The Biggest Live Tour I’ve Ever Run (+ Trailer)

I’m planning more back-to-back live events – in more cities – than I ever have before.

So you can actually SEE what these events are like, I had Jameson, my infamous cameraman come out to Seattle for the final event of this year’s tour to cut together a 3-minute trailer clip for you.

My next round of these events are going to be announced VERY SOON.

At these events I’ll be revealing…

– A three step approach to meeting the hottest guy in any room with ZERO chance of rejection.

– The REAL reason he didn’t call back or is blowing hot and cold (and a 3-step method to get him chasing back after you)

– A fool-proof technique for guaranteeing a second date with that one guy you really want it to work out with.

And much, much more.

Oh… and the best part?

(Aside from us getting to spend the entire day together!)

To celebrate I have an exclusive offer for the first 500 women who sign up to make this the most affordable live event I’ve ever run.

We’ve got the locations just about finalised, and if you’re near any major city in the US or Canada (or can get to the UK), I’m probably going to be close.

The gates for tickets will swing open THIS SUNDAY – November 3rd – and we’re going to be going live at 2PM Eastern Time.


These will be life-changing events to super-charge your love life, learn the exact steps you need to meet your dream guy, and a chance for us to meet in-person.

I genuinely could not be more excited about this! Like everything I do, I’m going to strive to make this exceed your expectations in every way, and I cannot wait to come out and meet you.

Whatever burning questions or issues you have in your love life, this event is your chance to solve it.

I’m going to be taking you inside the male mind, revealing the deep, (sometimes even) dark male psychology that will allow you to meet and attract the man of your dreams quickly, and with almost zero effort.

In coming along you WILL get results. It’s as simple as that.

So hang tight and stay tuned.

Because it’s coming!


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54 Replies to “The Biggest Live Tour I’ve Ever Run (+ Trailer)”

  • Mattheeeeeeeew :D
    I hope you’re coming to Toronto TORONTO, just like last time :D
    My friends and I will be there

    Cheers to happiness
    Yaaaaaaay xxxx

  • Hi Matt,
    Please come to Edmonton, Alberta Canada. There is a dire need for your expertise in this city of socially inept men.
    Love the great work that you’re doing!

  • Hey, Matt!! I am soooo excited that I saw this video cuz I was in one of your seminar haha!! Did you mean you are going come to one of the main city in Canada or the US? And the ticket will start to release this Sunday? I did understand exactly..


  • Dear Matt,

    I appreciate that you are building your network in Northern America, but this basically means, that us in Europe have not really gotten a chance to meet you during past 2 years. Come to Central-Eastern Europe. You would be surprised how are women here very special and would appreciate your advice ;).
    Take care,

  • Sweet love of mercy, Man, how is this a *world* tour without Australia? Right I’m just gonna have to set up the Australian leg of your next tour myself.

    1. I’m with you Tj, very disappointed. Maybe we need to start emailing him everyday and get our NZ sisters and South African cousins on board so he can make a Southern Hemisphere tour.

  • Hey Matt, Please don’t forget old blighty and your homeland!!! I would love to visit your talk in a big city this side of the pond – say Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London? :-)

  • Please visit San Diego again on the next tour. I’m so bummed that I can’t make it this time around. This video is so beautiful and inspiring, it just makes you want to jump in and be a part of it :)

    1. From the real Angela K,

      Never leave your computer unattended with your 15 year old cousin around. I want to delete that comment that I’m supposed to have wet myself but it won’t let me delete, so to get things straight, that post is not from me

      Angela x

  • Loved this trailer clip, Matt! You are so passionate it really rubs off :) I’ve got the most amazing relationship with the best guy ever thanks to all your advice – I’m looking forward to seeing more happy people in the world after they get a taste of what you’ve got to say!!

  • Actually did see this….I want you to come to Detroit or Chicago.
    “Meeting you”? I will be in Florida Sunday …..soo… Sooner than you think

  • I love ur show. All what you say is d real deal no doubt, its so sad I havnt had d opportunity to show up liveee.

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