How To Be Sexier And Smarter At The Same Time

Knowledge is one of the most attractive things we can have.

Sometimes knowledge comes in the form of what we know, other times in the form of things we can do and skills we have.

We live in a world where it’s become more necessary than ever to have eclectic knowledge and diverse skillsets.

Men are running out of ways to feel special

It’s not enough that we make money or have status, because women today already have these things.

We have to work a little harder to be interesting

We cannot afford NOT to be a Renaissance man or woman with a variety of skillsets, art forms and knowledge bases.

Knowledge and skill is a good look on anyone – as is curiosity which inevitably leads us to these things.

And attraction is sustained for longer periods of time when you’re able to keep surprising your partner.


Go and learn about or study something that you have no real need for. Just do something new.

When you’ve decided, leave a comment about the thing you’ve picked. Then come back and leave another at the end of the week to let me know how you’ve gotten on! Do you feel more interesting? Do you have a story because of it?

Be sure to let me know as you’ll be giving me ideas for what I can go on to do next myself!

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  1. Debbie says:

    Hi matt
    Love your videos
    Only discoveres you a few days ago and im hooked.

    How do i ask you about a specific situation of mine? Do i just comment on here?



  3. charleen says:

    hi thanks for the advice its given me more info to work with.
    im in my 40,s now and things have changed a lot since teen years , but its still ok , find i am better on paper than text .

  4. Shina Granda says:

    Hey just wanted to say your amazing! Super smart and everything you say has given me a better understanding of what I’ve been doing wrong, well not wrong just not truly understanding it, but the way you phrase things has given me a better perspective, this is in general. I watched loads of your youtube videos last night!! Just fascinating how our minds work.
    Anyways keep up the hard work! (Clearly you’very done this for years now, kind of late in finding out ) And thank you for all those youtube videos!

  5. Andrea says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge, it helps me everyday. I appreciate that this topic is not just limited to just relationships as I have found way to utilize it for work as well! I always enjoy challenging myself to learn something new, but this video encouraged me to venture out of my norm. I have begun to learn about Options Trading! A lot of content which I’m still learning to understand but I’m enjoying every minute of it.


  6. Kenya says:

    My name is Kenya and I live in New York City , I watch your videos all the time. It is not common for a man to literally tell you the correct ways of getting a good guy, like actually giving woman the key to one day finding their soulmate .
    I definitely agree with your idea that we do need to Expend our minds because it is definitely a good way to start or even have a conversation with someone. For example, sometimes when I am not doing anything I go on YouTube and I type ” retro report” and it basically has all of these stories that are true but nobody pays attention to them so I take the story that I find and I look more into it because the more interested that I am in the topic the more likely I am to learn more. Other things I do such as playing the violin or going running everyday in the morning because for some reason I always find a story to tell when I go jogging in the morning , it is either I seen the most strangest animal or that I seen the most nicest looking car as I am jogging and for some reason I would feel the need to have a conversation about that because I think knowing about cars even just a little bit could help as well . However , most importantly I think that a woman should only go out of her ways to learn things because she wants to and not because she wants to impress guys. And also that I appreciate your work it’s very helpful.
    Thank you for your time.

  7. Fatima Zahraa says:

    well to comment to your video I started learning new languages, and so far I can speak Arabic, French, English, Turkish and I’m a beginner in Spanish. Moreover, I’m doing some deep researches on how the brain works .
    now, there’s something KILLING my curiosity, and I can’t wait to have an answer for it, YOUR ANSWER for it . Since you are so excellent and an expert on relationships, u must have enough values, standards and particular rules when it comes to finding your Mrs Right and building a long term relationship with your soulmate , cause let’s be honest a woman cant be provided with all the tips and instructions you give otherwise she’ll become a robot, or try to be an ideal or perfect person while there’s no such thing. so I’m wondering emm , till now did u find your Miss Right with all the instructions and advices you show on your “gettheguy process” ? :D ;)
    P.S. with all my respect to you Mathew, it’s just that I’m wondering abt this and I’m eagerly and impatiently waiting for your answer.

  8. Jen says:

    Hi matt…i love your videos….but im still looking for one that would help a single mom like me get back in the game:)….matt….are women with kids out of the game for good?what scares guys so much about the mommy-thing?

