Where To Meet The Best Men – The Results!

Pretty varied locations right? You can meet a guy anywhere.

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Before you go you…

Question of the day : )

What is the the best line a guy has ever said to you?

Can’t wait to read your answers in the comments. The best will be read out in next weeks video.


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185 Responses to Where To Meet The Best Men – The Results!

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  1. Gabi says:

    Hey Math :)
    Thanks girls for ideas :D

    It doesnt happen often to me as i may look buisy and serious or scared that if guy come i dont understand if he likes me or trying to get in pants. As i got some rude approaches from drunk guys or player.

    Some cute ones

    We were doing some common project ‘well that is a real woman, brave, energetic, well done’

    ‘What woul ladie want? I said ‘carefull, ladies might want a lot’ he necame very energetic ‘just say i will do it’

    The thing is he is married so im probably relaxed and confidented arround and dont want any attention like this. Still nice words

    My last boyfriend was really cute. We worked togeather and he kept thinking loudly and telling all incredibly tiny things he notices about me,

    ‘You twist so nice’
    ‘Your voice is beutiful’
    ‘You wor so fast, you spin so soft’
    ‘Your hair looks so soft, your eyes are so bright’
    ‘There are some light inside of you. Youre different than other girls’

    When finally came and told everything all scared and bluahed it was scary and cute:)

    One after
    ‘No one ever asked me questions you do. Ive never thought or talked about that’

    ‘You make me feel strong and week at the same time’ these are my favorites.

    And i said once ‘when im with you i feel home’ he liked it a lot

    One guy in studyclass left short poem on my desk after we had a task to play interview. I didnt know him and was scared as he looked big and angry. Still i decided to be playful just for fun and played that interview. I was amazed as poem was about things i told him on interview.

    Onec i ran into guy inelevator asked if he is going down. And he said hes goin up and asked to join. I did he said he would take me for a drive in city as he is post man. But i was in a hurry and got confused didnt know if it was a playful joke. Just laughed and got confused

    Its nice to remember:) and i notice i get attention like this from guys i dont want to be at first or from married or the ones in relationships. One boyfriend of my friend told he is sure all guys are chasing after me. That was nice:) although its not true

    I cant get this attention from guys i want. I become scared or think they dont like me or being selfprotective or serious pretending i dont care about them. No i try to let myself blush and play show if i like u guy;)

  2. Anni says:

    Met 1 guy from taking an inner city train. He chased after me. That was in early 2011. Relationship lasted 5 months, went 1 year before I heard or seen him again, ran into him another year later; occasionally get creeper texts just to hook-up for sex but have since declined.

    Met another guy from getting lunch at MY local neighborhood coffee shop. (Sunday, August 31, 2014). He was getting lunch with his cousin from out of town, whom long story short played sports with my grade school classmates in a totally different city, so we have something in common. He realistically doesn’t like me because I’m too smart for him but puts up with me since his cousin and me have some mutual “friends” from childhood.

    Met a guy who was returning to his workshop while I was leaving the beach and heading back to work. Relationship lasted 2 months. (2010).

    Met a guy at a bookstore coffee shop (since has closed) (2009-2010).

    Met a guy who was the mutual friend of another mutual friend of a friend. Summer fling 2011.

    Met a guy who’s local at a tech conference. Lasted 4 weeks (Oct-Nov 2013).

    Former neighbor (2013). This was my most turbulent to date. On and off and once it was off, he secretly stalked me to the point I forced him to move.

  3. Mimi says:

    Best line -kinda. More like a best “move”… In a bar, Main street in Venice, Cali, killing time for traffic to die down, yes alone…Guy comes up to my barstool, orders a drink, says Hi and whatever else, it was happy hour, bar packed, he genuinely asked to see the new Galaxy cell phone I had in front of me, explaining he might convert from his iPhone and could he see it, his face not wavering…”Of course” and handed it to him, and in response to his shock I didn’t have a passcode on my phone, I explained If someone wants to see what is in my phone, what they see is not my issue, he began pushing buttons on it, checking it out…THEN …BREAKING THE SILENCE was his cell phone ringing in his pocket. He pulled out THE SAME PHONE AS MINE, clicked it off, clicked mine off and handed it back to me. I was completely confused, ‘something just happened’ ‘huh?’ ‘what did he just do’ kinda thoughts were swirling… And through a foxy little sly smile he says: “I’m gonna call you, and you’re going to go on a date with me.” Thank God he was gorgeous, too, cause gotta tell ya -No matter if he even looked like Woody Allen, I was going! (Lightbulb! Hmm, so that’s how ol’ Woody gets the teens -interesting.)

