Life’s Infinite Possibilities [Love the Journey: Part 3]

“This moment contains all moments.” – C.S. Lewis

I love that quote so much, because it beautifully expresses what I believe is the most magical thing about life – its infinite possibilities. Each moment brings us new opportunities to meet amazing people, to learn and discover, to grow, to experience joy, and yes – to fall in love…

This weeks video is Part 3 of my mini-documentary series, “Love the Journey.”

Come along with me to Chicago as I prepare for my live event there. We’ll take a ride in a tricked-out limousine, check out Jameson and my hotel room, have some laughs (and a non-alcoholic beer) with my team, and step out on stage in front of hundreds of incredible women to help them find the love they so deserve.

You won’t want to miss a moment…

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  1. pamela valeri says:

    You Mathew, are amazing!
    I am a mother of two grown men 19 and 26. Divorced and a breast cancer survivor. I find my self ,teaching myself, how to date. Yes at 59 , i have to admit ,until now I realised that i never really dated. I was married for 20 years.Now I find myself wanting to experience the ultimate re lationship. Noone my age has any insight, i think my generation and my parents generation really never had no dating strategies . I want to say thank you for educating me. Just goes to show, you can always enjoy the infinite possibilities. I would love to work with you, from the perspective of the older generation dating done with as much thought put into it as our careers .your just a breath of fresh air! Much gratitude, Pamela

  2. Josefina says:

    Loved ALL of it!!! Miss you guys a lot!!
    It was great to see the other side I always wondered about, organizing and getting ready and also great to see my fellow HVW being part of it. Well done!!
    Loved the background music, it really brought a good atmosphere to the whole video!! Will you let us know what it was we were listening to? Big hugs!! xx

  3. Kelly says:

    Were you watching The Mary Tyler Moore show in the hotel room? haha

  4. Dee says:

    You need to add NOLA to your tour. I am volunteering to be your personal tour guide, although I’m terrible at it, I promise you a great time.

  5. Heather says:

    Having had really bad me in the past I leartt to do that just to be and has helped me in my new relationship . That’s what infinite time looks like , amazing teaching well done it takes some practice

  6. Emily says:

    That limo was ridiculous. lol
    And we finally got to hear the voice of Jameson!

  7. Van says:

    Love this video! Well done guys! Your objective has extended from one aspect of love (which is relationship) to all aspect of love which is all life itself. Love your work!!!

  8. Julia Meckael says:

    Matt, I’ve followed you since your very early youtube videos and I can see your huge progress since. I’ve been to an event in London years ago and now this one, and I believe the greatest thing about you is that you are aiming for EXTRAORDINARY, DELIVERING BETTER AND BETTER and NEVER STOP GROWING. Thank you so much for this huge inspiration, there are really no limits to what we can achieve apart from the limits we set ourselves. I myself was growing up as a more quiet person and found it difficult to socialise with people. Dropped out of Uni in first year due to anxiety and depression, took a whole year to find myself and work on my confidence. Went back to Uni and graduated successfully with a first class honours in International Business. So what changed in this year I took off Uni? I made a decision to never be afraid anymore and started getting into personal development books. This year is my largest development so far, I started the year with your event in London and then went to a few business events and a spiritual one. Surprisingly, I am now starting to get compliments from people who haven’t seen me for 3-5 years saying I am different now, more confident. This is something I never believed people would see in me, I was always so self-conscious and insecure. I hope this is the first step for me to finding true love, because I was never able to let anyone love me despite having many guys ask me out in the past. I rejected them all, because I never felt I was worth enough to be loved. But I know everything is going to change for good now, just as I was able to change from an insecure girl to becoming a confident woman. Interestingly, your videos teach me a lot about business and entrepreneurship, you are right, we follow your videos because you are AUTHENTIC and this is quite rare these days where people put on a persona to become successful. I’m loving this Series and your creativity in what you do, it’s clear how passionate you are. Apologies for the long post, but I know that when I become successful, part of it will be credited to you! All the best, Julia

  9. Lucy says:

    Next time your throat is giving you grief, good quality honey and lemon!!! :-)

  10. D says:

    That video made me smile Matt! I sometimes have to take steroids when I get a chest infection (the doc told me they would build up my strength). See you & the team this Thursday at the Retreat!!

  11. Sus says:

    This is really silly but I live in Chelmsford and after seeing you in America always as a distant person, it’s funny to see you being driven down a road i know here!

  12. Kasandra says:

    That’s such a fun vid. The dance and the energy were infectious. X

  13. Anna Dav says:


    It is so amazing to see your journey to Chicago! I think it’s awesome that you got to see our Chicago History Museum and went around city! You are right Chicago is very romantic and has endless possibilities for meeting new people. As a matter of fact, I was just deciding what to do for a date with a guy that I met and it’s going to be our second date. Thank you for inspiring me. I always get positive thinking after watching your fun and amazing videos.
    Love, hugs and kisses,


  14. Haiho says:

    Well captured road-movie!
    You people seem so relaxed!!
    (big question mark ‘how do you do this, how did you get there’ and so on.. of course)

    The Musical song at the end nails it!
    The city might have changed a lot.
    Still whenever I was there, humming this (or songs by Sinatra) brought me in the spirit of how this city must have been like.
    I think that feeling is still living on there somehow if you look for it.

    Love it.

  15. Gerrie Nendels says:

    You might be inspired

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have been your fan since January of this year, Matthew. Every week when you release your video I get all giddy and can’t wait to watch it. Love this video series on the real you. If you’re ever in the south Florida area we should go out for coffee (or tea). My treat! Love ya, God bless.

  17. Catalina Dash says:

    Loved it!
    I really appreciate how you show us your vulnerability. That’s what i really like about your work :)
    Your authenticity!
    Thanks so much!

  18. Liz Taylor says:

    I love Love The Journey! Matthew, come to Nashville so I can get a closer look behind the scenes ; *

  19. Dy says:

    Thanks for share “The moments” on Love The Journey. It’s always a pleasure to hear and watch about you. I really smile and laugh with the episodes and it’s such a great way to know more about you.
    I hope you are much better now from being sick.

    Lov’U Matt

  20. Katherine says:

    Matthew you’re just wonderful! Helping so many people to improve their lives! I loved it when the waitress recognised you! It was so sweet!!!!!
    You have changed my life and made it so much better!
    Thank you so much!

  21. holly says:

    As a fan that has been “for real” trying to see you live in the states for three years… not know that you are in Chicago at the same time for work as me?

    I am so unhappy with you and your advertisement team…. I have your book, get your emails, and I am part of the Sunday club… how did I not have your dates for Chicago show? If I did then I could have seen you live…

    We were in the same hotel but I had no clue I could have seen you live. Why?

  22. wendy ponson says:

    OMG, what a wonderful video. It was really nice seeing you really relax and just have fun. You work so much, you deserve to do that more. And I love the song at the end, it has a special memory for me. As a kid, I performed a dance routine to it. Just one question: when do we get to see this Jameson fellow? Not like I’ll ever get to date you, but the camera guy…well there ya go :)

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