My Love Letter To You…

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The eve of the storm, I’m thinking of you… (Photo: Camerabee)

It goes without saying that everything happening right now is all a dream come true.

In the last couple of days I filmed for Inside Edition, Katie Couric, and The Today Show. All to talk about my new GetTheGuy book and ‘Ready For Love’ on NBC. This week, there is A LOT more to come.

And yet, while my dreams are coming true, it’s still hard.

People often forget that when trying to achieve their dreams. And that there will be ways in which life is still hard once they’ve achieved them. My life right now is hard. It’s hugely exciting and rewarding, but it’s still hard.

First, there is the pressure to perform. The next few days are going to be the biggest (and most nerve-racking) of my life. I’ll be appearing on somewhere in the region of 12 different TV shows, 10 different radio stations, and in more articles than I can keep track of. Performing is something I’ve done for years now, every weekend at my events. I can speak for 50 hours over 5 days straight (a long way from not being able to give a 5 minute speech in class at school!). It’s become second nature to me.

Except that all of this hasn’t been a ‘performance’ for me. It’s been me. It’s my love, my passion, my baby. My ideas, my thoughts, my stories, my personal experiences… everything is me. As I evolve and change, so does my material. As my story gets richer and more diverse, so do my ideas.

I believe that a great deal of my success has been due to my authenticity, my candidness, and the fact that I’m congruent with my material. So it’s something of a bind. The more authentic I get, the more successful I become, whilst simultaneously deepening the extent to which I let people into my world and my life.

Tomorrow, the number of people who will be exposed to me in that way will be beyond anything I have ever experienced.

And that’s a little scary.

Last week a delightful journalist by the name of Amanda Stern interviewed me at my hotel in New York. She gave me one of the most interesting interviews I’d ever had. She was honest. She was tough on me, and didn’t let me off the hook on anything, but I really liked her.

As the interview was nearing a close she said, “I’m a little worried about you”. She expressed her concern for everything that was about to happen to me. I mentioned to her that although I was scared, I was resigned to staying true to who I am, to what I believe, and not getting sucked into becoming something I’m not. I also said that my friends and family were there to keep me sane and be my rock through all of it. And they do, everyday (I remember when I went back to London to see them recently, I couldn’t so much as ask my mum for a cup of tea without my brothers saying, “Oh look at this guy, he’s gone all Beverly Hills already…pathetic”. I love them so much!).

As I was thinking about what constitutes my ‘rock’ in life, or rather WHO, I began to think of you – my readers, my viewers, my clients. Recently I released our book trailer video, “Kids Talk Dating Problems” – which I’m told might be the most viewed non-fiction book trailer of all time, though I’m not sure. When I released this, alongside the lovely comments from people who saw it as the light-hearted bit of fun it was supposed to be, we also had our share of very strong negative comments on Youtube. Now it’s not that I mind the negative comments. I really don’t. They are part of life and they certainly make things more interesting. If anything they spur me on to create more. But these negative comments do remind me of something…

That when I come back to my own blog I feel like I’m home.

Because I have you. You are my rock. You welcome the new things that I put out with open arms. You celebrate it. You share it. You support me. There is something that to me is extraordinary about this little world we have created together here. It goes beyond you just liking the content of the blog. You actually want the best for me as a person. And that is a rare thing.

It means more to me than you know to have somewhere I can come back to where people know me and love me, and the knowledge that even once the show and the book have come out, you will still be here fighting forward with me gives me so much joy. Let’s face it, there will be new people who arrive here, but I love more than anything that you will be crusading with me on the journey… my original crew : )

All this is to say that you are more than my clients and followers. You are my friends. And I love you.

We are a team, and we stick together. I will keep making videos and articles to support you. I will keep writing posts and staying honest not just about my triumphs, but my flaws, my insecurities, and my doubts. There is nothing we cannot achieve as a team.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me.

Always here for you.

Matthew xxx

P.S. I can’t wait for you to see what’s coming tomorrow. There’s an email that’s coming for you at 7am. Stay tuned.


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181 Replies to “My Love Letter To You…”

  • Dear Matt,

    Your letter was so honest and heart warming hahaha :) I’m really glad to see that you think of us as a family, we cheer on your triumphs and you reward us with your continual triumphs.
    That’s what makes you different from other life coaches and I really appreciate that! :)
    I’m currently achieving my dream at the moment, I’ve just gotten accepted into the university of Cambridge for architecture. Just trying to get the grades required and it’s so terrifying!!
    I understand how you feel, we can share the fear together hahaha :P and want you to know that you always have the control over your life (the most important respect – yourself) :)

    Keep always being true to yourself :)

    Jasmine xxx ( also! I usually don’t post here, I usually tweet about how good your blog posts are hahaha :) from jasmineche123)

    P.S. if you’re up for it, Instagram is always a great way to share your journey visually :D

  • Dear Matt,

    You are so sweet to write us a love letter, and we thank you for all you do, it is a gift to all. As I was reading your letter I couldn’t help but think…I love this guy! I’ve never met you and probably never will but I love the person you present on your blog and in your videos. So, I wish you the best in all that is happening for you and many days of peace & joy to enjoy it. Carpe Diem!

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Michele! Matt, you’ve certainly come close to all of our hearts and that’s not only because you are the amazing person you show us every single time you write something, tell us something, show us something, reply to our messages…but also because of all the time you spend doing all of this! And you do it with all your heart and soul because that’s what you care the most about – helping people! If ever that day comes when you go “all Beverly Hills” then let us know, cause that’s the day He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has taken over the world ;)

      Always a joy hearing from you!