  9. Thelma says:

    Hi Matt, thanks for all wonderful videos I was not a good conversationalist but now am confident in conversing with people as I learnt a lot from videos.

  10. R.J. says:

    Hi Matt,
    if I have to choose only one thing I’ve learned this week.. I’d probably go this one: I’ve never known that we as humans learn most of social skills by the age of 2! wow.. that’s a lot to learn in such a short term :) What do you think?

  11. Donna says:

    I learned to Tango in my dance class this week :)

  12. azoura says:

    I fifind your video interesting my teacher has a crach on me and his trying to approach me but im not that open to guys and i like him I’ve never been in a relationship now i feel nervous around him i feel unsecured im preparing my doctora on pharmacy he’s above me so i kind of feel weaker and he’s to hot for me but watching your video im pointing out my specifics as you said i can cook very well different cuisine also talk 5 languages sing dance design draw im pretty popular now i think he thinks im to hot for him cause im confident smart not that available for him recently i started to change my body language like smiling more joking be social more i think that’s what motivate him whats make bim attractive to me i used to think im out of his ligue i kept wondering what’s attracted him to me between hundreds of girls i think he’s just scared of rejection as i mentioned he’s my teacher it would be awkward im confused i hope you share your thoughts about my problem thank you

  13. Angela Womack says:

    I have read three books on how to read body language. It’s made watching your videos much more interesting! ;-)

  14. Agnetha says:

    Hey, thanks for the vid, great tip to life in general, that probably also could go to guys who have a “lacking” personality.
    I have been a inspiration seeker my whole life, and I am defintelly an interesting person. I’ve lived in 4 different countries, I speak 5 different languages (currently learning Dutch and for hobby Irish), I played the flute when I was younger, I’ve done several different martial arts (MMA, GJJ, Kickboxing, Boxing, Judo and Takewondo), several different dances (modern, street jazz, bugg, breakdancing, hiphop), I have a passion for Photoraphy and ocaisionally take some freelance jobs, I studied 3D and animation, currently doing a master in Games, I love writing and have a few blogs, I climb from time to time, I just started learning fencing and a few new programming languages, I love art, history, science. My world is filled to the rank with so much fun, and I love learning new stuff. I have no hard times finding guys that like me and find me interesting. I have broken a few hearts, and I have had my heart broken at least once. My problem is more how to find guys that are smarter than me (I consider myself a sepiosexual), and can challenge me intellectually. But I don’t stress over it. I’m happy being single (been for a year now), and I am pretty sure the right guy would eventually pop up in my life.

  15. Sylvia says:

    I’m going to learn ballroom dancing – something that I’ve always wanted to do…

  16. Saby says:

    Hey there. Big fan! I was just wondering if you know the song Ne Yo – Miss Independent? :D And what are your thoughts about it? Should a woman make a man feel like a man, make him feel needed (like you said in some of your videos)? Or should she focus on being independent, taking into consideration the point Ne Yo makes in his song, that there is something very attractive about an independent woman?

  17. Katrina says:

    This summer I want to lean to kayak and also speak Spanish.

  18. Claire says:

    Thanks for the latest video. I couldn’t agree more there’s nothing more attractive than a multi-faceted individual.

  19. Laurie says:

    Hi Matthew; First time I have seen your videos. I presume you are targeting a younger audience. As a mature woman, previously married for over 30 years, am new to the dating scene. I found your sharing informative and thought provoking. Some good tips…. thanks

  20. Wen-Marie says:

    Hi Matthew, I recently came across your channel on YouTube and I find your insights fascinating.
    After watching the above video I can tell you there is nothing more attractive than a man who has knowledge of more than just sport or cars. I have a high IQ (not bragging at all) and some guys I have dated have found my intelligence intimidating because of this and I now only mention going to university or education if he brings it up. How can I date a guy when my brains are not what interest him?

