The Secret To Feeling Good About A Year That’s Passed

What have you accomplished this year?

In this Sunday’s video – the second last of 2014 – I want to go deep with you to unearth some of the hidden lessons from the year…

This video will help you to reflect on the progress you’ve made, get grateful for everything that’s happened, and ramp up your excitement going into the next.

Here’s to closing out 2014 with a flourish!

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  1. Crystal Axe says:

    This was awesome! When you’re a divorced mom of two sometimes the year doesn’t turn out how you plan. In the middle of this year feeling sort of the same. Thanks for the positive advise as always!

  2. Emily says:

    I love this. You are so frickin’ balanced.

    This stock-taking thing is something that I do also at different times of year, like when the seasons change, such as right now when the spring is starting to bust out all over in leaves and blossoms… the smells, the feeling of the air, even the difference in light remind me of what I was doing at this time last year (or two or five or ten years ago), and how much has changed since then, what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown…it’s easy to adjust your feeling of “normal” and not truly appreciate the developments you’ve made until you take a look back at where you were a year ago. And sometimes my most cherished memories are of the painful moments—both as a reminder of having moved on from them and as a reminder of how much depth of feeling there can be in life; everything is more raw and vivid when you’re suffering.

    I do the same thing as Jameson with the notebook (or my calendar), and for the same reasons. I sometimes keep a diary but I’m also too prone to put off writing about things until I have “enough” time, which then means I don’t write much at all, so I have to stick to at least writing down where I went, who I saw, what my niece and nephew said that was memorably cute but I’ll forget if I don’t write it down. I treasure the calendar I have from when I lived in Japan, which is evidence of the day-to-day of life, not just the things I took pictures of.

    Virginia Woolf, who was a kick-ass diarist, said that when she didn’t record her days it was like “life allowed to waste like a tap left running.” I try to think of this in a more positive light, as that I am preserving my life and memories by writing about them, but it is an evocative image.

  3. Lydia says:

    Matthew Hussey,

    I love hearing your voice. Just when I am down in the dumps and about to give up for good, you know just what to say to make me feel better and more confident. You are so encouraging–you truly have a gift! The holidays are always a difficult time for me; i get lonely, sad and depressed. To top if off, my mother said something that cut me deep and my brother who I stayed at home to visit when I typically go out on weekends asked me why I was just sitting at home. At that point, I couldn’t hold in the tears. Unfortunately, I have not had the best luck in the dating world–seems every guy really just wants to use me. So, I have decided to only be friends with anyone I meet and see where that goes. I appreciate what you do from the bottom of my heart. I was at a very low point…then I watched this video, and you are right. We have to look at even the mistakes we made and the pain we went through as strength. Though it might not seem like it now, and hopefully my heart won’t be as cold as ice, I am going to go with that and try to view these hardships positively. Thank you again!

    • Emily says:

      Hi Lydia,

      I just saw your comment and had to reply. I hope 2015 is going well for you so far! I wanted to say that I too have not had the best luck with guys, and there was a time when I thought my heart had turned to ice too! But…it hadn’t. ;) There were still some tulip bulbs in there, wintering over and getting ready to bloom. Not because I found true love or anything, just… things in there have gotten better, because I made them get better. We get to own our own experience, and make our own rules about how to be in the world, and you sound like you have a positive attitude that will take you a long way. All the best, and good luck to you! xo

  4. Maz says:

    The main thing that stands out this year for me is that Matt is like a good mate. The videos and blogs are so good that it feels like you’re communicating with someone directly, as well as with the other people who comment about it. It’s definitely like a kind of community.

  5. Marelize says:

    Hallo Matthew

    Baie waar dinge wat jy genoem het in die video. Met al die goed en sleg is die lewe ‘n avontuur.

    Your reaction: What on earth is she telling me?!!

    My reaction:I’m having a create laugh.

    Your video stimulated an impulsive reaction – a little humour to end 2014.

    Have a blessed 2015!

  6. Amelia says:

    I too was a little guilty of focusing upon a to do list and what I hadn’t achieved. Instead of taking stock of the things that I had achieved.

    I started writing a book, and I am grateful for the great guy that I am dating.

  7. A says:

    Uncle Matty with organic advice we can’t get from our own relatives. #whyIoveMyMatty

  8. Ariel says:

    Thank you Mat! We love you!