  4. Natasha says:


    I listened to your video blog this morning before I went to work. Quite unexpectedly an old acquaintance that I had palled around with in High School was in my office and dressed very sharply I might add. I have run into him over the years off and on and even chatted once about his single brother. Today he seemed different, professional, strikingly handsome. We got to chatting and he mentioned he had been at our business the evening before and noticed that I worked here from my photos. First ding went off in my head..I asked why are you dressed so nicely today. He responded that it’s always good to dress up. He asked if I could chat with him, so I took my break and asked him how things were going. He rated life an A-, and divulged his marriage had ended due to infidelity on her part. Second ding went off in my head..I gave my condolences about the situation. Then somewhat surprisingly I forwardly said “Perhaps if we are both single we could date”. He didn’t skip a beat and pointed out he wouldn’t date a friend and that also I worked for his biggest client. Very sound logic, so I was no worse for the wear. When finished up and gave each other a hug goodbye. No sooner than how long it took me to walk to my office I received a phone call from him. Immediately he pointed out that all the while we were talking and he made that statement of how he wouldn’t date me, that his mind was screaming at him “Yes you would you idiot!!”…So he just had to call me to set things straight. I haven’t gotten much done at work today because I feel a little giddy inside at this whole surprising turn of events. Plus we have been flirting by text all day.

    This experience has taught me a few things. First, pay attention to signs a guy puts out… like dressing nicely around you (when his job doesn’t require it), asking if we can chat for a while, and divulging personal information that indicates he’s single…Second, it certainly cannot ever hurt anything more than a small ego bruise to flip a handsome man a compliment or insinuate wanting to get to know him better. And lastly, that even when logic dictates a man shouldn’t date me, that if he’s really that into me, he will..That last one was a real eye opener because previously and recently I have always made excuses for men not calling, or saying they don’t want a relationship. Things like he’s broken and doesn’t trust a woman so he’s pushing me away because he really really likes me and doesn’t want to get hurt….(which may or may not be true) but regardless, why did I waste my time trying to be desperate and convince someone how awesome I am and how we really belong together….Uh, uh….Hell NO, not making that mistake again…..If a man is just not that into me then his loss and I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for meeting Mr. Right, where and when I least expect it.

    Much love to you Matthew. I just adore the shit out of ya. If this doesn’t work out with the new guy I’m coming for you! ♥

  5. Rhonda says:

    This woman was looking to move into town & she was low on funds so I wanted to help her out. I was shocked how beautiful she was & had such a great personality. She was dressed for a job interview when I met her. She was INCREDIBLY thankful…& to boot, her step son (whom I ended up meeting later) was as hot as they come! I learned a few valueable lessons from this: very attractive people either produce, or associate with other attractive people, so make friends with hotties!… Oh.. & be nice to older people, they may know something you don’t. ;)

  6. Meghan says:

    I’ve been told on two different occasions, in two different countries, that I have nice teeth. Guess I have nice teeth…or is that a common pick-up line now?

  7. Shaina says:

    Many American men like to go for the humorous/corny approach to pick up lines which is always quite amusing, but my favorite approach is when a man approaches me with precious sincerity :),” Vos yeux sont pleins de charme.” ( your eyes are full of charm) has probably been my favorite. Something about being told you are charming makes it impossible not to smile :).

  8. Leeah says:

    “We were just talking about you.” I wasn’t sure that I heard him correctly and responded with Excuse me? He smiled and said “You don’t know me, we’ve never met, and I don’t want to take you away from your friends but I must tell you that when you walked in the room tonight, everyone’s focus shifted, especially mine. I have to know your name.” Whether it was true or not, it was quite flattering…A pick up line that I won’t forget.