  21. Genesis Urrutia says:

    Hello Matthew! My name is Genesis, and I’m from Venezuela.
    Last week I found your youtube channel and I just love it, I’ve watch a lot of the videos you have, I love the “Love the journey”.
    I saw this video a few minutes ago, and I want to share my opinion with you.
    I live in a Latin-American country, that is known to be a country with beautiful women. But actually we are more than just beautiful, we are smart, sexy and confident and the problem today here is, that guys are behing, guys are in a way are intimidate by us, Venezuelan girls are literally running the country, because every day we want to know more, we want to be more than jus a beutiful girl, we want to be more for ourself, our family and to “get the right guy”, that guy that is as smart as us, that has a fantastic job, that has a car, a house, that is independent.
    The result of that is the amount of venezuelan girls who are single, because this guys are not at their level, because they don’t know how to be with us.
    I belive this is because they don’t know how to handle the fact that we don’t want just to stay at home and be the housewife they want.

    Now I have this question: What can we do when are sexier and smarter at the same time?

    I will love to have and answer, thanks for everything.
    kisses and a big hug ;)

  22. Mary says:

    hey matthew , im 18 and i have always been single … up until resently i thought it was because i just didnt like the guys that have shown interest on me but a few weeks back a guy that i actually liked and has been a friend of mine for a while , asked me out via text and i just couldnt say yes … Also i have noticed that i like guys that are usually out of my limit and i just cant seem to get the ones i like .. on a resent talk that i had with one of my closest friends she told me that im generally diffensive,sarcastic and sometimes very shy around boys that i dont know that well or i like… its like im putting up a wall or something … my generally sarcastic nature and fun side almost turns bitchy and i sound like a smart ass :P please give me some tips to help me be more comfortable around men.. thank you for your time :D

  23. paige says:

    Hey! I’m gonna be learning how to break dance! And I’m learning piano as a total beginner.

    My partner very grounded with his career and plans to be a millionaire in 2 years, which I have no doubts and he’s all about making his environment work for him and not wasting time on small things. But where he can be boring I make up enough adventure for the both of us :P

  24. Nikki G. says:

    Hey Matt,

    Found your videos through you tube when I was at a difficult and experiencing the what you called “what a s*ck feeling” Then just to relate with this video I decided I will do research on how to understand people more and connect with them.So I finished 1 book. New knowledge is great keeps us empowered.

    Thank you for being Genuine and unique. Wish you more success and hope you have more funny 50 shades of earl grey videos.



  25. Maria Holyanova says:

    Hey Matt,
    First I wanted to say i really enjoy watching your videos and honestly I have applied most of them repeatedly until getting right and it’s magical! I have a lot of guy friends i hang out with so i also have a perspective on how a guy thinks. Theres just one thing i wanted to mention.. these days guys in their twenties read a lot about “how to play the game by Neil strauss etc”. And i have read it and put to practice as well because my guy friends would too. I found it so useful to combine the knowledge of that book and yours as well as some psychological facts! In two years i helped so many guys get the girl and vice-versa and it never failed. It is amazing. Anyways i thought that it would be interesting if you spoke about how a woman can get a man just by learning how to create the right atmosphere for him to openup to her to such a level of trust that he develops a need for her to be part of his daily life so thathe cconstantly needs to share with her. If a woman learns how to make him associate comfort,happy memories and trust with her presence she would definitely get the man. I really hope to hear your thoughts on this!

  26. T says:

    When you watch videos of Matthew cause of your guy but you end up loving Matt instead =/

    You are so beautiful inside out

    • flavia says:

      jajaja. i also feel tje same way. he makes me think there out there in the world more beutiful interesting people that the one i thought was the only man perfect in this world.Matt thank u for giving us hope there guys like you in the world. love u

  27. Em says:

    Hi Matthew. I’ve discovered your videos not so long ago and I can’t wait to try your techniques on “how to approach a guy” ! By the way, i really loved when you started speaking Mandarin. 還說的不錯喔! 利害!下次歡迎來台灣分享你的男/女關係的想法喔。 Can you read that ? It partially answers the question at the end of your video “how to be sexier and smarter at the same time”

  28. C says:

    Hi Matt,

    I used some of your texts on my handsome best friend and he didn’t say anything. I asked him if it made him uncomfortable and he was silent then he changed the subject. Then a few days after he. told me he was getting naked and likes to be nude. I didn’t know if that meant he was trying to be sexy or if he was just telling me that. So I didn’t know how to react so I just said oh. Then he got pissed off about something. I’m hopeless at this! Help! Am I reading too much into it? I tried to change the dynamic of our relationship. Help!