  9. Tahmina says:

    Thank you, for your honesty and your passion, it inspires me to reflect more.
    Merry Christmas

    P.s. I love your work. You do help amd archieve really much. Wish you all the best.

  10. Leah says:

    I really loved the message in this video! Have gone through some major changes in my life this year and while they were mostly positive and all nessesery, I was still feeling a bit down because I my life isn’t entirely put together in the way I envision it. But, I do have to say that the expiriences and people that I have encountered this year have given me new insight and a realignment of values and your message today was a reminder that insights like that are just as much a gift as the tangible proof of a years worth of work and it is important to reflect and give yourself credit for the seeds as well as the beautiful sculpted/finished garden.

    Thanks Matt for reminding us of our worth and the wonderful lessons in all of our life’s expiriences. It’s truly inspirational :)

  11. Jen says:

    Awesome video!! Thank you!! I think most of us are too quick to put the year behind us and start planning our next year’s “to do” list without truly reflecting on the good and not so good (but hopefully lessons) of the year past. I know I’m guilty, but this video has made me stop and try to live in this moment…right now…with all the lessons and accomplishments of the years past. I am TRULY BLESSED for both the good and not so good!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  12. Jill says:

    No lie this has totally made me tear up. I have never felt more frustrated than I have the 2nd half of this year.
    I have been in L.A. for almost 4 years and I don’t feel any closer to understanding why then I did the first time I felt something calling me out here.
    I have been trying to express gratitude for the small things in my life and I can honestly say it’s made a huge difference and just fills my heart with joy even when things don’t seem to be going “right”
    I hope you have a wonderful time with your family
    Merry Christmas :)

  13. Isabel says:

    Thank you. For this video. And for being there, every week. Both of you.

  14. Sofia says:

    A BIG thank you, extended to your family, for helping me (and so many others) make this a wonderful year, perhaps the best up to now.
    I feel more in control of my emotions, I am just… happier, and also finding the clarity about my future your dad said I would. I am eternally grateful for having gone on the retreat. It’s at the top of my list of amazing things that happened in 2014.
    And thank you for the videos. ALL of them. Lovely idea to have NY in the background for this one.
    Thanks to Jameson – you’re a rock star! I also journal the things I want to remember (the ‘5-min journal’ app has changed my life). On Sunday evenings when I sit down to plan my week, I go over the ‘gratitude’ entries for the past week. Makes me feel warm inside, like I’m collecting “jewels in the treasure chest of my heart”.
    Have a lovely Christmas and I hope you guys and all the readers will be giving and receiving many more hugs than presents this week and beyond! x

  15. Learning says:

    Amazing year. I turned 50. I moved to California and got a better paying job. Moved in just my car. Got a job within a month of moving here. Have a studio apartment and already have it over full. LOL Merry Christmas

  16. Kimberly says:

    Found Matthew Hussey in 2014! I was looking for some ideas online on texting a guy and found the link you had posted and how to get the guy website. I then went on to listen and watch several of your Youtube videos. Your talk at The 21 Convention is one of my favorites!! Just Awesome!!
    Love this video, yes to acknowledge my accomplishments for the year is just what I needed to hear. Perfect timing to reflect and like you said, enjoy the holidays by not focusing so much on the “to do list.”
    Thanks so much for your videos. Looking forward to another great year…Happy Holidays!!

  17. Kiraz says:

    You looked very thoughtful at the beginning of the video, Matthew. Was that an act? lol. I don’t think so. I think it was real.
    I agree that getting together with loved ones is the most important thing about the holidays. Calendar is arbitrary, but holidays help re-unite the families even if it is for a short time and that is of crucial importance especially in the USA, where children are growing up to be crazy people attempting all kinds of vicious crimes mostly because they have never been loved by anyone properly.

    “We suffer for our passions.” – Absolutely. Life is not supposed to be easy. It is all about breakthroughs, that is if you put yourself out there and take risks. I know all about it. But I say it feels painfully good, like a hard massage.:) And if you don’t complain like everyone else, people call you ‘heartless’ or ‘cold’. Well, women do. Men respect that actually.

    “This is a place where we get to defend and promote important ideas.” And that is why I love this place! Don’t worry about looking different on tv or anywhere else you speak. You are doing a great job. You just need to be you and “you” knows what to do.

