Meet My Dad (Behind the Scenes Video)

This week I want to introduce you to my dad.

I attribute a huge amount of my success to this man, and for the first time ever, we’ve gotten together on camera.

The two of us bring back one of my favourite segments “Boring Heroes” and tell the story of someone who embodies the secret to becoming a passionate person.

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52 Replies to “Meet My Dad (Behind the Scenes Video)”

  • Aw, I adore that story. I love it when people notice the little things and are willing to take the effort to spare others an unpleasant experience or an inconvenience, or to share useful information or just a great anecdote that can make someone’s day richer.
    Lovely to see your dad again. I love his cheeky expressions as he lets you talk. :)

  • Mr. Boring Hero is awesome… and serving in the armed forces as a medic, I am sure he is a real life hero.

  • Hey Matt,
    I just watched this video on YouTube like 20 minutes ago. I loved it!!!
    The Boring Hero videos are brilliant and you should definitely make more of them.
    The man you spoke of in the video sounds absolutely fantastic. driving an hour to work is hard in its self, I should know I use to do it. Being on point with your moms tea and cream when he could have just walked away. ( I put cream in my tea. it’s good that way. don’t knock it.)
    Eight years in the service!!! I say Thank You very much!!!

    I remember the video with your mom you did a while back, and I will say your parents are very good looking people!!! I can see where you get your good looks from.

  • LOVE the boring hero stories. One of my passions is telling (or facilitate their telling) of stories just like this. Perfect in time for Labor Day too.
    P.S. You smile like your dad :)

  • The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! lol. :)
    I’m going to try to be more of a ”Boring Heroine” from now on!

  • It’s a very nice story, and as usual you made my day!
    By the way your dad is very handsome man.

    Bon dimanche

  • It must be said that your Dad is an extremely attractive man who seems to have a level of depth and maturity reminiscent of James Bond. He must be very proud of you! Thanks for sharing your family and their insights with us!

  • Having meet your dad at the Secrets of Attraction seminar a couple of months ago in London, it’s so clear to see that he is your Super Hero.

    My Sundays are brighter as your videos arrive in my inbox – thanks!! Kudos to Boring Heroes, let’s hear more!

  • Wow amazing dad you have Matt! handsome like yourself! No wonder you are such a good person with that kind of parents! Respect! xxx


  • Hello to you both again!! Just back from the retreat and watching this has given me a small reminder of the massive amount of energy that you given us all whilst we were there. If anyone is in any doubt of attending a retreat ‘ you should come’ !!!
    Love and thanks

    Whing xx

  • Dude, your dad is really attractive. Wow! Your mum is a lucky woman. She has some great kids too. :-) You guys really notice the small details about people and their behavior.

    Your parents taught you well!

  • I appreciated this video because it made me reflect on ways we can all be a hero in someone else life. The beauty is that it doesn’t have to be a great and magnanimous feat. It can be as ordinary and simple as making someone else feel special and making a difference for someone else in that moment.

    What can we do today to make someone smile? Maybe that smile was all they needed to brighten up their day and cause a ripple effect on others to pass it on. Just as the waiter did. Like, the “butterfly effect”, a small flapping of the wings can cause great impact in other places. Wow. Isn’t that something? Lets all go be a hero today, even for a moment. Why not?

  • Hi!,
    Guessing you go over details pretty often :) (smiley face in case that sounded as a bad bit** sarcasm), here’s something for you to think about: Body Language, your arms were completly closed when your dad started to tell the boring hero story and went back to normal when he finished.
    Great video anyway (please excuse my english, I’m not a native speaker)
    Happy sunday!

  • Hii Matt,

    Wow you looks like your dad..Your mentor…This video reminds me of my own hero who is my own dad..In your video of boring hero, we all can be someone else hero in every little segment of our daily lives..Passionate people do bring the effect of a very positive energy in a way they looks at thing at a very very different level and the most beautiful thing is that they do not work for money itself..

  • The way you speak is SO similar to the way your Dad speaks. The hand gestures, voices, stresses, every mannerism and aspect of speech is identical! As expected from father and son to an extent but this was almost unbelievable! (And very adorable)

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