  29. Isabella Schulz says:

    Hi Matt!

    Decided I would look into some diseases for example the XXY syndrome and the XXYY syndrome. I also started learning Finnish and Japanese again.

    Such a great idea!

  30. Jeanne says:

    Thanks for assuring me in my desire for knowledge and my curiosity. I started to feel bad about it, because I always experienced that other people feel bad and sometimes almost a little bit stupid by my knowledge. And I never intended to boast with my knowledge or speaking many languages. I just replied honest to their questions. How can I be honest (not pretend I’d be stupid) without making other people feel less skilled or smart?

  31. Arsalon says:

    Knowledge is sexy. I agree with you Matthew. Ancient Egypt and the reformation! you’re such a geek Matthew. Hahaaa. Being a more unique and compelling person is super attractive. Suprising your partner with new knowledge and continually growing/expanding is a great advice piece. Nice, succinct message : )

  32. Flavia says:

    Hi Matthew,
    i can’t stop smiling because of your British accent even when you’re speaking that other language that i don’t know :-) It’s cute.

    I’ve been learning new skills for some time just for fun now and i gain so much respect for those who do it for a living due to how complex it is or how much focus it requires, and i get to tell them whenever i meet them.
    That’s an addition benefit to knowing new things, you get to have this respect and compliments for many people you may meet. :-)

  33. Jamie says:

    Hi Matt,
    I’m learning French and getting pretty good at it
    I’m learning the editing process and production process of my job

  34. Jane says:

    Hi Matt,

    Just wanted to give you a compliment on your knowledge and wisdom, I catch myself listening to the advice you give..sounds like you definitely know your stuff, My question is how did you come about being a relationship coach? What happened to you that got you on this road and how long have you been studying this behavior in men and women? Jane

  35. Mango says:

    Ok, Matt I have a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION!!!

    I need your help understanding why men sometimes stop wanting to be sexual intimate with their partner and what to do?

  36. Caryn says:

    Tonight a new friend offered to teach me how to surf. I declined due to my fear of sharks lol. Then I randomly came across this video and I decided to say yes. Eek!!
    If I get eaten by a shark I’m totally blaming you ;)

  37. tia Morgan says:

    I learn how to speak french , like 40 percent I’m not fluent but I’m getting their , I know how to play the guitar , I know how to say hi in 8 languages, and I writes poems and paint , too bad most guys don’t really care about these but its good accomplishments I think , and yeah you are right Matthew good topics of conversation .

  38. nik says:

    I need to wish my crush happy birthday. We’re both at uni. He has no idea I like him yet. And we get along but we’re not REALLY close.
    What’s a fun, sweet but slightly flirty message I could text/facebook him with? :)
    Thank you!

  39. Paula says:

    I’m working in aPrimary school I learned how to make cat cradle and hammock in order to teach the children.

  40. Lee says:

    Hi Matt

    I completely love watching your video feeds :-), the open way in which you interact, It’s so amazing to watch.
    thank you for the valuable information.

    My new:

    I’ve recently taken up yoga and in broadening this aspect of my life I’ve also taken up a curiosity for personal growth. I read/listen to and write about all things to do with growing as a person for myself and in order to share this with the people in my life. It’s amazing how big a difference something so seemingly small as reading someone else’s opinion on “the laws of attraction” can make to your life. My thoughts, actions and words have all been stretched outside of my “comfort” zone and I love it.
    It does not mean I agree with everything being said, but that I can see things from a different perspective, gives me insight into how people react to situations, why they react that way and how I can maybe “mold” my interaction to strengthen or better my relationship with them.

    Your post on real vs ideal – wow, inspiring.


  41. ethan says:

    I learned that bring up my gender (trans guy) that it gets people curious and is a good ice breaker and conversation starter

  42. Estela says:

    I’m learning origami! I though it could be fun if in a boring moment of a date I brought it up and did it with a napkin or something

  43. salma says:

    I think your videos are great but you’re missing out. People vary according to thier morals and beliefs so your advices are great but they don’t necessarily work in a place like Egypt. Egyptian guys are too complicated for girls to understand and deal with specially if those girls are already smart, beautiful, rich, so into fashion, they know how to cook, dance, they read a lot, I mean its tough over here.

