When He Says “I Need Time,” You Say This…

Ever had a guy who swings between making you feel like he wants no one else in the world and suddenly pulling away and freaking out?

It’s easy to assume that you somehow have to figure out what’s going on his head and convince him of the right choice.

Instead, I want you to do this…

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21 Replies to “When He Says “I Need Time,” You Say This…”

  1. As someone trying to leave a relationship with an alcoholic, the red flags come up twice during the video. My situation is more common than you would imagine.

  2. I met a guy in a dating site. Very charming and of course we met. First flag and I know I should have walked away immediately was when he told me that his divorce was not finalized ☹️ . But I said well he’s been honest so I went and continue. Now 3 months later and intimate, he tells me he enjoys everything that he does with me, going out,spending time together, our sex, etc. But he’s not ready for a relationship and he knows that’s no fair for me. But he’s still calls me every day and want to do everything like in a relationship. I’m so confused. Part of me wants to walk away and the other wants to hang and wait.

  3. I am in a situation, which i can’t handle. I love my boyfriend so much but he betrayed our love, hurt me so badly he cheated and got the lady pregnant, he asked forgiveness which i did but I can’t be in the relationship with him..i feel so angry when he texts me or calls but sometimes I feel like i should try to give him another chance. I honestly don’t know what to do about this.

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