Top 5 Dating Myths Holding You Back in Love

Today, I teamed up with my brother Stephen Hussey (co-writer of the Get The Guy book) to break down the top 5 annoying dating myths that need to end now.

This is a fun one – can’t wait for you to see it…

Agree or Disagree with the Dating Myths?
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Matt Hussey: I’m here with my brother, Steve Hussey. It’s been a while.

Steve Hussey: Hello, Matt.

Matt Hussey: You’re back.

Steve Hussey: I’ve come to visit the big guy in L.A., and he said, “Let’s get you on camera.” So here I am, baby.

Matt Hussey: Now, this video is your idea.

Steve Hussey: Yes, sir.

Matt Hussey: And it contains five points. I’m already nervous about the length of the video.

Steve Hussey: Okay, let’s keep it really snappy.

Steve Hussey: Five dating myths that are holding you back in love.

Matt Hussey: Today.

Steve Hussey: Why today? Any day.

Matt Hussey: I just wanna contribute.

Matt Hussey: The first one you wrote down was, “There aren’t enough great people.”

Steve Hussey: Yes. I think there’s loads of growth-oriented people out there, people who read personal development, they work on themselves, and they assume, “Well, I’m doing all this work on myself, and there aren’t enough other great people like me.” And I think men and women have fallen into this trap. I think that we can get into a very arrogant place, where we assume that the opposite sex just aren’t carrying their load, they’re not trying. And actually there’s loads of men really, really trying, there’s loads of women who are really, really trying, and I think you have to start humanizing people again.

Matt Hussey: How do you do that? Get to know them better?

Steve Hussey: You have to actually give people a chance. You can’t just swipe left on everyone because they don’t immediately match up to your lofty standards, you have to actually give people a chance. People are three-dimensional. Allow yourself to be surprised.

Matt Hussey: Myth number two that Steve wrote down was that, “No one wants real commitment anymore.”

Steve Hussey: It’s a choice to buy into that culture, and I’ve done it as well. When you use these dating apps and things too much, you can just buy into this buffet mentality where you just assume that everyone is superficial, everyone’s super shallow, and no one wants anything real. I do think in some ways it’s tougher today, and I do empathize with being single, but it’s not true that no one’s looking for real commitment. There’s plenty of people marrying, plenty of people coupling up. There’s more than enough to go around.

Matt Hussey: I think it’s probably true that people are still willing to commit. But less are willing to settle. And that just means, to be someone that someone goes for, we have to be great.

Matt Hussey: Myth number three, “The right person will accept you at your worst.”

Steve Hussey: No.

Matt Hussey: Now, this is a tricky one, because on one hand I truly believe that we should be with someone who accepts us for us. I think that often gets confused with feeling like we have a right to bring our worst selves to the table, and that if the person we’re with can’t handle that, then that’s their problem. We owe our partners better than our worst. When we find someone worth holding onto, we should be striving to bring our best. We’ll often fail to bring our absolute best to someone, but that doesn’t mean expecting that day after day we can be our worst and this person is supposed to be able to handle that, and more, be grateful for us in the process.

Steve Hussey: Myth number four, “I’ll never love anyone like that again.” This is one of those mindsets that is incredibly destructive, and it’s easy to feel that way when you’ve just had a terrible breakup, even a year after, and you don’t feel like you’ve replicated the same feelings as you had for the person before. But I think the truth is, the next person won’t be the same as before. There’ll be a different kind of unique, amazing, interesting connection.

Matt Hussey: I think we get hung up on the person. Whilst it’s true that the person we’re with was unique, they had their own thumbprint that made them them, people may not be replaceable, but feelings are. Instead of trying to replace the person, I think what we need to do is focus on replacing the feeling. And that’s something that we might get on our own, it’s something we might get from the next person. But you will feel those feelings again.

Steve Hussey: All right, final myth, “The right relationship should be easy.”

Matt Hussey: I get a bit sick of this one.

Steve Hussey: Right, you hear this a lot?

Matt Hussey: Yeah, “The right relationship should be easy.” I just don’t think relationships are easy. I think everything’s hard. Business, you wanna make a great business? That’s hard. You wanna make a great relationship? That’s hard. Even if you’re with the right person, there’s challenges. There are ways that a relationship forces you to grow, love calls on you to be your best self, there’s nothing easy about being your best self.

