Life is about peaks and troughs…

So good to be back after all of the craziness of the GetTheGuy book and my show Ready For Love!

(Note: The rest of Ready For Love can be viewed on Hulu and Not in the US? Try downloading Hotspot Shield…)

No winning streak lasts forever. That’s part of life.

When you’re in a trough, that’s when your core confidence is really tested.

We will come back bigger and stronger than ever, because that’s what we do.

Life is just beginning again. It’s a new era.

I want to thank you for all of your love and support along the way! You have been incredible to me. We’re going to keep rocking this together. I can’t wait to get started!

Good to be back!


If right now you’re in a trough in your love life, turn things around with my online homestudy course The Man Myth. This is a crash course in the A–Z of attraction, understanding men, and instant chemistry. Check it out here.

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    My last year was a year of troughs:

    – my ex and i separated
    – a lot of job rejections

    The good thing is, that somehow I manage to survive. Somehow I trust more although a lot things, that are important to me, seem to be going wrong.

    But some other really good things came along. I went to china for half a year to do an internship there.
    I met there some real friends. I grew, because of this. I gained so many experiences. I have put myself into situations to learn how people tick. Why they do what they do. Learned again.

    Although I am still looking for the right job and have lots of interviews, I am thankful for every rejection that I got. It was sometimes really hard. But looking back I see that it wouldn’t have been the right path for me. (e. g. Got an opportunity to stay in China to work there permanently but I want to work and live in europe)

    Now…I had an interview last week for a job that seems to be the right thing for me. It is exactly what I specialized on and I know that I could deliver something to that company. I would really enjoy working in that field. I really hope that I get the chance to show what I can do. This week I will get the response and I hope it is a positive one.

    If I won’t get a positive answer, I have some questions to help me in the future. While being at a job interview it is hard for me to balance the male and female characteristics. My profession is highly male dominated. Being a woman and feeling like a woman is important to me. Therefore I (and other girls) have the impression that man tend to test us more. We have to show more what we have done and have to prove it, which is sometimes difficult because you cant know everything before you actually start the job. Therefore it is difficult to prove everything. Whilst men can talk themselves through an interview and get the job right away, without even showing what they have done. Men have the ability to talk about things they only have little knowledge about but communicate it in such a way that you have the impression they build a whole company on their own. (My ex is such a character. If he gets to the point to be interviewed, he nails it)

    How man see woman in a job interview? Are their looks (having a very curvy body shape or looking very young) have an impact on how the job interview will develop? (Sounds stupid but I sometimes have the impression) How can women present themselves in job interviews without losing the female-qualities in them?

    Regardless of the stuff I have written above, I want to thank you Matthew for your support. When feeling nervous or insecure I always watched your videos or read your book. This backed me up in so many situations. Some advice you gave on getting the guy helped me a lot and I could somehow transfer also to other fields. Now I talk to guys more openly. I can even see now how difficult some situations are for guys and I can see how they try to give us women their support. I could go on. I have learned so much. A BIG THANK YOU FOR THAT.

  2. Sydney says:

    You were good on the show.

    I saw…


  3. Sydney says:


    Ahoy matey!


    # end of message #

    (Take that, computer! )

  4. Sydney says:

    But I will read this so called “man myth”

    is it about a mythical man-creature who will somehow cure me of all my ANGER ?

    Is it a suffed animal :)

  5. Sydney says:

    i’m not buying it unless it’s autographed.

  6. LTH13A says:

    Dear Michael,

    You are, most assuredly, what I call a “Life Enhancer!” Your messages are a gift to society: giving people the tools and by being an example of how to positively engage in life’s multiple contexts, comprehensively, is teaching the ultimate lessons of thriving and resilience.

    Kudos and BRAVO to you, Michael Hussey!

    Warmest Regards,

    Laura Tanny Huang

  7. Preet K says:

    I really love this video!! It’s actually probably one of my favorite videos you’ve made so far yet. You accept life as it comes and adjust to all of the uncertainties and unplanned out of your control things that happen in life..Not everyone has such a positive outlook as you..That’s what admire about you most–the ability to make a negative into a positive no matter what happens..If only all people were that strong within themselves and could see how setbacks and drawbacks aren’t the be all and end all of someone’s life. These things I am learning from you..Thank You for Your Blog, your videos, your book, and your selfless service (even though you made it into a business I know you’re still genuine and care about people and you have a good heart)..You can’t fake that..I can see how passionate you truly are about your life and your goals/ambitions!!! Destined for Great Things..Please take care of yourself :) Love Always, Preet!

