Special Report – 5 IMPORTANT Things Men Want To Hear From A Woman

The age old question women seem to ask themselves and their closest friends is… What do men really want? What do they want to hear that will make them feel more attraction towards me and make them like me?

Well there are a variety of elements that need to go into a relationship, even on the first meeting which help the interaction feel much deeper, natural and interesting. These elements once used will inject humour, boost attraction and keep things fresh.

A few weeks ago I decided to sit down and write a report, telling women EXACTLY what men want… this report would take women inside the male mind and extract the answer to that one burning question. Once you read the report, I believe you’re going to see a side of men that you NEVER would have known about before hand.

But here’s the kicker – it’s totally FREE!

So here it is: 5 IMPORTANT Things Men Want To Hear From A Woman Report

Make sure you download it today, read every word and start applying every tip. Once you do, I’m positive you will see some incredible results with men, even if you’re in a long term relationship or you’re still playing the dating game – this WILL WORK for you.

To your love life.
Matt x

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  1. Sol says:

    Eres un genial !!

  2. Nola says:

    I just got to say you are the best at football.

  3. Eileen says:

    I am meeting someone on Sunday what should I say to him .That will keep him interested in me

  4. Moonlight says:

    How about a girl who want to attract a pour boy??

  5. Tina Kimbrough says:

    Looking forward to getting this information!!

    Thank you!

  6. Sara says:

    I love it

  7. Marisa Elliman says:

    I already do the first 3 things so I think Im doing a pretty good job. But you give better insight. Thank you.

  8. dernicia says:

    mr.Hussey. not good at comments but your advise\tips is very good a.

  9. Cresta Plummer says:

    I have done all the 5 vital lines, and nothing, he is still non commitial. Then, again he is bi polar, so i guess these useful lines dont work on bi polar ppl.

  10. Lola says:

    Great topic! A lot of points your raised are very vital of how to deal with men and own them in away. And the right questions to ask our selves before getting into serious relationship.

    Thanks from all of my heart

  11. Kyle says:

    Does this work for gay guys

  12. jazmin says:

    your looking good today

  13. Andreia says:

    I loved that you putt something I do in bullet points, it’s like you could get into my mind. ;)

    I believe you will do a wonderfull job with the next surprise you are preparing for us.


  14. Yuno says:

    I will tey to say this to some one in the morning

  15. Pinky advani says:

    I like Mathew husseys videos

  16. hannah allen says:

    hey THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. layalye says:


  18. Sara Jestis says:

    Omigod that totally helped I am over harry (guy I like) )I don’t like him anymore) and I have a amazing and understanding boyfriend!

    THANK YOU!!!♥️

  19. sophia says:

    hey i really like this guy but the problems is
    i am dark skinned and he lighter.He only hangs around white people and only on rare occasions with dark. also we both hang around with different crowds.i am really load and bubbly so i try to lightly get to him into that but i need help

  20. Albana says:


  21. heidi says:

    Thanks. I needed to hear this.

  22. UMA S says:

    Hi Mathew!
    Thanks for sharing the secrets U r so generous. Its amazing keys shoud know every women for their successful love life.

  23. Cameron says:

    I really have a crush on a really cute guy but he’s straight but I have been friends with him for 3 years

  24. Selina says:

    hey matt it worked for me! I don’t know about the other women here but I read this before and did it to my bf and it’s true he loved it. in fact I just read it again and told this to him just now and I have been since then that I feel safe and protected physically and emotionally(which I mean too) in his arms and I can see his positive reaction. I feel the joy in him. I believe it really works most importantly if you also mean what you say but these phrases really works. it’s proven and tested for me. I also complimented him about the amount of discipline and being meticulous on his workout and healthy habits and he ended up opening more to me. he’s always being complimented on his good physiques but I guess it’s more meaningful to him when I took noticed on his efforts and details he puts on it so that’s why I think I make him go crazy. I could even show our conversations after I said it those to him. I can testify! ❤️

  25. Barbie atwiya says:

    I really love wat u teach my dia I have a guy I met online we meet December I really don’t want to loose dis one he makes me feel like he is here. But De problem is dat he is still on da dating site I found him .but he treats me well .gives me time. Am just scared he will find another gal we are three months relationship now. Advise me wat to do suchdat we make our relationship dream .I fear telling him to Quit.way shld I do to keep him for me

  26. TAB says:

    While I can appreciate what he is trying to do here for some woman. But let’s be realistic I would listen to him talk all day with that voice and his charming good looks. Some woman are constantly looking for ways to make a man like them. I am not sure that a single man has got this all figured out. What makes him different than any other guy talking about what men really want and like. I don’t think that anyone is an expert on relationships at all.

