When You Feel Alone After Heartbreak (3 Secrets To Moving On)…

It’s nearly 2019. Maybe you’re missing someone right now as the holidays roll around.

But now is not the time to mourn. Now is the time to truly begin your healing and put yourself back together before next year begins.

Here’s what you need to know to finally move on…

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40 Replies to “When You Feel Alone After Heartbreak (3 Secrets To Moving On)…”

  • Thank you I just listened to
    Your advice as I sit IP
    From my partner only yesterday and am suffering. You have helped me a lot from regretting and blaming myself. So thank


  • These words were exactly what I needed to hear today and have given me strength and hope. Thank you so much Matthew!

  • The guy i met that has hurt me was constantly putting me down started off as a joke then his putting mr down became on a daily bases…hey! Said Whats wrong why you doing this.

    Hed laugh and tell me he got a kick out of putting me down
    He wouldnt hug me or show any emotion when i was upset or feeling down …hed add to it by calling me a name or walk out saying i was misrable to be around …
    What was wrong with me i was missing this man wow!

  • Such perfect things to hear. Going through break up sadness at the this time, I broke up with him, not that i wanted to but i knew I needed to do it. This is so on point. Always. Thank you and happy holidays.

  • This video is tremendously helpful!! Thank you so much for the practical guidance and advice. All points were spot on. It’s a relief that someone understands and also offers help for what to actually do about it. Very grateful!!!

  • Thank very much beautiful message I need to hear that really going threw a hard break been betrayed so badly

  • The advice you give is helping me in a major way this holiday season, especially with my marriage ending and being alone once again. I know my life is changing for the better. Thank you for the encouragement and enlightenment you give to so many people, including myself.

  • Especially like the part about the reasons people give us for breaking up and about how if we had been different (if we had had the qualities we thought we needed for the relationship to go well), the whole dynamic would have been different and we might not even have ended up with this person in the first place

  • What should you do when you have an forgettable memories with him spend many years with him and the next day he says he no longer wants you but he still loves you. When he was the only perfect guy you ever imagined your self with ,you try so hard to forget but it’s impossible cause you love him to much

  • Matthew,
    I love you so much. There is something about you that is so special. Please keep doing what you do. You are a special gift to all of us. I cry when I watch most of your videos because they are so sweetly delivered. Your love and your concern for the women you work with shines through in every word you say. Thank you for giving us your heart and showing us that there are men that truly care. I am so grateful for your message.

  • Honestly Matt, before I watched this video i was blaming myself badly for the break up by my partner. I realized that he’s having inferiority complex (after I reviewed our previous discussions with him) based on my grade level at work & projects am in to even before the relationship began. His comments didn’t ring any bell then. But now am clear. Thanks Matt.

  • In pain. how do I move on without the love of my life.
    I am sad.
    Bt – I am ok /only my heart is broken.
    I am secure.
    I have my wonderful family/children. + 2 Grandchildren.
    HoweverI choose to keep stuff to myself.
    at my age how silly to complain of a broken heart. !

  • Hello Matthew
    Three years ago, I was there, by myself with a little baby in my arms, alone, feeling guilty and with hole in my hart. It took a month to realice that no mater what I had to keep on going and stand up and I did most of your advice, for the first time in my life I focus my attention in myself, I was selfish enough to understand that If I want to see my doughter happy again first I was the one to be happy and sharw that happinest and confidence with her. I have a circle of my friends, I cut all the thing that can hurt if I see my ex hasband, social media out, friends in common out, family out, I dont say it was perfect but at that time was painfull to see them, beging to lern new thing Tango, cooking, read different things, yoga, meditation, you name it I did it, my family was insane but for the record I found that I love the person that was flourishing, the joy to be happy with myself. After three years I could say that my divorce was the best thing that happen in my life, I was hell but give me the chance to found the beutifull woman I am, thanks to help us to be more present, not for a guy is for ourselfs. Thanks

  • Excellent! Best advice so far. I split with him. What you said, his view was the convenient reason it wasn’t good (not necessarily the real truth.) AND THE BEST- This IS what happened, I became stronger in myself and it revealed what He WASNT WILLING TO GIVE!
    Thank you very much.

  • Forgive and reframe. These will be valuable for me in this time of change from being married to being divorced. The thing I am having trouble with is how to know what I was bad in the relationship for me to fix. I will try to utilize teaching.

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