  8. Ang says:

    One word, Matthew ~ L-O-V-E ~ … Many are upset about the show, they didn’t even give it a real chance. Congratulations on the book, I’ve read it and its amazing! Much love from the Midwest

  9. Ildiko says:

    The Matthew we love :) The true-heart-to-heart-and-sincere coach :) It is nice to see!!
    I am sorry that show didn’t work out but as you said.. this is life.. and I guess that may have brought back some reality during this crazily exciting time of your life. I am certain it will not through you back at all and will achieve great things.. whatever you do next. You are just made for grateness.. and this is not to be cheesy , but I sincerely believe you are.
    ps: I am not a cheesy, soppy person just appreciate great people and I do think that what you do is great. I’m into coaching myself as well.. so you are my kind of a person :)
    Good luck in your next adventures!
    I x

    Ildiko x

  10. Trace says:

    POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE ! you’re simply infectious.

  11. T says:


    I’m not convinced that your efforts with Ready for Love ‘didn’t pay off’, as you say. All that you put in will come back to you! I know it! You’ll see.
    Rock on, Matthew!


  12. Kerly says:

    aaw Matthew!!
    You are just such an amazing person.. To stay so confident and positive when something like that happens is just so so inspirational!!!
    You are truly a legend!!!!!!
    I wish you all the best and know that all ur fans including me,..we are here for you..and we know that you will come out from this:)) love you!!!!xxxx

  13. D says:

    Matt, you were SO inspirational – I can’t tell you how much admiration I have for you especially when you started talking about the troughs! You both made me want to cry and fall in love with you at the same time! Your positive attitude, your energy, and hearing those words “we’re in it together…we’ve got so many places to go, we’re going to kick @ss together” made me feel so touched and felt like a warm hug through the computer screen. You are such a blessing – am sure you will be a great success! xxx

  14. robin says:

    Matt..first I want to say I love your book and am learning so much about mistakes I’ve made and how to make the changes in myself to be confident and aware for my future. This video came at the perfect time for me and “was an ah ha moment” for me..big time! Im in a trough in my live life right now. My future was forever changed when the relionship I’ve been in came to a surprising end. Now my future is uncertain…my daily life is completely changed and I am alone and single…agaiI still love this person so much and he truly loves me but it will never be what we had planned for and hoped for. I’m truly devastated by this but..your video has made me realize I can learn so much from this experience and come out of it stronger and better prepared for future relationships. I am so sorry about your show. I was learning so much and was eager to continue to learn more. I want you to know what your are doing is helping women be the best they can be and take what you are teaching and know they are going to be ok no matter how painful the troughs in our lives. Thank you Matt for all you do!

  15. B says:

    Mâthiew… You go! You are an authentic, sensitive and positive man… and er, did I mention sexy AND confident! :) You have already achieved so much. Everything happens for a reason. Enjoy this new chapter in your life!
    Love listening to you. Alwasys so upbeat, we need more of this in the world! Life is tough, but when the going gets tough… Cheers!

  16. lorna says:

    Matthew, I keep it simple. I believe in you :-) Keep going :-)! I love your work and am taking part about 1 year!

  17. Lisa Shaw says:

    hey Matthew sorry to hear about the show not working out how you’d hoped but WOW! your so positive & inspiring. It’s meant to be that there’s something even better out there for YOU! which is exciting if a little scary Thanks for all you have achieved & shared you should be proud and no doubt you’ll continue to inspire and guide! If life kicks me down I remember this lil poem
    do what you can
    be who you are
    shine like a glowbug
    if you cant be a star! :-)

  18. Frith the Div says:

    Hey Matthew
    TV/film is so unreliable. You can film for days and end up with just a shot of your left ankle on the screen for half a second! I was filmed dancing for the C4 Gok Wan show a few months ago and none of the dancing made the final cut.
    You have turned a negative into a positive by using it to help us all deal with these shitty set backs… and it is very helpful, so thank you.
    As someone else has mentioned, I am sure you will get your own show. (Just remember to give me a call for the dancing :-)

    • Frith the Div says:

      Actually, scrap that. I am sure I will have MY own show soon, so I’ll give YOU a call to do the coaching ;-) ha ha

  19. yuetching says:

    Hi Matt,hugs and thanks for being here for us.You can bounce back coz you are a capable, caring and talented person. Love.x

  20. Kelly says:

    Hi Matt,

    Just saw you in Atlanta today! Thank you for the amazing and high energy seminar! Your information is invaluable and I can’t wait to start putting it into use!