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    Keep up the pleasant work.

  45. Steph says:

    Am I the only one who finds this guy so attractive like damn… He’s so cute aw

  46. Olivia says:

    Hey Matthew; thank-you for the video! As a result, I’ve begun to learn how to hip-hop dance. Thank you for the motivation. I already even feel sexier! hahaha

  47. Olivia Keegan says:

    Hey Matthew; thank-you for the video! As a result, I’ve learned some hip-hop dancing. Thank you for the motivation. I already even feel sexier! hahaha

  48. paleo cereal says:

    Good post. I will be going through a few of these issues as well..

  49. Different says:

    i have recently been on a date with this guy who i am very attracted to. we live quite far from each other so we dont get to see each other much. however, after the first date he just wanted to see me again. so i take that as a good sign. but now that im back were i live we talk more over the phone via texts and i feel like he sometimes plays various mind games with me (like one minute hes really really freindly and the next i feel like im just another girl) sometimes hes abit too flirty and i don’t know how to react should i flirt back or should i just brush it off and talk about something else.
    iv been hurt by a few guys so i have my guard up abit and im not ready to get hurt again. if he seems like hes not interested or he thinks im easy then i should move on now before i fall for him more right?

    need your help please!!!

  50. Webseite says:

    Hi there, I think your blog might be having internet browser compatibility issues.
    Whenever I take a look at youur website iin Safari, it looks fine
    however, if opening in Internet Explorer, iit has some overlapping issues.
    I justt wanted to give you a quick hdads up! Other than that, great site!

  51. Jewels says:

    Let me say that being a guy does help us ladies gain the insight to any man…so thank you…on another note…I utilized your 9 texts…some w/ modification of course…WOW do they work…it’s definitely a tool in enhancing your network w/ men!

  52. Merel van der Wal says:

    hey :)
    this video motivated me to learn more and to do more with my life, thank you. I think it’s time to do that class at the local gym.

  53. mardie tolentino says:

    hey matthew,i just watch your video and this is exciting and interesting as ever!im always intrigued of indian dance and songs i found them really ravishng so i was starting to learn theyre language and eventually join a dance workshop!and currently im curious about protocol of zion.his subject will blow ur mind away,actually my boyfriend introduce me to this topic,lol anyway wish u more luck!and Godspeed!xoxo

  54. ficken in niedersachsen says:

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  55. Friend Quotes says:

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    with the exact same comment. There has to be a means
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  56. sara says:

    I have viewed a couple of your vedios and I’m inspired thus to improve in my confidence arena, also to learn something new on a constant basis for conversation building, I do find your vedios enlightened and usually find something new in each one viewed, thank you

  57. Amy says:

    Thanks for the great advice!! I have in fact, over the last few months, been teaching myself another language; Turkish. Having watched your video I now know that I’m definately going to keep it up :) xx

  58. Maria says:

    Mr.hussey I would like to get some advice on my situation with a guy bc he is something special to me and in the beginning he liked me and hei knew this bc he would always syare at me and smile…..and one day I found him on social media and I followed him and he requested to follow me back and I accepted.I went furthermore to send him a private message that said hi qith a smiley face and I know he read it and he disnt respond ar all to it and he unfollowed me too so I did the same.after that its been completwly akward and in one instance I had to sit in front of him and I acted like a five year old.i think he has xowarsice and I am actually considering to apologize for my behavior to him.please mr.bussey can you give your opinion and or imput to my situation.

  59. says:

    Nice post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m
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  61. Shanelle says:

    I’ve decided to learn how to jump rope with a speed rope. It seems like a great warm up before a workout, so I will do this for five minutes before my workout each morning. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and advice!

  62. Universe app says:

    Heya just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different
    web browsers and both show the same results.

