    Hi Mathew,
    Thanks for all the great advice that you give freely.The only
    thing missing with what you do is the acknowledgement of the
    universal Law of Attraction. Check out Abraham/Hicks also on
    You Tube. What you give are the techniques but you have to
    back it up with the spiritual to address the complete package
    that is humans. I wish you great success and abundance. Don’t
    forget the only reason we do what we do is Love. Bye – Florencio

  61. Clio says:

    Excellent advice as always!! I have a new boyfriend who is really great and it’s going very well. However, once we were out and I noticed him looking at women as they passed by…not overtly but I noticed! I know all men do it and women too it’s people-watching after all. But I felt really jealous and annoyed by it and I didn’t know how to handle it internally or in terms of my future with this guy. Any advice on that Matthew? Is it a worrying sign or totally normal? When I’m with him he’s so into me and affectionate and very focused on me in terms of attention in general. Thanks for any tips!!! Xx

  62. Liz says:

    This is good and all but what happens when you have trusted for over 30+ years and the man you loved steps over the line and takes that flirting to sex and an affair and walks out on you and his family. I did let him flirt and be flirted with and this is where it got me. The man I loved and trusted for over 30 years walks out. Now how do you trust again and how or should you try to get this man back?

    • Kathleen Brown says:

      Hello Liz, What happened to you also happened to me, and yes, even after 30 years. I am wondering if, like me, your “trust” was really just not holding him accountable. Without accusing him, had we addressed any red flags correctly, there’s a chance, if he was a man of character, that we may have saved him from falling into the pit in the first place. If we take an honest look at only our part in the matter, we most certainly were given many “red flags” during and even before marriage, which we overrode with our emotions or desire to be with him, or to “go along to get along” in order to demonstrate trust. I have learned to listen more to my intuition than to my emotions, to observe more and never doubt or talk myself out of what I see or hear. ~ Blessings to you…I’m sorry for the heartache you suffered…

  63. Rieshma says:

    Matthew has insight into human nature that is incredible. I love that he emphasizes mutual respect and shows us , in very applicable ways how to work a relationship without humiliating oneself. A veritable genius in the field human relations. So glad I chanced upon his videos. They hAve really helped me to control my own feelings and desires from within.

  64. Kiki says:

    I know the feeling when I’ve been innocently talking to a man, and then their wife/partner comes marching over, it feels so awkward! However, I also relate to when the shoe is on the other foot and I notice my boyfriend engaging with someone else. I follow this advice on the outside, and try my best to present an aura of trust, but it can sometimes still sting inside. I know thats just my ego though. Very good video, thank you.

  65. Brigitte Chahwan says:

    Another great advice for growing as a person and understanding the interaction in a relationship. Makes me happy and feel secure within myself.

  66. Natasha hibbit says:

    I don’t consider myself as a jealous person but never know how to handle the situation when my partner is looking for me when another woman talks to him and I usually leave him to deal with it. I know this isn’t a good sign of solidarity even though we are firm in our relationship but I found the idea of approaching really helpful

  67. Wendy says:

    Thanks, Matt. I thought you were spot on here. Really great. I understand and agree with your points. Our partner should be able to have a little fun by talking to different people. After all, that’s why we go out: to mingle and communicate with a variety of people.

  68. Roz says:

    Wow this was the most perfect advice ever Mat! thank you :)

  69. Mandy Kitchen says:

    Sounds reasonable advise to me. I don’t need it though; good luck to those who do. I wish I had that problem; its a good problem to have right! I guess ‘a good looking guy whose on a bet to see how many women he can get into bed in a year’,doesn’t count in this situation. Even the ugly ones can’t be trusted.

  70. Anne says:

    Hey Matthew,

    I lost your great article ” how to become 500% attractive to the guy and get him”!!!!
    Could you help me to send me back again please??

    Best regards !!

  71. Jo says:

    Very very good information and probably the crux of defining a great relation…especially saying not to micro manage the small stuff which is v easy to fall in the trap of doing…
    Thank you x

  72. Julia says:

    Great advice. I’ve tended to be a little on the jealous side but realise now that my partners at the time didn’t respect my boundaries. I like the idea of just talking about the problem with the guy instead of marching over to every girl on the planet!
    I’ll remember all of this advice next time I actually have a partner! :-) Thanks for the weekly videos Matt – I always take something from them.

  73. Marina says:

    Good advice! Wish I’d discovered and listened to you when I was still with my ex husband;-)

  74. Sherstyn says:

    Thank you for the reminder!

  75. Kathryn Blower says:

    Bloody brilliant! Exactly the advice I needed !

    • Sherstyn says:

      I agree!
      Matthew is a Genius in that way, isn’t he?… always just knowing exactly what advice we need and delivering.

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"Why me?" "What is wrong with me?" "Why is this happening?"  When things don't go our way, it's easy to...