    Congrats on the NYT best seller! I am sure that you are now freed up to keep dreaming bigger and accomplishing even more incredible goals! After seeing you live there is no doubt you will be anything less than ultra successful!

    Thank you again!

  21. Andrea says:

    I am sorry to hear that the show got cancelled. I have not been able to see the show myself as I am from Germany. it of others say here that the show was not your style and that you can do much better things, I am sure they are right.

    Your attitude is very impressive. The way you handle this is a brilliant example for core confidence.

    Meanwhile I have received your book and have started reading it. I am really excited, and I wish you all the best. It is always interesting to hear from you.

  22. Shaz Maraqa says:


    thank you so much. :'(

    I can’t thank you enough, you helped me to no limits in everything in my life.

    Your video literally drove me to tears. being coached by your vidoes and reading your articles and following you the past two years, I was changed enormously and I really became stronger. Right now it even felt like I was listening to my brother. I have been under stress too and you were there to support by sharing your own experience. I can’t thank you enough for having this high spirit even in such a hard time, because seeing you doing your best, I want to keep fighting too :) . I’m so thankful to you for everything really. Thank you for being so strong and encouraging us to do the same.

    I can’t wait to get my copy of the new book. Having purchased and read the e-book “Secrets of the Male Mind” before, I’m so excited now waiting to read your new book. so thank you so much for all the great work and efforts you do.

    Please continue to take care of us.
    Sending you lots of love and support and the best warmest wishes for a brighter future.
    yours truly,

  23. Reena says:

    Hey Matt….well done for all your successes! In a way, the show being cancelled doesn’t change any of the success you’ve already had. In my personal opinion, I don’t feel the show was your style and I am glad the UK gets you back. :) I like your attitude. I feel you can do much better things than that show. Thanks for everything.

    • andrea says:

      I agree with you, Reena. I would rather see a reality show with just Matthew coaching women, than the other people. Yes, Matthew, I’m a big fan of your work and because I totally understand your style, I got the guy! LOL I still follow your blog because I just started my own direct selling business and your advice still applies! Keep up the great work!

  24. nabila says:

    thats ok matt :) maybe whats coming is much better, thats what i believe in when you don’t get something you really want it usually means that something else better is waiting for you :) just keep up the good work
    and thank you for being you :)

  25. Dee says:

    When I read on sidereel that you’re show had been cancelled I was sad and shocked. I know you worked had for it. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Keep doing what you do and maybe, you’ll give it another shot in a cable TV or maybe online. Don’t fall down, Matt. You have us.

  26. Dee says:

    When I saw on sidereel that you’

  27. Audrey says:

    Go Matthew! I sunk into a bit of a trough myself today, so I empathize

  28. Mermaid says:

    Your a mountain mathew
    And mountains wont move move by a breeze…

    Love you, your the best

  29. Sandy says:

    Hey Matt,

    Hope you are ok…am going through a trough in my work life currently and totally understand what you must be going through. After literally years of working towards a goal, it is devastating when it doesn’t work out.
    But…like you said, we are winners and we are going to make our goals happen. You are inspirational, and I wish you all the best in your life! We will get through these troughs together!


  30. Jill says:

    I was so shocked when I found out it was cancelled but my thoughts are the editing was awful plus watching ya’ll live was so different then watching on tv. Also, I believe everything happens for a reason. It may take a while to understand why but there is a reason. Without the pain we wouldn’t have joy. I love the little saying on Batman when Bruce’s father asks why do we fall and the answer is so we can learn to pick ourselves up. It’s never gonna be easy but it will be worth it :)

  31. Alene says:

    Hi Matthew!