    I appreciate your speaking your mind. Truth won’t stop being the truth because it doesn’t fit to some people’s agenda, or because they want to look rebellious behind the keyboard. So please continue to post videos about anything and everything you want to talk about. Continue to make this place where we promote and defend important ideas. When I post a comment, I feel like talking to a friend who gets me. You are a true human dynamics coach. And, thank you for all the uplifting words and encouragement in your videos.

    Jameson, thank you for sharing your wisdom and making videos fun, as well. I love all the new camera moves that you innovate. I challenge you guys to make a video outside in Chicago when it is -10F.  You will be fine if you drink a little brandy beforehand. 

    I wish you all the best in 2015! Xx

  18. Leesa says:

    I love listening to these videos. I have learned sooo much.HOWEVER Matt needs to stop looking all around the room while making the videos. It is very distracting. Leesa

  19. angela elliott says:

    thank you so much for your message its just what i needed to here
    ive been looking the past year from the wrong angle and forgot that there has been so many small moments of happiness that deserve to be remembered you being one of them i dont think you will ever know just how amazing you are and how much your advice uplifts me your not just a relationship coach you are a life coach and i can not wait to see you in jan
    have a wonderful Christmas love angela x

  20. Helga Évora Morais says:

    That is an amazing message! Thank you so much. This holiday I will make a photoalbum.. That is a way to not forget the moments we had. I wish you an amazing year and hope to see you soon in Holland on tour. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Much love,

  21. Carlie says:

    Matt & Jameson –

    Thank you for all the positive energy you put out there. Also your email staff are the friendliest customer service I’ve comminuted with – thank you and Merry Christmas!

  22. CS says:

    Thanks, Matt. This inspires me to make videos every week, too. In 2015. Mine will be to name 3 things I am grateful for and to talk about them at length. Probably on Wednesdays because you know the week can be tough and it can be a pick me up that I look forward to.

    I like Jameson’s journal idea. I have this beautiful Cherry Blossom journal that is so beautiful I don’t know what to do with it. I will write down the things I want to remember each day in that, in french. My french teacher had me write in a french journal everyday one summer. La vie quotidienne. It will be a good way to brush up on using verbs and incorporating new things I pick up into the journal.

    Thanks, guys!

  23. Beth says:

    Most people would think this would be my most grime year due to my father passing away. I disagree because due to his death, I spent a week in Florida meeting the most amazing women and an incredible team to help me see that life is full of love. My relationship with my sister has never been this strong, and I am excited at every moment when I am out of my comfort zone growing. Thank you Matthew Hussey and team for making this year my biggest year so far. Looking forward to what is next in my life.

    with love,

  24. A says:

    Happy Holidays, Matthew and Stephen! Thanks so much for all you do. Hugs, -A

  25. Iram says:

    Thanks for inspiring us with your passion.

  26. Diane says:

    Love this video, and all your videos, a job well done Matt.
    You have inspired me so much that I have gone out and been
    that 10% more chatty and sexy to meet people that you explained in one of your videos. My husband passed away due to an accident and I had to go out and find myself again, started my own business, still in the early stages but I have this vision and passion to see it through and listening to you has been a big help. Keep up the good work, Happy Holidays to you and Jameson

  27. Esperanza Zagal says:

    Dear Matt,

    Thank you for your videos, I am extremely grateful for finding you and the deep insight you share so freely.

    I’m sorry you look a bit down. I’ve had a few hard times this year as well.. but your insights helped me through. Thank you (and Jameson) for being with me through the good and the not so good. ;D

    Peace to you and yours this year,


  28. Tam says:

    Thanks so much for your videos this year. I stumbled apon them later in the year maybe Sept/Oct & they have been life changing. Still on the journey of finding the right guy but the way you encourage people & the insight you have is wonderfully rare. I love the interaction you have with people on the radio show too, you have a gift to be able to dig to the core underlying issues & not just play around with surface stuff. Yet you do it with such kindness & understanding. I look out for your emails & we get so many emails these days but I’ve always found yours to be helpful. This one again is great. Has made me just stop & reflect in a good way about this year. Keep them coming!!! If I had the finances I’d be on a plane to your next gig ha! Blessings!

  29. Emily Giuffre says:

    Thank YOU Matthew! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! oxoxo Emily

  30. Darla says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your team! All at GTG are a part of my “tapestry” forever. You have help me and so many others this year. Your heart and passion shine through to us. I love it that you and your team can really help people in a simple and practical way. Looking forward to my many adventures with GTG in 2015. xx

  31. Joules says:

    Sweet message, thanks!

