Why Saying “No” Will Make You A Better Person

Do you make promises you can’t keep?

Our word is the most important thing you have. It’s the thing that builds trust, it’s what makes people value what we say. Yet we all break little promises so easily. Things slip through the net. We get busy. We say “sorry” because we over-promised and now have too much on our plate.

If you’re tired of letting people down and feeling bad for falling below your personal standard of behaviour, this this week’s LOVELife video is going to give you the confidence to say “NO” and show how you win more respect and admiration from your friends, family, and work colleagues by being honest about your priorities.

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2 Replies to “Why Saying “No” Will Make You A Better Person”

  • Hi Matt,
    Thank you for adding a fresh new perspective and new aspects to the topic! I assumed “saying no” wouldn’t win you any friends, but promises you can’t keep, overworking and loosing the ability to do something with muse and passion is even worse.
    It is not always easy to say no with a quiet conscience but it makes a lot of sense that keeping and showing standards may win you more respect.


  • I am pretty new to ur mentoring but yes for sure I have realised that this was something I was really missing and was unable to figure out. I am based out of India and would be very happy to see u arrange some conference for us too. Thank you very much… I respect u more for the value u carry for women apart from ur advices. Wish best for u always.

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