  27. Marcia says:

    I just saw (belatedly) Matt’s review of man tan complaints. I wished he had addressed the larger and more awkward issue of bullying. Taking pot-shots in the comments section about Matts weight, or tanning adventures, etc. is a type of bullying, and a very UNATTRACTIVE behavior. Maybe a future video reviews why people’s love life suffers when they bully? When they best another, and disregard another’s feelings they will find themselves on the outside looking in. I think the modern day “negative energy” tip-toes too generally around what we used to call “poor breeding”, and “obnoxious behaviors”. Check with your mum, Matt, and see if she agrees…. Thanks for hearing me out;)

  28. Nataliia says:

    I do really need this information.

  29. Lynne Nydick says:

    According to PayPal I just paid $29.95 for a 30 day trial of Matthews program. I cannot find it on my computer. I downloaded it onto an iPad mini and I paid for it and then I lost any capacity to access it can you tell me where it is?

  30. Casual Love says:

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!

  31. Tiwanna Hate says:

    Thank you do much.

  32. chioma says:


  33. David Harry Saidi says:

    Thank you for the advice we are getting from you. If all we had that informatiom we would have a world with no separation or divorce.

  34. Kelly says:

    This is so great! and i definitely have no problem doing this but what if your guy never really compliments you? is it bad? how can you make it okay for him to compliment you, etc?

  35. music videos says:

    Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful post.
    Thank you for providing this information.

  36. Dyane Loney says:

    Thank you for the insight! But how do you handle telling a guy your a virgin and want to keep it that way?

  37. Ellie says:

    Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Thank you, However
    I am encountering difficulties with your RSS.
    I don’t understand the reason why I am unable to join it. Is there anybody else having the same RSS problems?
    Anyone who knows the answer can you kindly respond?

  38. Chipo says:

    So Mathew i could really really use your help
    This guy approached me and we have been talkin for the last month. I ended really falling for him and i am the type of person that hates keeping my feelings in so i told him i like him. It was the first time i ever said that to be honest. He responded by sayin its cute..this was over the phone by the way i couldnt really have the courage to say it in person. He really wanted to talk about but i couldnt i was overwhelmed. But he said he would ask me on the next day But i still couldnt handle it. However on the same day i told him i told he could talk about it in a sutle way i guess it wasnt enough. So now i dont know how feels. Two weeks after that i decided maybe it was better for him to forget it and focus on our friendship. But he sort of ignored the message and carried on as normal.
    But the problem is he is also having an affair with his friends girlfriend its been goin on for four months. The girlfriend just uses him when ever she fights with her boyfriend. Even while talkin to me i am pretty sure hes somewhat continuing the affair. He’s always attentive to me he calls he texts every single day he always invites me over asks me to go out on dates with him…i still havent yet because i mainly Dont have the time and as well as am scared does he really like me and does he actually want to be with me. Thats why i decided to take back my confession because i didnt want to part of his game. I feel bad for friendzoning him but hes not respecting my feelings. I Dont really know what to do i really like him but i dnt what i should do he does all of this he shows me alot of attention but hes still having that affair. I’m afraid to talk to him about it because then i feel like am pushing my feelings onto him and to be truthful i Dont want the attention to stop. But i Dont want to be hurt i Dont want to look back on the first time i shared my feelings with someone in bad way.
    So Mathew please i need help…Haha its a really confusing complicated situation isnt it, so what should i do..do i keep up talkin to him because i dnt mind keeping our friendship. But i like him alot do i give up on or does he like me too?

    • Alrady says:

      move on.. a guy messing around w/ friends qirlfriend isn’t worth time of day. set up a list of character traits you value and look at values before committing your heart.

  39. get back ex boyfriend says:

    Now, you may say that it’s easy to say, relax and wait, but how can you put yourself at ease. This is exactly why you can’t stay
    put, can’t stay quiet, and can’t sit idly by doing nothing when your
    boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you. Would you be prepared to make change if you were given a
    second chance.

  40. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you for these awesome reminders, Matt! I really love reading your insights.

    And just so you know, you look sexy in ANY shirt.

  41. Sage says:

    Thanks again — surely needed the 5 reminders. Just for the record, I’m a widow who’s survived being stalked twice. Because of that, I consider my relationship issues/challenges different than a lot of people. Your advice/blog helps. Your book helps. You’re okay for a Brit/Londoner. I’m an American Southern Gal who hopes to attend your seminar when I’m able.