Matt Hussey: Now, what we have to make a distinction between is the right kind of hard and the wrong kind of hard. Because something can be hard for the wrong reasons. Because someone is toxic, because someone’s bringing you bad energy, because someone’s holding you down, being controlling, being this. It can be hard for the wrong reasons, and sometimes that means walking away. But it can also be hard for the right reasons, like you’re being challenged to grow, or you have your demons that this relationship is calling to the forefront.

Steve Hussey: Yeah, and relationships expose you, right? They expose you to a past that you’ve ignored of yourself.

Matt Hussey: They hold up a mirror. So we might find someone great who is more confident than someone we’ve been with before, and now all of a sudden our insecurities are exposed, and we need to grow in order to be with a person this confident. That doesn’t mean run away, that means this is gonna be a challenge, but it’s gonna make me better. So relationships shouldn’t just be easy. Sometimes the right relationships are uniquely challenging, but it needs to be challenging for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.

Steve Hussey: Damn, you’re a smart guy, bro.

Matt Hussey: Thank you. Thank you, you too.

Steve Hussey: Thanks, man.

Matt Hussey: So that’s it.

Steve Hussey: Myths busted, right bro?

Matt Hussey: I bet you in the comments we’ll find out they’re not quite busted. I think you’ll find in the comments that a lot of people disagree with things we’ve said.

Steve Hussey: Tell us in the comments where you disagree. I’m interested.

Matt Hussey: Let’s have a conversation.

Steve Hussey: Thanks for having me, guys. It’s been a real pleasure.

Matt Hussey: Thanks for being here.

Steve Hussey: I love you, YouTube.

Matt Hussey: YouTube?

Steve Hussey: I really love YouTube..

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  1. Ramona Fingersh says:

    So I was wondering after watching a ton of your videos etc. How do you date a dating coach? They already know everything there is to know.

  2. Jhen says:

    I agree everything is hardwork..and so we should be able to treasure every relationship.. and every relationship gives unique lessons.

  3. Pamela says:

    I never heard about the rest of the myths but the first myth spoke to me: Because at this point of my life, the great guys are already taken or they turn out to be gays. What was left for us in our 30’s are men who are either too old or too young for us.

  4. Christine says:

    I agree, I love you… YouTube. Stephen, are you single?

  5. vickie fleming says:

    I have to say that I take issue with “Myths” 2 and 4; with re: to the second one; simple stats will reveal the truth that, in the USA at least, the divorce rate since the early 80’s is no longer 50%. Its 67% and of the 33% that remain married, only half report being happy with their relationships.

    Re: Myth 4
    I can only speak from my personal experience but I never again loved anyone the way I loved the boyfriend of my adolescents. He turned out not to be the guy I thought he was but I was never so sure of anyone or any relationship since. Having grown up in a family of abusive men, I would not have believed myself capable of being so confident that I would ever achieve the level of trust and belief in a future with someone. I still consider that relationship the most incredible, personal victory of my life because I did not believe myself capable of such certainty before that. Maybe I never achieved that again because of the failure of that relationship and maybe, had it not been for him, I would never have even known that I was ever capable of it. I’m sure I’ll go to my grave not knowing the answer to that question as I am nearly 58 yrs old now and can’t imagine ever considering marriage again at this point in my life.

  6. Donald says:

    I really loved this video. However, I think the issue is entitlement. As a 25 year old, about to be 26 tomorrow, I grew up in a society that was very pro-female. In this society, women are taught that they can deserve and are entitled to everything they want. I am not saying that men can’t feel this way too, but if I said that a woman should get the best man, the opposite is also true. A man should get the best woman.

    Now of course we could debate what “best” means, but the point is I think a good number of women truly do not want to work on deep relationships. Why? I feel like relationships, for a man, are either a one-strike and your out deal or a “well you have to change to my (meaning the woman’s) wants and desires. You can’t have your own.” Basically, everything is about them.

    The relationships that I see work the best are the ones in which the woman finally learns how to put a man before herself, which is hard because of what women are being shown on tv, told by celebrities, and society in general. The man puts the woman before himself as well, but, based on my experience, women have a harder time because society is set-up to prefer their preferences, not men’s.

    I know people will disagree, and that is great! I welcome the conversation. These are just my experiences and observations.