    I’m so sorry this happened, as I was so looking forward to watching it. Your video message was so on time, because I’m dealing with a bump in the road as well. As you said, when one door closes another one much better opens. You are just tipping the surface of your blessing Matt. :)

  32. Glenna says:

    So sorry to hear about the show. But as others have said and you yourself said, another opportunity is waiting.

    What stunned me more is that you got the news in Philly and then did our event. You gave us all of you and then some I haven’t jumped around that much since I taught aerobics in the 80’s! God Gawd,that was fun! And you seemed to really have a blast, yet you carried this disappointing news with you. What grace…Had I known I would have hugged you harder!

    By the way, it took me days to come down from that event and John has been awesome in working with me on the retreat. That is an experience I can’t wait for! (My 52nd B’day present to myself!) Just need a money fairy… who I think was mugged by the tax man… :-( But it’ll work out as
    it’s supposed to.

    Hugs to you! Looking forward to your next blog.

  33. Leona Lovequest says:

    Sorry to hear the show has been cancelled! You were amazing on it. I downloaded the audiobook version of Get the Guy and it’s really changed my attitude about finding love. I had just about given up hope and you brought me back! I’m in the trough now too. I’ve been under employed for two years and I thought I had a good chance at a position in a department where several of my freelance colleagues work, but I didn’t even get an interview! I’m coming back stronger and better for it though. No one can keep me down. I’m making lemonade and spiking it with vodka!

  34. shelley says:

    what is your tours like, i didn’t get to go.. im from Maine.

  35. Agostinha Jacinto says:

    Hi Matt,

    Its been a really good journey reading your book and viewing your videos! :) all began when one of your videos was suggested and randomly i saw it…and love it! ^_^ i was like, what? wow, he has an amazing smile, and his eyes are smilling 2…wait, what?OMG thats a really good he is YODA! :)
    Then, i bought your book, and have been, like i said a relly good jorney..! ^_^ so, please make lemonade and lets drink and have the best time ever, and start all over again!
    And my opinion is that u should have your own show…coaching live, or help married couples…(not an entertaining show), but a life changing program! ^_^
    *******wish u the best!

  36. Jenna says:

    I f’ed up!!!!!! I was testing the book out and then I started talking about myself
    And said is be away for summer

    He said right away I’m away in winter and got up and left

    I made the ready for love mistake !

    I should have shown compromise !!!!

  37. Jackie says:

    You’re awesome Matt!
    Things will keep going great for you because you mean well.
    Keep in mind that even a mountain doesn’t ascend in a single steep step. It goes up and then there’s a trough and then some more gaining in height. We keep praying for you! You’ll do great. If you’re ever in Kenya hit me up, I’ll buy you coffee :)
    Thank you for your guidance and may God bless you.

  38. Sonja says:

    thanks so much for sharing these thoughts. i can understand you very well. going through a big trough myself for the last two years. i just think it had to happen because i learned so much about myself and life. and i get stronger every friends wonder how i can be so happy and positive after everything i am going through. its exactly what you said: we are winners! its all about the inner attitude.
    keep going. thanks for the book and the blog.

  39. annie says:

    So sorry to hear! Let’s take those lemons, make lemon punch and get wasted together :) xx

  40. Steph says:

    Hey Matt,

    As a wise man once said… I believe when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade…and try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.

    Go find your vodka & keep the smile on your face :)

    S xx

  41. Aliska says:

    Mat, you’re great. Keep it up, love your blog.

  42. Pris says:

    YES! We shall make lemonade using the lemons we’ve got!

    Thank you for making use of your setback and turn it into an inspiring and motivating advice for all of us.

    Really appreciate you sharing how you feel.

    The best things are yet to come! Be prepared!

  43. Michelle says:

    I prayed for your tour but not for your show I thought it was in the bag

  44. Karma Neff says:

    I’m with you Matt and cannot believe the show was cancelled! To me it was such a hit and changed my life in the 1st episode. All of the matchmakers are so great and it led me to you and your teachings which is changing not just my love life but my life every single day. I cannot thank you enough for continuing to shine your light on us all. I hope the show gets picked up by another network because I applied to be on it!
    Many thanks,

  45. Michelle says:

    I might protest

  46. Lo says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thx for the video, but honestly if you think carefully, the thing that depended on you went successful, reaching your dreamed goal of becoming a NY times best seller. That reflects that people that know your work support you and appreciates the good job that you’ve doing. On the other hand, the show didn’t depend on you or your decision, you were part of a group o people following a format. So this “failure” is not on you. Even more, because of this show, people that didn´t know you before always said to me that you were the wiser advisor (and their favorite one tho). So dont feel bad, everything that was on your hands went great, and now you are more famous in the US than before. And with this show opportunity you dare to go abroad and make your seminaries, that didnt happen before!! So, be good, we love you and support you, and even better things are about to come for you!!


