5 Quick Tips for a Magical Holiday Season

We made it, 2015 is nearly over. But never fear, the holidays are around the corner. That always ends the year on a joyful note, right?


The holidays can be a strange time. You know you’re supposed to be having fun and celebrating, and maybe you are. But it’s also easy for this to be the most stressful time of the year. 

It can be overwhelming. Maybe you want to just curl up in bed and just hide under a blanket for the holidays while you eat your weight in chocolate. But don’t waste this time. Forget all the advertising and nonsense, in this video, I’m going to show you that the holidays really can be a magical time if you appreciate what they’re for and know how to enjoy them.

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  1. Izidora says:

    Matthew, I have been following your youtube channel for a while and this is the first time I really need to contact you directly for advice.
    I met a guy recently and tried using your advice constantly while on dates and everything was going very smooth. But recently while talking to him I started mentioning my current health issue and an operation I had last year and shared waaay too much about my health and now I feel like I screwed up with that. Telling too much too soon. How can I bounce back? I know it is very specific. But I feel it was a crucial moment..

  2. Par says:

    I think you are very interesting to watch and follow. I found u by accident in youtube. I never bothered to watch anything about relationship and kind of figured out things myself, since i was surrounded by guys at work and school. I found men much simpler to know and never thought i would spend time watching videos after video about them. But it is so fun and interesting to watch your Youtube. You have fantastic energy and really honest. I absolutly loved your radio shows, i think i watched them all.

  3. Keila says:

    Thank you so much,Matt !!!!!

  4. Kaitlyn says:

    Hi Matthew
    I just wanted to say thank you for all the advise you have given me. I wanted to fill you in on my life now, I have been with this amazing guy now for 3years in Martch. You were right guys love a girl with confidence and who are not afraid to leave their comfort zone’s. Thank you again for your videos and your advice I hope you have a grate holiday. Merry Christmas

  5. Donna says:

    Thank you Matthew just what i needed to hear :)

  6. Rebecca says:

    You are adorable Matthew and make it so easy to follow your advice.

    I also love the way you say process ;)

    Happy holidays! ⛄️❄️

  7. Bonita Scire says:

    Great advice! Hope I can follow!

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