  7. Carolyn says:

    I’m a little late to this party, but I feel compelled to comment. M#1 Completely agree with Stephen on this. It is human’s tendency to achieve greatness. The more we work on ourselves the more we value ourselves as individuals. That being said as we become more fulfilled, we (perhaps subconsciously) elevate our expectations towards others. On a different note, we also tend to downplay our awesomeness to be more relatable giving the impression that we are not making an effort vs. we are trying too hard. So there are great people out there we just haven’t given them the chance. M#2 The word commitment gets such a bad rep. It’s not that people don’t want a commitment – I think we are just more cautious of making the wrong commitment. M#3 Those who accepts you at your worst must have witnessed you at your best. That’s what makes the worst part tolerable. M#4 Completely busted – I am looking forward to the next time I fall madly in love (like that) again. As painful as it was for me when things didn’t work out – that love was epic and I’ll gladly take the risk of feeling that again. M#5 “Relationships should be easy” I think is an oversimplified statement. Yes, relationships of any kind is and will always be challenging. But, its challenge/hard work/struggle that you don’t mind doing/going through because you know its worth it.
    whew! a bit long but thanks for letting me comment!

  8. Ndally Johannes says:

    I like the last myth after a breakups with my ex i thought when I meet mr right everything will be easier , I support that relationships are hard, in most cases if your ex was good in that the men you will meet will not be good in such a thing.

  9. nozzy says:

    i like number 3…….that myth is misinterpreted a lot……thanks for the pointers, much appreciated

  10. Julie says:

    Hi… I agree regarding these 5 myth. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Grace Kiriway says:

    Hi Matt how are you? This is Grace kiriway from Tanzania! How is there?

  12. Fran says:

    100% agree thanks guys!
    (Brisbane, australia)

  13. Tammy Richards says:

    Guys, Thanks for putting it out there. I totally agree. All 5 myths busted.
    Tammy (Melbourne, Australia)

  14. Crystal says:

    Brilliant! I completely agree with these myths. I love the myth that the right person should accept me at my worst. Too many people use this to justify not taking care of themselves. They justify not exercising, eating well, and generally not being responsible for being their best self. This doesn’t mean creating an expectation for perfection either. I think that great relationships happen when two people come together who own their own greatness while having room for their own and the other person’s humanity.

  15. Rachel R says:

    Is Steve single? I’d love to meet for a coffee and chat if so ;)

  16. Ibrahim Mugwanya says:


  17. Julia S says:

    Your brother is fit!

  18. Thanda says:

    Thank you both leaning everyday,you guys are the best

  19. Maria says:

    I think the myth about being easy means more about that things in general are just easier and there is no need to worry about if you are calling too much or who should text first etc. things go naturally and everything feels easy and there are no mind games involved – you can just be you, and that is enough. That is what I think people mean with the thing that it just feels easy with the right person.

  20. Cybill says:

    I have run across a few guys over the past couple years who have given little care about their smiles/oral hygiene. These men have established careers/great jobs, but haven’t placed importance on getting their teeth fixed, whitened, etc. Why don’t they find this important? Have they considered this might be important for attracting a mate? I hope I am not being too shallow, but who wants to kiss that????

  21. Michelle says:

    Dear Matthew,I agree with what you & your brother say,all 5.The one where person believes they won’t find same love again,that was me for a very long time bt I was grieving then.A good ten years.Now I believe anything possible,& have started getting bubbles again.That feeling in my tum, bubbles, something good is on its way.Which is really optimistic as I have agoraphobia issues.Dont really get to meet anyone but I keep working on myself,feeling better than I have in a long time.The one about showing worst,IV experienced opposite were only good side has bn shown & it’s not until Iv bn well in2 relationship the dark stuff has been revealed much to my shock BT I was younger then,don’t feel I’d be as easy to hoodwink now.I have often thought the thing with relationships,it’s about finding one with abberations you can put up I remember reading this woman writing about the shock of coming home to find her husband in women’s clothes,ahhhaha,I remember thinking at time,I wldnt mind that aslongs he didn’t take my clothes & was strictly hetero.Infact my favouritesong or1 of them song is loosen up by Quilter singing about that very thing

  22. Bee says:

    So much truth! Especially the whole “relationships are not easy” point.