  42. Sandra says:

    Hey Matthew!

    I absolutely loved this advice! Finally, some straight up honest advice from a man who knows what he’s talking about. I’ve been forgetting to give my man any praise, and I think just from this advice our relationship is going to get straight back on track.

    Can’t wait to see what’s in the ebook! xx

  43. Maria Demetriou says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’ve been to one of your seminars, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also love getting your emails because they are always positive and uplifting.

    My query is, I’ve dated men in the past and gone on several dates with them before getting intimate. Here is the thing though, the minute I do get intimate with them the sex seems to take over everything and being treated with respect or being acknowledged in any way seem to go out the window, in other words they stop making an effort.
    How do I reinforce good behaviour from a guy, what can I do to get a balance.
    I can’t spend the rest my life dumping men to preserve some dignity!
    This is really starting to affect my confidence since I have tried to apply the ‘reward good behaviour, not bad behaviour’ theory.
    Also I seem to attract men who are far too young for me when really I would rather meet someone older who has more life experience and is a little more sophisticated.
    Where do I go from here, I’m thirty-eight years old and clearly I’m going wrong somewhere.
    The longest relationship I’ve ever had was fifteen years ago. Since then nothing seems to last.

  44. Lynda says:

    Thank you So much Matt for all your insights……but I was thinking also along the lines of the above comment from Soo. What if you find that its yourself doing all the good stuff and it becomes one sided…maybe that’s the clue to move on?

    Really looking forward to the ebook ! L xx

  45. Soo says:

    Hey Matt,
    This is good, and all makes sense to me……..and something I definitely did continuously in my last relationship, not because I thought I had to, but because I wanted to & meant it. But I ended up being the only one of us who did this! It was all one-sided and I felt completely taken for granted in the end, and when we finally broke up, he had gone from being quite low in confidence & overweight, to full of confidence about his attractiveness, and lost a load of weight….. and yes, you guessed it, found someone else within 3 months of us breaking up, after he’d told me “he couldn’t be in a relationship now or in the near future”!!!!!!! What did I do wrong?!?!?!

  46. Hazel says:

    Matthew you really are the greatest (next to my boyfriend of course). I have automatically done 1.3.4 & 5 it was working then i simply stopped for a while don’t know why but now i know what the problem is and having had a nudge back in the right direction i’m hoping things will improve as they have been a little strained of late so these should do the trick and i’m working on bringing number 2 in, but do it in such a way so he doesn’t feel i’m too dependent on him or too needy with him.

    Thank you so much you really have made my day and probably, not only resurrected, but, also saved my relationship. For that you have my eternal gratitude.

    Thank you Love Hazel x

  47. Maria says:

    “I believe in you.” One of the simplest and most powerful things you can say to anyone in lots of different situations; man, child or friend. This is a really effective idea.

  48. Felicity says:

    What a great start to my day. Opening my Inbox to this free report. Thanks Matt, keep em coming!

  49. Susan says:

    Love your stuff Matt! :)

    I find whenever I give my guy validation for something, he does more of it.

    I recently started admiring his cooking and DIY skills. I always liked these things about him but often took them for granted so he would sometimes not want to do them. Now these are never a problem in our house! ;)

    Susan xxx

  50. Nes says:

    Hi matt, really great report, I agree with you on all the points, I have been in a 3 year relationship and used the 3rd one, which was – I believe in you, worked so well, my guy said that from that moment on he had complete trust for me and loved me for saying it. I’ll be looking over this regularly I think!


  51. Carly miss says:

    Love love love this! You always write in such a clear and easy to read style, PLEASE keep this stuff coming, I need this more than anyone I think. I feel as though I’m far too dramatic when it comes to dating so that’s my biggest downfall. Do you think these things would work if you weren’t in a relationship, like would they push the guy away?

  52. Sarah F says:

    Matt, this was a very simple and quick read, loved each of the 5 things. I knew most of them already but just convinced myself that they wouldn’t work because they sound a little cheesy in my own head. I think that’s down to me though.

    Any chance you can do a video on this with some more things that women can say? I know I’d personally find that helpful. Thanks!