  47. Michelle says:

    Your so right. Im pissed!!!! But Your Right your always right

  48. hazeul says:

    hi math thank you so much !!

  49. Arabella says:

    Hi Matthew, thank you for such inspiring advice! It is amazing you are a best selling author! I am really disappointed that the show has been cancelled. I live in the UK but have watched 2 episodes so far on Hulu using hotspotshield.. It is a good show! America is a really tough market. You are the best matchmaker on the that show. it is 90 minutes so a long show and don’t always have the time to watch but enjoy it when I do! There was a comment on hulu by someone saying that you should have your own show,& I definitely agree! You should come back to London & approach channel 4. They had success with that gok wan dating show & I think you are miles better than him. With all the experience you’ve had they would be interested for sure! Thanks again, Arabella

  50. Kat says:

    Hi Matt, It’s so good to see you looking great as always.. Thank you for your wonderful, incredible message (with the beautiful lemon tree in the background.) I just wanted to say that I’m so inspired by your experience and the way you handle your own setbacks, as it clearly has helped others and definately helped me, this week of all weeks: my own changes are quite painful at times. Matt, you’ve done so much for so many – keep putting it out there and the wider world will continue to embrace you. You are in our hearts and minds and that’s amazing, as is your book reaching the NY Times best seller list – CONGRATULATIONS!

  51. Shivani says:

    Hey..thanks for this beautiful video! Your candour is endearing. This is a temporary setback. I’m sure you will achieve all that you want, and much more in future. Stay in touch !

  52. Adria says:

    We LOVE you! And this is just the start of a new chapter! A very smart friend and intuitive just told me… to take a chance with a certain guy and I was panicked at first then she told me “Rejection is Protection”. I truly believe this with all my heart. So you were protected from one thing only to be nudged toward something better!
    Love you love you love you!
    Gave “Get the Guy” to my mom and have a few more copies to give to special friends. It is my new favourite book!
    Thank you for all you do… your passion, your love and your smiles!

  53. Susanne Love says:

    :) ☀☆☀ It’s YOU Matthew Hussey ☀☆☀ :)
    ☀☆☀ :) It’s YOU ♥&♥ YOU are back ☀☆☀ :)

    How incredibly kind-hearted of YOU to be back ♥&♥ loooooooooooooooooooooooving :) Truly love & enjoy being here again too :) Because YOU are here ♥&♥ I believe YOU love everybody here :)

    YOU will always be in my heart Matthew Hussey :)
    ♥&♥ If your show has been canceled I hope YOU know your show is in my heart: a place where all the best shows are always welcome :)
    After all, I believe lovely Hosana knows the best shows on this planet :)
    ♥&♥ If your show is one of the best shows on this planet but human beings cannot see it yet I hope one day they will :)
    But I am incredibly happy that lovely Hosana can see all your shows :)
    YOU know, I compose classical music :) and God is always my audience :) And I love the fact that he knows ♥&♥ understands everything :)

    I love the possibility for everybody being here ♥&♥ loooooooooooooooooooooooving YOU too :)

    I kiss lovely Hosana for everybody who loves YOU ♥&♥ for all the best that happened to YOU and your family ♥&♥ friends :)

    I read GET THE GUY ♥&♥ I kiss lovely Hosana for all the loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove:)

    Always all the best for YOU, your family ♥&♥ everybody who loves YOU :)

    Susanne :)

    • Susanne Love says:

      Your loving attitude made my day ♥&♥ I wish YOU always all the best days too :)
      Love the way YOU reacted in your moments of life :)

      I believe in YOU Matthew Hussey I believe in YOU :)
      Keep up all the best :)

    • Susanne Love says:

      Wow I love the possibility to make lemonade :)
      To make lemonade for Matthew Hussey until he feels much much much much……BETTER :) Oh that is an amazing idea :)
      After all that happened, I hope it is possible for YOU to
      hihihihihihahahahahahahahahahaha and smile in the best ways :)

      I remember YOU laughing in your videos :) One of the best videos on this planet is when Matthew Hussey is smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiling :)

      Truly appreciate everything wonderful YOU did for everybody here :)

      ♥&♥ Wow YOU give us so incredibly special possibilties::: the possibility to make lemonde for Matthew Hussey is :))))))))))

      Enjoy your day wonderful warm-hearted amazing human being :))))))))))

      Susanne :)

  54. fima says:

    with such energy , good spirit and positivity, things will certainly go better and of course we’ll keep rocking together you are such a wonderful person love so much mathew keep fighting :)

  55. lizzy says:

    Your energy and positivity is inspiring! You are so good at what you do. Needed this today :) All good things to come for you!

  56. Clara says:

    Hi Matt!
    I love how positive you are! You made my day happier! You’re an amazing guy!Good luck with the next events! Take care :)

  57. Anya says:

    You’re so right. Your positive attitude is what has got you to become bestselling author of your recent book and will continue to bring you success!

  58. sabrina steed says:

    just going through a trough right now of my own. You inspire me to follow my dreams or make new goals. Keep it up!! you are amazing!!

  59. Jasmine says:

    Hey Matt!
    I’m really sorry to hear about your show! I’m going through a partial trough at school at the moment, really working hard and on the grind as they call it :P
    I’m glad we all have your support and you have everyone else’s and mine!

    I’ve been living by this quote for the past 3 years: “Everything always gets better, believe it.”
    And it’s true, literally during the hardest times, trying to hold on to this small glimpse of hope has helped me to pull through. I’m so proud of you for being able to bounce back!! STAY STRONG ;D

    Have a lovely day and take care! :D

  60. Som says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’ve been in touch with you since I was in London and now that i’m back to THailand I still your big fans. I don’t comment that much but when you are a trough I would like to be here to show some love and support. and thank you so much for sharing this with us! you’re awesome Matt. Keep doing what you are doing and we will win this together ;)

  61. Virginia says:

    Hello Matt!

    I am a follower since the beginning of your journey! I always wanted to comment but didn’t have the time…I have bought your book and I find it amazing and very helpful as everything you do! You are very special and have a great personality! I really admire you for maintaining a positive atittude all the time (at least this is what I get from your videos)! I am sorry that the show has been cancelled :( But as Conan O’ Brien says: ”Work hard, be kind and amazing things will happen”

    I am waiting for your next great achievements! I believe in you! We all do :)

    Sending lots of love from Surrey <3

  62. mirabelle says:

    I love how you are so positive. Thank you for being such a cool guy. Loved the Philly seminar. :-)

  63. Alisha says:


  64. Catherine says:

    Hello Matt,

    Watching your video, there were only two things on my mind, one that you look extremely tired, and also that I found it really amazing that you were able to completely turn around a personal bad experience and be able to present it in a way that sends a positive message our way. And THAT is one of a few things that makes you an amazing coach. I know that things will look up for you (karma definitely owes you big time for all the work, time, and heart that you put into what you do), perhaps eventually leading to your very own show! As long as you are an amazing person that is willing to put so much of himself into helping others, there will be thousands who are here for you. But even the most amazing people need breaks, so don’t be afraid to take it easy!


  65. Johanne says:

    Dear Matthew ! Is it always so nice to hear you talk about life. I love your honesty and the way you are able to translate your emotions (which is not what ALL the guys can do as you know ! ha ha ha). You are such a beautiful person and I love your spirit ! There is an expression in French that says “Reculer pour mieux sauter” which means “You have to take a step back to jump better”. I know you’ll be the best because you already are ! Take care ! xoxo

  66. Mel says:

    Lemonade??! Take out the salt and tequila! We’re having some shots! Bottoms up! :)
    Jokes aside I’m super bummed about Ready for love, I really enjoyed watching it. Anyways… As long as u helped Tim, Ben and Ernesto find love it’s all good… Mission accomplished! And for sure there r many other great things coming ur way Matt! :)

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