      Take care, we love you too :)

  • Dear Matt, thank you for sharing your insecurities and your excitement on this JOURNEY that is unleashing. Your true fans will always be loyal to you no matter what. As the saying goes thru thick and thin. I’m so honored for someone like yourself to take on this unselfishly challenge. Btw my 17yr old and her friends were on to your Youtube videos way before I found you!! So, keep up the great work.

    Your faithful fan,
    Carmen :)

  • Dear Matthew,
    I have followed you for over 3 years. And in the words of Marianne Williamson who wrote Nelson Mandela’s inaugural address lies one of my favorite quotes. ”
    Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
    Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
    It is our light, not our darkness
    That most frightens us.

    We ask ourselves
    Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
    Actually, who are you not to be?
    You are a child of God.

    Your playing small
    Does not serve the world.
    There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking
    So that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

    We are all meant to shine,
    As children do.
    We were born to make manifest
    The glory of God that is within us.

    It’s not just in some of us;
    It’s in everyone.

    And as we let our own light shine,
    We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
    As we’re liberated from our own fear,
    Our presence automatically liberates others.”

    Your humbleness, perseverance, courage, and being vulnerable is what makes you enrolling and wonderful beyond words. You do have a grounded network and your dreams and passion are ignited not only by your voice and words but by those who surround you. Embrace the process. YOU ARE worthy of your success. You always tell us this, remember that for yourself. Breathe, enjoy the little things, like the sunset, the laughter, the kisses and hugs from your mum. Be present and above all stand in the possibility of the greatness to come.

    With love,

  • Matt,
    I bought your book couple months ago in England. This book is amazing!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you :) Good luck and all the best, and… GO AND GET THEM !!! xxxx

  • Matthew,
    You are EVERYTHING to us!! We appreciate you for so many reason!!

    FirstLady LaKeasha Johnson

  • Aw this is such a lovely article and we really appreciate it! I’m always picking up your book and reading the sections I most need to see at the time. Thanks so much for what you do, you’re a godsend, you really are. Plus yesterday I actually put some of your advice into action, and now one step at a time I will gain even more confidence after my boost yesterday. You’re an inspiration, I am so happy I stumbled upon your YouTube video a year ago, wouldn’t know what I know now without your insight and talent! :) thanks Matt!

    Love, Kelly

  • Congratulations! I feel proud that I have been reading your stuff and watching your YouTube videos from before all the hoopla. Good information. Useful. Loved the book excerpt.

    Keep on!

  • That’s what makes you unique Matt, that you are so humble, that you remain so authentic even through all the chaos life has been throwing you lately.

    I feel so blessed to have met you because you have touched my life is so many ways, it’s hard to describe it. All I know is that you gave me the tools to go on when I felt like I was about to give it all up. You’ve made me want to embrace life again, find all the good things in it and persue everything that I hold dear.
    And you’ve made me realise just how special I am as a person and for that, you will have a rock solid place in my heart forever.

    I’m certain that – despite all the negative people – you will remain the way that you are and you will evolve and grow even more over years to come. Because you do that so well!

    And I know that the more you will be out there in the world, the more people you’ll affect that want to change things in their lives because you let them see the real you.
    Because you show people how to take their own responsibility in their lives and to make the best of their lives, through small yet so effective methods.
    And being able to do that is truly a gift to cherish.


  • Dear Matthew,

    I wish you the best of luck for tomorrow. Not only are you a humble person but also truthful. You talk to the viewers as though we are your life long friends and that’s something rare in a person that is hard to achieve.

    Take tomorrow as a challenge that will turn out well, as we do our love lives.

    Take care,


  • You are an inspiration. Thanks for so much.
    Go get ’em tiger, do us proud.
    celi from argentina.

  • Hi Matt,

    We love you too:-)

    I never got to say goodbye to you in Florida.


    Helle T Justesen

    PS: I’m still looking for my chinese replacement

  • Dear Matthew

    I’m glad that you consider us your friends.
    Thank you for your guidance and your kind words, sincerely.
    Don’t forget we love you too :) and you’ll be great as ever!
    Hugs from Brussels


  • so happy for you :)
    you really deserve the success you’re having. I feel like I could’ve done without a lot of the books I read (on understanding people, not just guys) if you had been there years ago. so glad you’re here now though :)
    for all that you teach us, for the lovely smile and the way you’re yourself, THANK YOU :)
    Elsa xx

  • Hey Matthew,
    We are here to support you and look forward to what is going to happen tomorrow.

    Good luck with everything and thank you for all that you have done.

  • Dear Matthew!
    You are amazing and so is your job. I ordered your book and I read eagerly each email you send. You are great. You speak straight about all what matters and you give very practical advises.I’m from Israel so unfortunately I can’t come to your live events but I wanted to tell you (although you probably already know it) that your awesomeness is spread all over the world…!! Thank you for everything..!!!

  • So…I saw this link on twitter just now and cracked some joke about you sending me, one of your random followers, a love letter. But then I read it. And I wanted to be serious for a second. I’ve always liked you. Right from the very start with those early videos on YouTube. And your inner monologue and inner dreams, fears, which you’re always so courageous to share with us…I know exactly what you mean. Granted you’re a lot further along in your journey and I’m just starting mine, but I know exactly what you mean. And like another commenter said, I’m proud I can say I knew you before the ‘hoopla’. AND…yeah, like the interviewer, I’m a little worried about you too. But I believe in you and hope you always keep at it. AND…if it means anything, just wanted to thank you for giving me the extra push to get the ball rolling on my own endeavors. I’m working on my official website(s) and I’m not a techie in the slightest, but with a little determination and help from Google Search…it’s taking shape. Hoping one day our paths cross. If not, as always, all the best! (Plus thanks for caving – loving the sneak peek!!!)

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