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  • Hi Matthew,

    I love your new showreel it was great! I always go for what I want in a guy, knowing that some great guy is NOT going to fall out the sky and approach me so I do the approaching. sometimes it works, sometimes NOT, guys are kinda scared/shy sometimes so it’s been a journey for sure. I will never give up looking for “my guy” I know he’s out there somewhere and hopefully he’ll be as HOT as you are! : )

  • Your advice is amazing!
    Hearing it, it seems so easy to do…and in fact it is, but we just need the courage to change our lives and really create the love life we want!

    We do have to create new opportunities all the time, say “yes” to a lot of new experiences and off we go ;-)
    Matthew you make us understand guys at least a little bit…thank you!
    I already spread the news to other female friends…

    I hope 2012 will bring you even much further in your career, you really deserve it!

    Really hope to come over to London to experience one of your seminars myself!

  • Wait or create, haha love it! Good work Matthew you’re positivity is infectious. Lots of Love all the way from Australia x

  • Hey Matt,

    Just reviewed the video link you sent and I found it great and very dynamic it does spread the right energy, well done! I did attend one of your seminar a month ago and will definitely do the coaching with you – Let me know if you can do personalise it.

    All the best and may 2012 be the most creative one! ;)

    ps. I liked Glamour’s article.

  • Hello Matthew,

    I love your new showreel it was great!! I just have to say that you really are an inspiration and my sisters and I we love your videos and your encouragement is just really amazing!! I personally wish I was in London to attend one of your secret of attraction event or weekend seminars.Iam soo wishing you could come to Miami and coach us I know so many woman in the same position as me who want to find that special someone in their life but find it difficult.

    Best wishes Evelin a.k.a Miami fan =D

  • Congratulations on your success -I’m sure it’s well deserved :)

    I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I find them funny, informative and encouraging – ptopably it’s great to have a support from “the enemy line” ;) but what seems to make your couching most valuable is your attempt to help self convidence in women. Including me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for that.

  • Hi fussey bitch here dropping a line to say ‘love the showreel’ and I’m taking your advice and dialing down my ‘fussey-ness’….think I have found him or at least the best opportunity at happiness in a loooooooooooooong time :)

  • Hey Matt
    Can I call you Matt, anyway I like the Showreel. Did not think your that famous, well done. And love the showreel,good stuff.

  • First, I second the requests for a DVD for those of us outside of the UK, and thanks Matt for the free advice!

    Second, TO JAMIE WHO WROTE ABOUT THE LOSER B/F WHO DUMPED YOU: I can’t believe you’re taking all the blame for someone who was obviously unreliable and untrustworthy, and I also can’t believe you’d even consider going back with him. I know this is harsh, but you should be glad he left, don’t see it as him seeing something “bad” in you, it could be the very opposite, that he realized he was NOT good enough for you. So, use this as a lesson to pay better attention to red flags in the future, standing you up repeatedly because of work is NOT a valid excuse coming from a grown man who supposedly cares. Please do your best to forget this loser ASAP and when ready get back out there. Expect to be treated with more respect in the future and DON’T settle for less!

    Best wishes from an older woman who at least knows how she wants to be treated!

  • Wow More power to you :)

    This is brilliant, so amazing.

    Now please be a sweetheart and do an online workshop or a recording.

    Or make your clones and send them to different countries for women like me who can’t come to UK.

  • enjoyed watching this very positive attitude! all very well in your 20s and 30s to have this strategy and a social life! but when u spent uve sent 15 years on your own bringing up children and now your in your 40s with no social life, its not going to work, going up to men and chatting them, up they look at you as if your desperate or mad! you cant get away with this once u hit the big 40s it dont work !!!

    1. Not true Dawn! I have women on my live programmes who are in their 50s and 60s who will tell you otherwise!!! YOU ARE YOUNG! No excuses : )
      Matthew x

  • Hi Matthew! I coincidently bumped into your videos and just wanted to thank you after watching, like, nearly all of them. I have to confess that I have been more of a ‘waiter’, expecting love to just happen to me (and obviously it doesn’t). In all other areas in my life I try to challenge myself, trying new sports, do things that scare me that enable me to grow in confidence, challenging myself creatively, travel the world, starting up a business, studying etc, but somehow I thought that wouldn’t apply to love. You just made a mental shift happen in my head. Over the last days I have already been conversing in a more pleasant way (I used to assume people are not genuinely interested by asking simple closed questions, while I now realize that it is my own responsibility to make a conversation fun). Sometimes I will randomly talk to people, but normally only if I ‘feel’ the spontaneous moment. After reading the article in your last post, I now am going to try to step it up a bit and step out of my comfort zone more in this area. Your advice has been encouraging, thanks :)

  • Wow! Such an inspiration Matthew – fantastic job!! By the way, did I notice some excerpts from your own tv show there ..? If not, I think that would make an amazing idea for one (helping us to get those guys!) Keep up your brilliant work!! :D

  • It looks great well done for all your hard work and helping people! I would love to hang out with you, there seems to be nothing that you don’t think of.

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