Why every location has its own excuse (and how to get over it)

I’m in Seattle right now. It’s been such an incredible trip doing the GetTheGuy tour. Here’s a clip from the show King 5 where I talk about my last event…

If you’re around in Seattle tomorrow (Saturday May 18th), come see me! The registration for last-minute tickets is here. Can’t wait to see you!

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Here are some of the takeaways from the show:

–You can’t be passionate about a relationship until you’re passionate about life.

–We want people who have a balance of qualities and unique pairings to keep us interested.

–Every location has its own excuse.

–One of the most elegant ways to get a guy’s attention is to say, “I could really use your help with something…”

–As a woman don’t be easy, but in the first 10 seconds, be easy.

Question of the day: Where do you live – and what’s your excuse for not meeting people? Let me know in the comments below!

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