  63. Penelope says:

    I am finding this really interesting as I have been talking about curiosity with two friends over the last two days and we agreed that curiosity increases memory because something you are passionate about will be remembered better, due to some dopmamine emission in your brain that makes you happy or something like that. I have been starting to brush up on my French, since I had it in school for like six years and don’t remember a thing….I’ve been learning a bit over the last weeks.

  64. Marwa says:

    I decided to watch old football matches especially the world cup games and I ve read a book who was written by a football star “Zlatan brahimovic” I haven’t finished it yet but I will, I also learned few german words, it was interesting anyway.
    Thanks Matt!

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  66. Janene says:

    Hey Matthew!

    I absolutely loved this video. I think there is nothing more interesting than meeting people with a bunch of random skills or hobbies. I once dated a guy who was an absolute master of quirky knowledge. He spoke three languages, could juggle, was a classic car enthusiast and drove this awesome old jaguar, did magic tricks (seriously who do you know that can legitametly do magic tricks?), was a total shark at pool, and played guitar. And from an outside perspective he was just a “boring” accountant. So far from the truth. Hands down one of the most interesting people I know and it made our relationship so exciting.

    As for me, I’ve recently become obsessed with astronomy. It seems like a random interest, I know, but I can’t seem to get enough lectures and science magazines to curb it! I find, for myself, that I’ll have different interests flare to life and take hold for a few weeks. These sorts of things have nothing to do with my career or my life’s passions, but I love indulging in some new knowledge. Keeps things interesting I say. In the past there have been things like learning a language or starting a collection ( I have retro fridge magnets from all the places I’ve travelled), learning to waltz or learning to fly a plane.

    I think that people get so wrapped up in the idea that they need to be “somebody” and “find themselves” that they forget that you’re always learning and growing and changing. I think it’s the saddest thing when people just categorize themselves and then anything that doesn’t fit into their idea of “who they are” gets dismissed, as if you couldn’t have a boring accountant day job and still know how to do magic tricks. People complexities are what surprise and interest me.

    Anyhow thanks for the video! Keep your social genius coming!


  67. Niklas says:

    Wonderful article! We will be linking to this particularly great content on our website.
    Keep up the good writing.

  68. Chloë says:

    Hello Matthew!

    You absolutely caught my attention speaking Chinese in this video.

    I LOVE learning and I am busy learning Chinese in Taiwan now. I’d love to hear more of your philosophy outside of dating and male/female relations!

  69. Adele says:

    love this idea :) im actually in the process of learning about kabbalah bracelets and its origins. Purely because I seen an article in a mag about celebs wearing them. Never actually thought it would be a topic to raise in conversation.. or maybe that was the whole intent.. lol we all want what we cant have right..? :)

  70. Elizabeth Hernandez says:

    Hello Matthew,
    I feel in love with an older man (1947 & mine is 1974) and now I feel he is cheating and he goes on sex date websites because I found them in his email. I want him to come back to me.I’ve made some major positive changes for my health and well being. I asked him without raising my voice. If he was seeing someone. His response was of course no, I was but when you moved back I stop seeing her. My stomach tells me something else. Because he doesn’t know I know about the web sites. I continue to not get depressed and stay busy.

  71. JeenaJoan says:

    Selam Matthew, ben Jeena.
    I picked learning turkish. As you can see I learned a bit already :) Its a lot of fun listening to your advice. I would really like to know your thoughts about my situation..maybe some other time though..Teşekürler.

  72. JJ says:

    What the hell did you just say in Chinese? It sounded sexual or maybe it was just you ordering your lunch special from Mr. Chow’s Szechuan

  73. tigress says:

    I’ve been taking line dance lessons with a variety of music.
    It has been awesome to use to awaken the dancefloor of a party
    And get the wallflowers moving. Try something new! =)

  74. Juju says:

    Neuroscience is my thing!
    I love reading about the brain, why we do the things we do, the reward system, the cognition of information, and brain neuroplasticity. Nutrition and brain chemistry too!
    It’s super interesting.
    I work as a private banker and have been working in Finance for the past 12 years, so it has nothing to do with my area of expertise.
    My passion is triathlon, and I completed and Olympic distance Tri already! I go to Colorado to train in the summer.
    But anyways… Neuroscience is what I love to read about!
    Go figure that out!


  75. fat lose weight says:

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    Thank you and good luck.