  32. Kathryn says:

    A lovely heartfelt message from you. Thank you for all the hard work you put in all year for this community. No matter what is happening in the world we are all growing together. I have a hard life and it’s been a hard year. I was talking late yesterday with a lovely lady at the car dealership of all places and the sky was so beautiful, like the Northern Lights. We’ve both had such a tough time but still finding the beauty in life. And I try so hard all the time. You help me to keep going and I thank you for that. I’m sorry if I sound emotional or ridiculous, I wanted to thank you for being so lovely and sensitive and caring when you don’t have to be.
    Happy Holidays Matt,
    Kathryn x

  33. Saffeya says:

    What an incredible end of the year video. I can’t believe you were literally sick minutes before taping! It shows us how dedicated you are to us and demonstrates how we should be in our own love lives. An inspiration for the years to come. Bookmarked and Fav’d! You’re amazing guy and thank you for indirectly being a part of my year. Your messages are practical. You’re a remarkable human being and wish you all the best in your continued work.

  34. Christie says:

    Thank you Matt for all that you do. We all appreciate you.

  35. linda says:

    Thank you for doing what you do? I have read you books and u tube video and this site too. Last year was my worse year of my life I lost my job and I love it, my mum died from parkinson and I nursed her until she died.This year I got a part time job and I love it,My uncle died dad had a stoke I am carer to him now,I went to candia, I have fallen out with my brothers and sister. but I am happy with my year and my mum dieing she was so strong that what helps me? I love my life.

  36. Therese says:

    Hi Matthew

    Great Video, thanks a lot! You’re such an inspiration, I love to watch your video’s and looking forward to every next one. When I’m talking to my friends, I often tell them; Matthew Hussey says… Because there are so many things that inspire me or things I didn’t thought of by myself. But also the positive kind of person you are. I have grown this year, also because of you!
    Wish you, your team and family a merry Christmas and for 2015, only the best, a lot of great experiences and geat encounters.
    Looking forward for next year.


  37. Jane says:

    Matt you have such a talent and I hope that next year is just as good as it has seemed to be for you in 2014. The journal part I find is something that is always useful because reading back even in that one year, it shows how much we change in such a short space of time.

  38. Margot says:

    Merry Christmas and happy 2015 to you and your loved ones (amonst which l’m sure your team members are.)

  39. Harry says:

    Loved the idea as I prefer to maintain a journal, it surely helps a lot. I think we all must keep one.
    Thanks for sharing <3

  40. ann says:

    thanks Matt! keep up the great work! let us all be inspired! :)

  41. MusicLover says:

    I just Want to say thanku for this year.. Some of the things you’ve said really helped me to become more social, half of the time this year i have only been talking to new people. I have had the most amazing year because i finally have found my road.. And it is really amazing.. I have had a really difficult life, and i still do, but i don’t feel lost as i use to but bieng in so much trouble all my life have finally paid back because then i am good at feeling what’s right!
    It’s like, you know it when your in love, i think it’s exactly the same thing, it just happend inside, without a guy, i did it totally by myself!!!
    And that’s what i am proud of this year.. I’m a lover not a fighter, but i’ll fight for what i love..

  42. Luly says:

    THANK YOU so much for bringing us amazing videos every day for a whole year! I’ve looked forward to a new video every Sunday, and have definitely appreciated the commitment you and Jameson have made!

    Thank you for this video as well. What a nice idea: to stop and reflect about the year that past, the good AND the bad, what we accomplished and what we didn’t, and not be in such a hurry to start 2015 but to savor the last remaining bits of 2014 and make it a good one. This year for me was very, very nice. Two of my dearest best friends got married, I traveled extensively with friends and family, and what I believe was my biggest accomplishment: I decided to quit my job at CNN, obtain my Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate and am now moving to Madrid, Spain for about a year to experience living and working abroad. I am scared of the times I will be homesick and miss my family and friends, but I know I will gain many great things from the experience, and most importantly, am getting out of my comfort zone and looking to what else is out there.
    I also got to meet YOU this year, in LA, so that was something great!! I just happened to be there at the same time you were having the seminar, so of course I had to go! Thank you for the wonderful seminar, and please continue the great work!
    Much love and admiration!!

