The Sad Truth Every Adult Learns

In this week’s episode of LOVELife I talk about how ambition can be the enemy of relationships, and the dangers of not staying in touch with loved ones when life gets in the way.

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15 Replies to “The Sad Truth Every Adult Learns”

  • Got this… Good points, I get caught up in my goals and hobbies too.
    Fantastic job on the Today show today, I am now watching your segments. You looked energetic, plus it looked more smooth. Wish I could meet Kathie Lee, grew up watching her in the morning! You looked great btw! ;)

  • You are like a mind reader. I re-connected yesterday with a friend it’s been many years since I’ve seen. I wasn’t sure and then I thought about what you said just now. What if I or we died or we were ill, would I regret it. We’ll yes, because it’s the best thing I’ve done in a long while. You are so right Matthew, it’s profound and emotionally wonderful. Life as you say sometimes moves in different directions, especially when we are young and ambitious, but no-one wants to live with regrets. x

  • I hope you’re now going to ring your friend, skip on up and over and visit, or give him a ticket to come visit you, for a few weeks.

    It’s very true, and a reality of balancing the rubbish events from the reality.

  • I love the Hitchens reference. One of my favorite writers of all time. He was one of a kind. I started following you and Stephen only 2 weeks ago, after I came across with your “I haven’t met any nice person.” video on youtube. You spoke my mind in that video. I follow you for that kind of general wisdom talk rather than tips for how to get the guy. Like I said in another post the other day, I do get the guy, no problem. They should watch how to get the woman videos to get me. hehehe! ;-) But anyways, getting back to the subject, there are a lot of fake speakers in the USA. You speak from the heart and you mean every word you say which is very inspirational. You want to share every positive feeling you have with your audience, because you want to move the society forward. I can see it everytime you talk. I hope to meet you guys someday in person when you guys visit Chicago. Chicago is way better than LA. :) Have a great weekend! xxx

  • Matt

    Thank-you for the heartfelt video. I agree with what you say.

    There seems to be well in the last 4/5 blog posts a new even more chilled and happy energy about you , coming accross in your posts/ video which is inspiring – perhaps it’s a sign of emotional maturity. I like it that you provide ways to make life generally more fulfilling as opposed to just on relationships – important though they are. Stay groovy.

  • ”Once you create it You need to share it ” , Matt u had gave me an inspiration moment in that vedio not for connecting with old friends but more for focusing in creating my life first tthen on shareing it with my friends later ofcourse with being in touch with them once in awhile but not waisting all the time in sharing and connecting to people so my self sentence inspired by you is * After you create it you need to share it *
    Thank you Mister Inspiration

  • I think it is very important to stay connected with old friends because these people you still care about but sometimes you just get busy! We always have to remember to just slow down a bit and just make time because life is soo short and before you know those friends may not be there for you to reconnect with so I always try to connect with each one of my close friends at some point and I also try to see them where I can as well.

  • I feel this same issue! My husband and I actually have lost touch with friends because life happens, and work gets in the way, and there are errands to run, and (insert here). It is always nice to catch up with friends but they seem to be in the same situation; always busy. I feel like we’re at a point where we have to make new friends who can eventually be old friends. The only thing is…we do both work full time jobs, my husband has returned to school part time,and I am contemplating returning to school as well. How does one, go about making “new friends” when you’ve reached your early 30s? It would be nice to have other couples to spend time with but I have no idea how to go about doing this?

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