    I’ve noticed how relationships have, in the past, brought out all my insecurities. I think this comes as a rude shock to the men at the time, as- even though I am extremely introverted- I seem to be pretty good at coming across as confident initially (I’m not sure how….this always puzzles me!). The one thing that annoys me in this scenario is that it’s bleedingly obvious that they themselves have certain insecurities. I’m ok with this; men have them just as women do. It’s part of being human. But I think it’s how honestly we deal with these that is key. I believe in honest, open communication, but some people are afraid of the vulnerability that this produces. It’s too confronting for them ( feels too much like “hard work”), so they give up.

    I do, in part, blame our growing addiction to convenience/ culture of convenience. It is making us lazy. We want instant gratification, and it is just SO easy to get that nowadays that only the brave few dare to enter into any situation where an effort will be required of them…..
    Which brings me to the ONE point you guys made which I disagree with:

    MYTH 1! Of course, there ARE some beautiful, self aware, intellectually curious men out there who are constantly striving to grow as human beings. However, in my experience, these men are, unfortunately, NOT of the single genre! They are the ultimate catch, and as such, they get caught- and early on! As a woman in her 40’s, I can truthfully say that I meet amazing men all the time….but NEVER amazing SINGLE men. They are all married, and have been for 15 years at least. (Or they are young enough to be my son, or old enough to be my father…and neither of those options are my target demographic :/).

    With this, I will share one more annoying myth- one that was not discussed. It is this: “There is someone out there for everyone”. Pffft. I’ve been told this since I was a kid, and I always believed it…..up until the last few years. It is hard to accept, but I do truly believe that some of us will indeed miss out. You can put in the effort; you can be authentic; you can work on yourself….but in the end, whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not, life – and love- is a bit of a lottery. There are no guarantees any of us will find what we’re looking for. The best we can do is find what makes us tick; be true to ourselves, and continue living our lives. Anything on top of that is a bonus.

    Anyway, thankyou Matt and Steve. I appreciate your insights :)

  23. ROSA says:

    Fun music! Myths are true, specially when you don’t give a chance to the other person you just met. Social media makes us impatient and intolerant. And Yes Mathew, relationships are hard work. You are trying to connect, please, and not dissapear at the same time so it’s very much like a clown balancing balls in the air….

  24. Carla says:

    You Guys Are Adorable, Super Smart/Humble, articulate, sophisticated, also easy to understand. I love how you do what you, with your Family.I hope I do not offend But I love how you Preach Keep Preaching:)To me that means Sharing Truth in a Fun Way. I feel like you are speaking to me, I have begun to make changes over this last year, based on your Wisdom. There is so much content that you give(I love how You Shared with us, that was something you learned, that you were over giving to People who were not as invested, It was such a Privilege( Dictionary has several meanings for Privilege, I like the first meaning for you, “special right” so precious.

    Presentation A+
    Chemistry, A+
    Competency, Content, A+
    Character A+
    Plays well with others,A+:)

    One specific truth:
    Nothing in Life is Easy.

    Then you said knowing Good Hard vs. Bad, Toxic Hard.
    I love how you break it down, are clear.
    Great Job!!!
    Nice seeing You too Together on this, Brothers ,so cool.

    See Humble!

  25. Lisa C. says:

    Great video, guys. I love it when you talk about things together. You’re both so handsome.
    I agree with all the myths here. I don’t really believe any of them so it was no surprise when you debunked them.
    My issue is I have to avoid control freaks. My mother and both husbands were always trying to push me around and control my life. How do I make sure the next guy isn’t a control freak? Can you do a video about that? Maybe show the red flags that you are dating a control freak and how you can avoid them? That’d be very helpful for me and I bet a lot of other ladies out there.

  26. Alexandra says:

    This is one of the best video you guys have created, there is so much value in all you siad. Yes, being positive is a choice and we do have control at every juncture point. Thank yoi for bringing this video today…we all have bought into these limiting belielfs at some point or another and they don’t serve us well. ALl they bring into our reality is that exact thing we believe! Is a mirror image, literally! Amazing conversation! Thank you !

  27. Sarah says:

    Agreed — but wanted to add, that relationships can be EASY for the RIGHT reasons AND the WRONG reasons, too. Having experienced the “easy” relationship that turned out to be marked by abandonment and neglect, I’d say that what feels “easy” might lead one partner (or both) to stop making the effort to build a mutually-satisfying, need-fulfilling and joyful relationship. Just sayin’….