    • Paris says:

      Sarah, I sometimes feel the same. But I think it’s really the approach that matters. The ways we will find for ourselves. Sometimes you don’t even have to say it, it is enough just to look at him or hug him in a situation and he will feel what you mean. (I remember once my boyfriend just hugged me instead of an apology, another time just touched my face when I was down and it was perfectly enough. By the way, these are among the most beautiful memories of my life)

  53. Pilar says:

    Great read! Really think the second point on “I really need you” is going to help me most, I’m definitely going to use this one. Thanks matt

  54. Linda says:

    Nice little report, informative, and fun. I’m looking forward to seeing more like it. L x

  55. Karen says:

    YOU GUYS ROCK! Please keep giving us girls this advice, it is truly inspiring and I wish I’d had it years ago. Can’t wait for the ebook! Karen x

  56. Karen says:

    I like this because it’s not just superficial techniques, it’s about genuinely making the person your with feel great. I really agree with the idea that if someone feels special around you then they won’t want anyone else. I think people just aren’t confident enough themselves to even think about making the person they’re with feel good about themselves. They’re afraid that it’s going to make the person too egotistical or something, but if you do it genuinely (and make it about more than their looks!) then it WORKS!

    Keep up the great work Matt ; ) xxx

  57. Jen says:


    Thanks for giving me an interesting read over my morning coffee.

    What you say about being involved in each others passions is so true. Too many couples keep their passions separate or don’t show any willingness to ask about them, but from my experience just showing a bit of interest in what a guy is passionate make the bond between you much stronger.

    Also, your point about showing a guy you believe in him is the MOST important in my opinion. You can’t believe how much a man feels spurred on when you tell him he can do anything!

    All the best Matt,

    Jen x

  58. Michelle says:

    This is really cool, and thanks for making it free! I actually did the 3rd point you said with an outfit my guy was wearing one evening and now he’ always wearing it where possible because he knows it turns me on! This stuff really works! Nice one!

  59. Mary says:

    Hey Matt! LOVED THS!!! It’s stuff that we know we should be doing but so often forget. Having quick and easy reminders to do these things are so helpful and really do make the difference. I can’t wait to see more like this. Keep it coming : ) xx

  60. Anna says:

    Hey Matt!

    Finally, someone who can be straight up and tell women what they need to hear about keeping men attracted in relationships. I think that a lot of women go so far out of their way now to prove they’re independent and don’t need men, that they forget to give men any praise at all.

    Loved it, and it’s what more women need to read! x

  61. joey says:

    I really like this, and i think it’s good to know what your man wants cause i think relationships are about giving, and knowing what someone wants is knowing what to give them. and this clarified things for me, so thanks!

  62. Joanne says:

    Matt you hit the nail on the head.
    Funny all this but because I have been married before, have done all this sometimes I grow tired of it. It is so essential to be so be so positive with your partner.

    I have been in a relationship with for about 6 years and did what you not supposed to gone to his houses six nights a week, cooking, cleaning, etc. when i asked to share the days half my place and half his, Guess what? I don’t have to tell you. He found someone else, Anyway lessons we learn. He has been coming back over and over approx. 4 years I feel I am wasting my time as soon as I am kind snd loving he goes back to aomeone else he met 3 years ago. I had to mske a clean bresk which happened 2 mth. ago in which he called me once two weeks ago and said he thinks about me every day, wanted to catch up I said NO. I must say nothing is ever to much for me I am very generous and giving.
    We had a lot of love and passion in the relationship.
    “I need help” because I want to get it right this time I am dating several man just coffee and talking there is something I am not doing right I just know . I can’t wait for your e book Thank YOu Matt.
    Regards Joanne

    • matthewhussey says:

      Hey Joanne! Thanks for letting me know about your situation. I love your passion and your energy, it sounds like you really want to go out there and get things right this time. I’ll keep you posted on the ebook, can’t wait to get your feedback on it!

  63. Bryony says:

    Hi, you probably know the 5 things skip No 5 and go straight to 6 in the text. Fun enjoyable read.

  64. Lucinda says:

    Sorry Matt but it made me cringe reading the 5 things men want to hear i.e. constantly stroke my ego so I can feel good about myself. I’m all for respecting and supporting our partners but this stuff is demeaning.

    • matthewhussey says:

      Hey Lucinda! I know what you mean by the ego stroking point! There are some people who are needy to the point of desperation, and it’s unattractive when someone needs to hear these things 24 hours a day. However I think we all need validation and reassurance in our relationships, and the one person that can make us feel more amazing than anyone in the world is the person we’re intimate with. Everyone wants to feel needed and significant in their partners lives; in those key moments where it matters. Unfortunately I think alot of people tend to forget these things until it’s too late.

      Thanks for posting though, really appreciate your feedback!

  65. bellati says:

    thank you so much!!!

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