What Makes You Magnetic To A Man?

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In last week’s post I talked about keeping a guy ‘off-balance’ and how you can do it.

One thought from that article was that people are more magnetically drawn to us when we aren’t 100% predictable in our behaviour and thoughts.

I’ve been thinking this week about other traits that make us ‘magnetic’.

I believe magnetism is an essential quality that makes anyone fall in love with us (or at least want to be around us), and therefore a quality we should all aspire to have.

So what is magnetism?

Magnetism is not the same as physical attraction.

Physical attraction is when we create an animalistic tug in someone that drags their eyes in our direction. It’s a flat stomach, cute dimples, puppy-dog eyes, a great smile, a suggestive tattoo, curves in the right places…whatever happens to wake up your blood.

And that physical stuff matters. I won’t lie. There’s no way of having lasting attraction without visual chemistry first.

Diet and exercise, having nice hair and attractive make-up, straight teeth, good posture, wearing fashionable clothes that accentuate your femininity: all of these things do essential work towards turning a guy’s head.

But magnetism is not the same thing.

Magnetism is an unseen but powerful quality we create through our actions. It’s what keeps someone’s gaze in our direction once it’s already there.

When you are magnetic, people are sad to miss out on your company. Friends want you in their life more and more. People want to work with you. A woman who is magnetic is usually the kind of woman a man tells his friends is ‘wife material’.

It’s in things like:

  • Your ability to bring up the mood of those around you (i.e. be a positive influence).
  • Having people look forward to a conversation with you, because you know how to get them to open up about what matters to them.
  • Being someone who can be counted on to make life an adventure.
  • Always having new books, films, theories and ideas you’ve discovered recently. (People committed to having new input are always interesting company).
  • Being known as someone who follows through on your plans, rather than being another talker.
  • Showing the ability to think and act independently and not follow the most popular, conventional or safe opinions of those around you. Be a leader in your own life.
  • Being kind and acting with class to everyone you meet (Do you really want to introduce a snobby jerk to your parents/siblings/cousins?)
  • Not looking down on others who are less successful, good-looking, or happy than you.
  • Being able to handle problems in your life without breaking down or complaining, or looking to someone else to ‘save’ you.
  • Being able to understand your own shortcomings and not hide from them constantly. Maybe even having a sense of humour about them. And never letting your insecurities control you.
  • Not being filled with envy and being able to praise good qualities in others.
  • Being a person who would rather try and fail than not try at all (and who can laugh off the failure afterwards).

These are just a few that spring to my mind.

But as this is a recent thought I’ve had I’d love to keep the ideas flowing on this topic.

So with that in mind, here’s today’s question: What are two qualities you think make someone that ‘magnetic’ person you just want to have in your world? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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