  76. Chloé says:

    I think i’m a bite of a documentry geek. Love them. And i realy like sharing what I’ve seen whit my friends,it realy opens our minde. I don’t look at things the same way. And since 2014 I’ve been watching TED confrerences everything day, before i go to bed. Love them !!

    • JeenaJoan says:

      Hi Chloe. I watch TED conference is something I do too. Since I saw one of my friends on TED, it became some kind of addiction. Its really informative and you get to know about people and places you wouldnt normally know about :)
      Take care.


  77. Denny says:

    Reading about artist who lived in Renaissance and examining their paintings is my new hobby. I also read all kind of analysts about the paintings and most of them have interesting stories. To whoever reads this, take this new idea for hobby to the bank and cash it!

  78. Bec says:

    Your youtube video has inspired me to start the flamenco (spanish style guitar playing) lessons id put on mybucket list for later. I do alot of things in my life that enrich it and help me grow so continuing to add to them resinates with me ay!! And making the things known i will start doing i reckon too!
    I will take on a few of your other tips ay! Being challenging is what im gonna focus on but yea awesome work im glad i found your vidz! It must be hard coming up with all the material but you seem to touch on things i would never even think of which is awesome as

  79. brittany says:

    i feel o frustrated still ive watched so many videos and still i have no idea what to do about this guy i am seeing. Hes somwhat of the player type. he says hes crazy about me and spends lots of time with me tries to take me out to nice places and ihave met his parents. hes 20 years old im 19. we had intercores and i think thats my first mistake but weve known eachother now for a month and abit i asked him where we were going.. he told me he can see himself dating me in the future but he really wants to go slow because he just left a serious relationship and its not what he wants right now. how can i change his mind and make him think differently about us. ?

  80. Antigone's will says:

    Do you believe you can constanly surprise someone ?I noticed that EVEN in friendships things get “cold” after a whhile.

  81. Joana Sousa says:

    Have you ever been in Portugal?
    Would be lovely to see you in Lisbon for one of your shows.

  82. Hanizah Faye Carlos says:

    Hi Matthew! Your advises were so helpful not just for me but for most of the women out there who watch your videos and read your books. I decided to learn to play ukulele and be skillful at it since I really love singing. Thank you for encouraging women to explore and learn something new. Keep it up!

  83. Connie says:

    Hi Mathew.. I am a new fan of yours.. And I saw a lot of your YouTube videos.. Loved it.. I do agree with the look and your looks.. Smart men are sexy..!! I also look into their eyes and smile which are my favorite parts..!! – add in a hottie European and an accent..!! And make sure he is single.. With a job.. Pass a little interview without him knowing.. Lol.. Then I am good to go.. Hahaha.. I love joking around.. I am always smiling and when men approach me.. I am nice to them even if I am not interested.. I would be walking and if they say hello.. I would greet them back.. I was told that men hates it when women snobs them when they try to say hello.. Sometimes they are just trying to be nice..

  84. Anna says:

    Great video (as always) :) I have a problem, though, somehow connected with the subject and I was hoping you could help me. I’m 24-year-old rather attractive student. I also take post-graguate studies in art, paint, dance and do some other stuff which I truly love. I really believe that life is very short and we should experience as many fun things as possible. The problem is, at one point, when other people learn about my my multiple interests (needless to say, by “people” I mean mostly men) they back off and are afraid to talk to me. Usually at the beginning I try to avoid some of the subjects I’m interested in so to let the other person get to know my personality and feel more comfortable around me :) I can’t lie about how much I work or what I do in my spare time. How to show guys that they don’t have to freak out just because I enjoy life in many ways? I know they think I expect simiar things of them, but the truth is – I don’t need a guy with PhD. How can I make that clear from the start? Help ;(

  85. Josephine Nguyen says:

    I know that is great key importance of bringing more exciting conversation to the topics instead of how was your day. I just believe meet the wrong guy. I had this one guy talk so much about himself I thought I was in dazed. In addition, he wanted me to praise about him so often lost interest. I knew everything about him he didn’t know anything about me so tired of even starting conversation and even showing me sexy side or any feminine.

