Getting The Guy You Want – Katie Couric Show

Here’s a clip from my recent appearance on Katie Couric where I’m joined on the couch by the Ready For Love gang Tracey McMillan and Amber Kelleher-Andrews.

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From the video…

1) Meet more men

Most women aren’t meeting the quantity of men they need in their everyday lives. It’s often not easy as we get stuck doing the same things over and over.

How can you mix things up? (From Tracy) “To meet people with similar interests, find the things you love to do, then go out and do those things.”

And while you’re at it, don’t worry about the outcome. (From Katie) “You’ve got to be a little creative girls… and if it doesn’t work out, that’s okay, because you don’t want to be with someone who’s not attracted to you anyway.”

Make it easy for a guy in the first 10 seconds as most guys don’t know how to talk to you and you need to be able to give him licence to come over and approach you. As a general rule, don’t BE easy, but in the first 10 seconds, be easy.

2) Layer your approach

The thing that makes us nervous around people we’re attracted to is intent.

Here’s a way to get over nerves I’ve used with clients – one of whom went on to get two dates and four numbers in one afternoon!

Take on each stage until you’re fully comfortable doing it.

–Ask a guy for the time
–Ask a guy for the time and when he gives it to you tell him you like his watch
–Ask a guy for the time, tell him you like his watch, and then say that you need his ideas on what you can get as a present for your brother/friend/nephew

This is a guaranteed conversation starter that you can have some real fun with.

3) Simple speed-dating tips

–Compliment him
–Address the awkwardness
–Keep conversations emotional not logical

Question of the day:

Do you agree with Katie? Are there really more cool women than men?

The person with the best response gets to ask me anything : )

UPDATE: Congrats Lisa! Your question and my answer can be found here.


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64 Replies to “Getting The Guy You Want – Katie Couric Show”

  1. Yes!
    Woman are indeed cooler than men. There are more of us in schools, and even more of us doing GREAT things out there in the world. We are so accomplished – it’s amazing… In addition to being able to ‘hang’ in a masculine world, we’re able to still nurture our femininity as well.

    After watching heaps of Jane Austen and ‘regency’ movies… I have to say, right now is the best time to be a woman. We have so much at our finger tips and we fully take advantage =)

  2. Hey Matt I have a question- I’ve been “seeing” my neighbor for the past month or so and we both seem to really like each other, and I want to take things to the next level, but he hasn’t brought up the relationship talk at all, and I’m not sure if he even will. We’re both 21, and I’ve never been in a relationship before, hate to say it. He’s kind of the shy type and so am I. I really love spending time with him and want him to know how much I like him without scaring him off, or before he finds someone else. We met a year ago and only recently has anything been happening. Do you think I should say something to him the next time we meet?
    Also, do you think it’s okay for the girl to be asking the guy to hang out a lot, or should it be vice versa? Or 50/50?

  3. Matt, do you have any advice for a 40 something lady (me) getting back with an ex boyfriend that ran scared twice?

  4. Just about everyone is “cool” to someone. The rest are clogged with malted hops and bong resin…

    That last part is a joke/quote from a movie. It may be a bit PG-13, but it’s not meant as an insult, fellow readers :) I find something cool about everyone. Sometimes just the fact that they’re different I think is cool. (I may be a bit of an idealist. Shh, don’t tell anyone.)

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