  28. Hecilyn says:

    Two handsome funny hehe

  29. Hecilyn says:

    I don’t believe in LDR cause only one sex want I’m so tired to find a real person

  30. Marsha Bracket says:

    You two are so funny and yet spot on with your advice. I have realized that I have had difficulty in the past when picking men to be with in a relationship. As a kid I always brought home the strays. Unfortunately, I think it continued into my adult life. Now I’m afraid my age is against me. (68). Is that another myth? Love to you both.

  31. Eva JB Hutapea says:

    Typo, Steve Hussey.

  32. Eva JB Hutapea says:

    I agree with number 1, 3 and 5 of Top 5 dating myths. I disagree with mumber 2 and 4 of top 5 dating myths. But I agree about Steve Gusset’s comment for number 2. And I agree about your comment for number 4 of these dating myths, Matt
    Eva Hutapea

  33. Florica Monica Maghiar says:

    I totally agree, been there,done that, Is not easy!

  34. María says:

    This is great. Thanks to both of you!

  35. vera says:

    I absolutely enjoy your videos. And even this one is cute and goofy. You both really look like one another.

    The most eye-opening for me in this video was the idea that you need to focus to replace the feeling. So true. This is definitely sth I will take to heart.

    But while I am aware that certain things and situations in life are challenging, I don`t think that believing that “everything is hard” is a belief that will serve you well in anyway. In fact, quite the opposite. Believing that everything is hard will often generate situations which will mirror exactly this belief.
    So, I hope you yourself don`t get trapped on this one.

    Keep on the fantastic work you do!

  36. Maria Diegor says:

    Thank you for your insights. I appreciate you both

    I agree with you on all points except that great people may be out there but one can’t seem to find anyone of the same maturity level. That’s normally my experience. I’m 58 this year, and the men I have gone out with were all too immature in their thinking. That’s why I believe I’ll never find THE one. Ever.

  37. Tammy Cherry says:

    As a nursing student the questions were, which orange is the right orange? All were right answers but one was more right. I sense this in relationships as well. In myth busting, my answer is, all of them apply. You both brought a different perspective to each myth and made it work. Bravo!

  38. Ezemba Assumpta says:

    Thanks a million times bro. Another myth I want to add to your myths is that “one person holds or sustains a relationship ” probably the strong one or whoever that wants it to work. This is a big fallacy because it takes two to tango. When only one hand is carrying what two hands are meant to carry, it won’t carry it long and it will collapse.

  39. Katina Cook says:

    I agree 100% that relationships are HARD. I mean, the falling-in-love part is easy, but maintenance is HARD. But I grew soooo much! I learned the importance of bringing the best version of myself to the table EVERY day, not just on the first date. I learned how to better communicate. I learned another perspective. Relationships are challenging but can be one of the most effective springboards for personal growth I’ve ever experienced. For me, relationships go stagnant once growth potential dwindles, though. It’s important to keep the spark alive.

  40. Gina says:

    I totally agree on the last one but I think that most guys don’t and the minute you put up a boundry or a standart they back off, they take it as a challenge and they’re not up to it; they just want easy chill things

    And on the other hand, I do think people don’t want to commit this days… even many people who are in relationships are not really commited, and most guys (also some girls but i don’t know that field as good XD) just wanna hang out and chill

  41. Karen0805 says:

    I agree totally from 1-5. A lot of people wants commitment and settling down, including me. The problem is we don’t have much platforms where we can find those kind of people. We cannot get them on dating apps or bars. A meeting with a “friend of a friend” is also not that reliable based on my experience. I had my most painful heartbreak a few weeks ago, and like what you said at number 5, I strongly agree that the right relationship should be hard, like the “right kind of hard” because we became vulnerable when our partners points out the areas needing improvement and growth. On my case, my ex and I failed to work on our egos thus, our relationship was blown hard and came on to a sudden stop. And even if we loved each other deeply, my ex was not ready to face me at all. He was kinda immature and that disapppoints more than everything else, when you are a coward and you cannot fight for someone you love. Blocking me on social media is childish as well. I love him, but time is very important for me. I would probably date someone else sooner and follow your tips.

  42. Arianna says:

    “So here I am, baby!” :’D
    That was my favorite part.

    I love the dispelling of the “relationships should be easy” myth. There are so many people in my life who believe this. I wonder where it came from. Media? I suppose that is why I like films and shows that have honest depictions of relationship. Romantic ideals can be traps.

    Easy is a cop out anyway… who ever grew from an easy experience.