  86. Ruby says:

    I totally agree with you about learning different things and not having to be a master at it just to be a more interesting person. However, I was recently criticized for not having a specific skill set such as one can’t converse with me about current events although I do not live in a cave. How should I respond or react to that?

  87. Catherine says:

    The guy I’m interested in loves spaghetti so I found the best spaghetti recipe ever and hope to reel him in; one noodle at a time ;)

  88. Sandra says:

    Hi:Mathew congratulation in your Chanel
    I love watching you when I have a chance.
    How to find the right guy, I’m divorce and
    I have a son he is 13 years old,I’m very
    Busy whit work.Help please:)

    Thank you.

  89. Mark says:

    Hi Mattew,

    I am a guy and think you are beautiful and really Hot!

  90. Nilgun says:

    Thanks Matthew, it is good hint not only to attract man or women, also keep ourselves live and interested with world. Yesterday for example ı bought a book about Pompei, how the volcano burst happen with illustrated book, ınbought the book because ı have a interest, if ı go there and if ı have a chance to talk with sonebody it will be interesting abd ı will attrack the people who have same or similar interest….

  91. nells says:

    mathew.. i wanna take your opinion about something…the guy that i like is an acotor we both are actors and we worked together on stage once and it was good .. after a while he came and ask about a girl that he likes and asked me to help him with it and i did i cant say no..and then he knew that she doesnt like him she told him and he told me about it .. and after a while i thought about acting again together and he interested and get the script so i felt happy that we well act together again..and after a while he apologized to me that he will not act with me this time because he have cicumstances .. i felt bad because he was excited before .. after this we stopped talking to each other .. and after a while ha came again and start talking to me ..i really dont know what to do????? … and i feel that i cant trust him again..even i still like him….

  92. Sophie Davis says:

    Sooo, the way I remember which pole the bears live at and which end the penguins live is as follows….The word Arctic comes from the Greek ἀρκτικός (arktikos), “near the Bear, northern” and that from the word ἄρκτος (arktos), meaning bear. The name refers either to the constellation Ursa Major, the “Great Bear”,or to the constellation Ursa Minor, the “Little Bear”, which contains the North Star. Basically… ‘Artic’ means bear ‘Antartic'(Anti – artic) means no bears :) simples. Enjoy.

    Also I lived in Vietnam for a year and learnt a couple of words(only a couple i’m afraid)….Hello = Xin chào (Sun-chow):)however there are several ways to address people of different ages… i’ll leave that for another time

  93. Ann says:

    My daughter and I are huge fans, we refer to you as Matty :) You have some great insight and advice, which I am always sending my 26 year old daughter. I totally agree, after 28 years of marriage my husband still surprises me with his diversity of knowledge. Keep up the great work you’re doing- you are a doll!

  94. Luisa says:

    I totally agree with this! Men who have knowledge about random things makes them very sexy! Lol.. Have always been facisinated with Albert Einstein and his theory on E=mc2. Just watched a documentary. :))

  95. Regina says:

    I subscribed to a philosophy podcast and am currently listening to “the Communist Manifesto”.

  96. how to cure vitiligo says:

    Hi there, of course this post is truly nice and I have
    learned lot of things from it about blogging.

  97. Neha says:

    Hey, Mathew HUGE fan I was wondering if you can make a video on how to become comfortable around your boyfriends friends and family…

  98. Ori says:

    I agree, i think we never stop growing mentally, people see it as a homework but if your board in your life you have to try new things. I know to to Rollerblade, Skate in ice, shoot with a .45 caliber, motorcycle license, Kayak, Zip-lining when i travel, snorkel, etc…. but i have future plans, become my own great healthy cook, scuba diving, learn french and a bit of Russian(it always interest me how tough it sounds) read and travel more; just open myself to LIFE in other words. Of course im a single 30yr old Female Nurse in Miami, so i CAN do those things but because im Open now more than ever than im young before i have kids. :)

  99. Dana says:

    hehehehe Chinese!!! That’s so cute hahahaha

  100. Rita says:

    I learned about polar bears. Did you know that they ONLY eat fat (no carbohydrates or protein) and they don’t need to defecate or urinate for months because they don’t need to drink water?! That’s crazy!

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