  43. Melody says:

    Thank you Matthew for your thoughtful words and your amazing presence! Your kindness always shines through. We need you. Our passion “feeds” our soul. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

  44. Courtney says:

    Matt + Jameson,

    Thank you for all of your videos! They are always a great reminder to keep moving and focus on what’s important. It’s so easy to get discouraged or get caught up in day to day life, but when I see a video from you it forces me to step back and remember why I do the things that I do and why I have the goals that I have. I have been through a lot of drastic changes in my life this year, and it was comforting to have something in it that was consistent. You’re videos always gave a little boost when I needed it even if they weren’t applicable to my current situation. So thank you for all of your work in 2014 and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2015! Especially since I plan on taking a lot of risks this year including going on your retreat in June. So Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and see ya in Florida!

  45. Jane says:

    Good morning Matthew, thank you for this thougtful video. As I look back over the year I salute you and me for taking the journey with you of new knowledge, risk taking and self discovery. Not only did I turn 60, but have,after losing my husband 9 yrs ago,have had more fun for myself and with the new men I have met. Thanks to your wisdom and experience I have gained ridiculous self confidence, which in turn has brought men back into my life. Each man I meet is better than the last. Can’t wait to meet the next one! I also have a new network of fabulous and supportive female friends. I look forward to seeing you at the end of January in NY to give you your best hug of the new year. Love, Jane

  46. Rue says:

    Thank you for reminding me there are lessons to be learned through pain. There is good to be learned from every experience.

  47. Jen says:

    Thanks, Matt. It’s been a good year. Some of it thanks to you. Your IMPACT program is great!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year!

  48. María says:

    You have been such an inspiracion this year to me i have seen every single video. And it has made me grow in so many ways please keep doing the vídeos i love u hussey!

  49. Leecis says:

    Thanks to you Matt, I had one hell of a year. I call it year one of my new life.

  50. Sharon says:

    You have been such a godsend this year for me! Like any great teacher, you inspire, challenge, and genuinely care. Thank you for all that you do…especially when you don’t feel like doing it ;-)

  51. kitty says:

    Thoughtful advice- thank you.

  52. Sharon says:

    Wonderful message Matt! I’ve had a really tough year, so when I saw the title of the video I thought “Oh great,I’ve had quite a rubbish year so this is going to be hard to listen to”. I still did it though, which is testament to how much you inspire me and you made me realise that I’ve actually achieved a lot just by learning who the great/supportive people are in my life. So Thank you and Have an Amazing Christmas and New Year xx

  53. Kasandra says:

    U always get the right message.Thanks for being an inspiration to us all as well. I like it how u remind us that sometimes although it’s painful, it may teach us things we need to let go of. Merry Christmas to the community here and U always get the right message.thanks for being an inspiration to us all as well. I like it how u remind us that dsometimes although it’s painful, it may teach us things we need to let go of. Merry Christmas to the community here and yo you!!~~~ :-) I made 3 big changes this yr,2 failed, 1 was successful and I thought I was crazy. But nvm mind,pat myself on the back!and move on. Grimaces xyo you!!~~~ :-) I made 3 big changes this yr,2 failed, 1 was successful and I thought I was crazy. But nvm mind,pat myself on the back!and move on. Grimaces x

  54. Freshy says:

    loved it !!! thank you! you are my inspiration you xox

  55. Mike says:

    Great video Matt makes me really think about how this past year has been and the areas in need of improvement I really like your IMPACT program its great.

  56. Louise says:

    Perhaps your best yet Matt – truly moving and as ever wise and inspirational. Have a lovely Christmas and another amazing year in 2015 ! Thank you

  57. Ann says:

    Matt- I can always relate to everything that you say. Thank you so much for helping me put things in perspective for the end of the year. So excited for 2015 with you!! See you in LA on your tour!

  58. Nicki says:

    Thankyou for that video this has been one of my toughest years and yet here I am appreciating peoples support and kindness and realising what an amazingly strong woman I am. Thankyou for taking the time to post this video I have a feeling you will touch many peoples hearts. ❤ xx

  59. Kitty says:

    Love your videos especially when reflecting on life and not necessarily love. You are such a help….happy new year!