    Glad to see you two together again. :)


  43. Andrea Oldakowski says:

    Why would a guy lead you on for 2 or 3 months only to say he just wants to be “Friends”?

  44. Bunmi says:

    Thanks you guys for doing this. My concern now is, do I have to trash my standards because I want to meet a great guy.

  45. Fernstas says:

    I like this 5 myths, it opens my eyes cause I was looking for the thing that holds me not to go forward.

  46. maryani says:

    l want to make life that can make me live happily an honest man polite understanding royal patient want to accept me what me that is okay thanks so much .

  47. Krista says:

    The only myth I wholeheartedly disagree with you is the great people one and unfortunately it’s the kingpin. There are definitely not enough great people. Men may be ‘working on themselves” but it’s a huge mismatch. Women have been taught to operate at level 10 their whole lives and most men have not, they’ve coasted, they could coast and still thrive on level 2. Women can’t do that we can’t even coast on level 9 let alone thrive. So whilst there may be some men “working on themselves” they’re starting at level 2 and we’re on level 9.

    It’s like you say Matt you need to meet people where they’re at but it’s not possible when the maturity isn’t there yet. We can’t be dating potential great we need actual great.

  48. Sumaira says:

    I am agreed,relationships are never too easy and understandable.its a complex of emotions of two different kind of human beings who are changing and growing with every single minute passing.mathew you are a hero for me and i took every single word serious that come as advice from you.

  49. Loretta says:

    I’m so glad that you brought up the myth “the right relationship should be easy” I have been arguing this point with my sister for years. Easy doesn’t make you grow.

  50. Sheila says:

    Until all men think like Matthew Hussey, I’ll never love again ☺️

  51. Nur says:

    Can i just say that every myths that you both said was true and thats how i feel every time someone approaching me. Now they just shut me down without a word.

  52. Lori M. says:

    OMGOSH… my mind is blown. I became Widowed almost four years ago, and I entered into the dating world again two years ago at the age of 53. Out of frustration I left the dating scene 6 months ago for EVERY SINGLE REASON YOU DISCUSSED! Every. Single. One. I NEEDED to hear this message today. God gives us what we need when we need it. Thank you guys.

  53. Julie says:

    Love the myth busters! ;) <3

  54. Neita Wilson says:

    I think you guys are great. You explained that very very well. And it is interesting to learn about those myths and helpful to hear them truthfully explained. Thank you very much for your help.


    Ok loved this YouTube segment because it’s true! You don’t need to read any of the negativity in the comments. Must get tiring. I agree that relationships are not supposed to be easy and should always make you wirk to be the best ever for your mate/partner/ significant other….etc. relationships are partnerships like that of a business. Working TOGETHER for the common goal! Thank you both!

  56. Marci says:

    I think y’all are awesome! Great info to either learn or be reminded of.

    I just need to get out there more often and/or give internet dating a go.

    Thank you for all you do! I appreciate you (both).

  57. Anita says:

    Thanks Matt,u ‘ve really shed more light on this issue,well I think my problem is the 4th myth about dating ,I guess I really need to work on changing the destructive mindset! thanks.

  58. Alphocina Malaba says:

    Oooooooh uyou guys are awesome im learning a lot of things from you guys.Keep it up

  59. Yvonne says:

    I’m a 57, really close to being 58, white female, professional, educated, street smart, etc. (I’m sure you have heard them all before,) Anyway, I live in a small town in MN right on the ND border. ( Yes, it gets really cold here) most men say they find me attractive for my age, blonde, blue eyed, 5’6”, 145lbs. But I like to date men outside my race. I like African American men. I have tried different dating sites but to no avail. Honestly there aren’t that many Afarican American males in the two cities. What or how do you suggest that I meet these men? I don’t do the bar scene, been there done that, I don’t dine out alone, I don’t attend a church, in fact I don’t do much socializing at all, I’m very much a homebody. I like to classify myself as classy, sassy and a little bit trashy. Hopefully I hear back from you on your suggestions. Thank you! Mnblonde.

  60. Tamar Cohen says:

    This is a great video. I’m wondering how to begin looking for the right relationship when I also want to develop other aspects of my life like career, and personal development. Going back to the myths, it might be hard to really want to commit when a person is trying to develop other aspects in life. I know I would like to be in a relationship that is nurturing and would help me to advance my well being.

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