  60. chandrakanthi says:

    Dear matthew hussey,
    Thank you for the great video advice . Its was a very good !!!
    But i need your advice about something very very much !!!!
    Vieuw weaks back i have meet a guy . And we when out 1 time.
    But on that date , my feeling about him was not right.
    He was very dominsant person , on a negative way .
    Everything was not right on his eyes.
    BUT at the sametime , he was very kind and a nice gentelman.
    After vieuw days back , we have a agrument …. We are both church people and
    We have a agrument about live and church.
    I take you advice always ” its not agrument that you have to win, its the understanding from eachother that you have to win”.
    So i did that, and told him that i understand his piont what he told.
    But he was unrespectfull to me at that moment. Very angry and he was very dominant behavior , totally no respect for me.
    So for me its clean that this will not be my boyfriend.
    So i told him , that i need a break from all contact from him. Told him that i feeling no any respect from him. So i told him that i need a break for vieuws days to think about the situation between him and me.
    In the middle of that , he text me and ask why i am not respons on his texting. I told agian the reason.
    So he told me :” i know who you are , and i know your kind sort off people who have no respect to me “.
    I did NOT responds on his behavior. I was hurt , what he told me that !!!
    So after vieuw days …i meet him and told him eveything , about the unrespectfull behavior to me ….and so on.
    And told him that i need time for myself , because he hurt my feeling . And later we can contact eachother agian , after vieuw weaks . And that I ..will contact him after vieuw weaks. So after that meeting with him. He send after vieuw days a text with : ” hi , i want to let you know that i am moving to belgium , i found a house there , i hope if you see this text , that we stay friends , and your welcome to come over any time you want , i hope you will responds me “. That what he text me.
    I respond after vieuw hours on that to think about , how i responds on his text.
    And i told him , that i was thankfull that he let me know that he is moving to belgium. But its better to stop the contact with him. I have wish him all the best what he need in his new life start in belgium. That i wish him all best and blessings. After my text …he did not respond .
    I have now think :” why he dont responds to me on right behavior , to wish me that
    to , on how people break off on the right behavior to each other. Did i make the right choice for myself ?”.

    So matthew , i need your help and advice very much .
    And my quistion to you is : ” is there a reason that he did not responds after my text and say the true to him , to stop the contact ?? “. And 2. Did i make the right choice to stop the contact on that way with this guy ??????
    Kindly greetings from chandrakanthi , from the netherlands

    • CS says:

      Hey, first of all Good Luck Oranje!

      You say, “He was very dominsant person , on a negative way . Everything was not right on his eyes. BUT at the sametime , he was very kind and a nice gentelman.” How was he dominant & negative and kind& nice, is this someone whose mood changes frequently?

      I think you texted him Goodbye and I do not think that he will contact you again unless you ask him a question or first of all, want to have him in your life. My opinion is don’t contact him again, don’t go to his house, and you don’t need him.

  61. Venus says:

    Awww Matt..That was a nice 14min recall of seeing my 2014 role back in time with – your enough. Love. tears. laughter. might get seen. butterfly. wake up. shut up get shit done. coke&caffeine. You were there for me every step of the way since Feb 2014.
    Thank you for the Journey and Thank you to Your Family
    God Bless You and Keep You All Safe
    Love from Venus Hoani and Axl xxx

  62. Emily says:

    Don’t know what to do the video on this week…graffiti! Can’t believe you were on the floor right before a shoot-that’s dedication. BTW, you said “um” a LOT in this one.

  63. Essex says:

    Hi Matt

    I just want to thank you, I was in a dark place at the beginning of this year after my 23 year marriage ended. I found your YouTube videos and since then have signed up to two of your programmes and came to your gettheguy event in London.

    I’ve ended up having a positive year, I’ve pushed myself to do things outside of my comfort zone which has led to promotion to Associate Director at work and socially I have met lots of new friends.

    I have plans to continue pushing myself in 2015 I have planned a trip to Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore, I’m travelling on my own so totally out of my comfort zone but so excited.

    I’m still lacking confidence when it comes to talking to men but working on it.

    Thank you so much, you have helped me more then you can possibly know.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas & I hope 2015 is a good one for you.

    Best wishes


  64. Misha says:

    Hey Matthew! That was an incredible message,so profound and articulate! You always know what to say and how to say it. That’s what makes you who you are and all the successful you’ve been. You’re wonderful and i love you soo much! Have a great year!
    Lots of love

  65. Lyla says:

    First Comment

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