  9. Rowan says:

    Nobody has ever used a pickup line on me. Nor has anyone ever asked me ‘why’ questions (unless they were under the age of 10). Only very undesirable blokes have told me that they fancy me. And in each case they were very direct. “I fancy you” or “I like you”

  10. Trish says:

    “A woman without freckles is like a sky without stars” :D

  11. Emily says:

    “I don’t normally do this but I just have to tell you that you have the most amazing eyes.” That worked. The best (non-cheesy/gross) line, though, is someone who simply smiles and sincerely says, “hi, how are you?”

  12. Ashleigh says:

    Your going to look so beautiful in white. He was implying a wedding dress, due to my current level of purity that I’ve chosen to maintain.

  13. Lot says:

    Yesterday I was walking through town when this guy came up to me and said ‘you’re beautiful and I’m sure you’ve heard that before, but I really want to know what’s behind that mysterious smile.’ I liked it!

  14. Plamena says:

    “You look so perfect”

  15. Haley Jay says:

    At airport checkpoint waiting in line for four hours when the cutest officer greets me at my turn,

    “You wouldn’t believe it when I tell you, but I’ve been waiting for you the whole day.”

  16. Katie says:

    Hi Matthew! I’ve been told verbatum that “You’re too pretty to talk to.” Which then stemmed into me asking if I’m intimidating and 3/3 guys said “yes”. So I’ve been told I’m “too pretty, too tall, and too articulate” and thats why I don’t get approached. So this is sort of a backwards answer to your question. But I would also love to know your thoughts on it. I’m absolutely not trying to sound self centered or anything, but I refuse to dumb myself down to get a guys attention, so I’m at a loss.

    Love your videos! So thankful to have someone like you to help us out in these aspects of our lives!


  17. M says:

    Hi Matthew,

    I went to one of the event in London and I remembered the advice, Look friendly and smile!. So, the moment that I did not forget to do that, there were some good results.
    I remembered that one guy started to talk to me, when I was asking someone else a question : then I did not look at him but turned away unconsciously, but then I thought, ups, it was not my intention , now I can see that he thinks I am not interested. I even walked away. Made that mistake.
    But then I remember the lesson.
    For me especially the smiling part works very well, since I unconsciously look very serious or angry in my face. Shut-up more and listen interested to the guy. or not try to walk away from him.
    But it is hard, I keep forgetting and do the things that I am used to.

  18. Ashley Burns says:

    One of my guy friends (who’s married btw) complimented me with this during conversation

    “I like your name, because it’s a sentence”

  19. Jean Biszewski says:

    I actually bought your book to give to my daughter after she broke off a long term relationship. I read it first so I could be her coach. Well, one night we went out to have dinner at a sports bar near our house to have dinner and watch a hockey game. She was very busy talking to the couple next to her. I sensed that the guy next to me was interested in her. So, I ended up having a long conversation with him. I felt he was a great guy so I kept encouraging her to pay more attention to him. As we were about to leave, he asked if she would like to go out. Well, it’s seven months later and they are still dating. It has turned out to be a serious relationship. A little help from Mom didn’t hurt!

  20. Sandra says:

    So I was at my favorite little tea house, trying to get some work done. I am a regular there, so they know me by name and I always chat a bit with the owner and waitresses. I’ve decided to try all the tea flavors they offer. I’ve been going there for two years now and have never repeated a tea flavor.
    Anyway, I wear glasses with a light orange shade to filter the light from the computer screen. So I am at this place and a guy who was also enjoying some tea, walks up to me and says, “excuse me miss.” I looked up at him. He said, “I am wondering why a woman with the most beautiful eyes Y have ever seen, has the nerve to cover them up with the most horrific glasses I have ever seen.” Ha, I was a bit shocked but I thought his comment was unique. So I invited him to join me and had quite a funky conversation. He is a photographer and since then, we’ve done many photo shoots just for fun. He really does like my eyes… the guy can’t stop photographing them.

    • Sandra says:

      Oh, the last one. I went to a store and when about to pay, the cashier guy asked, “Did you find everything okay, Hot stuff?” I was like… Did he just call me hot stuff? So I replied, “Well yes, sweetie pie.” and smiled at him. He totally blushed. I think he didn’t realized that he called me hot stuff. I think he was thinking out loud. Hilarious.

  21. Carmen says:

    Did you eat lucky charms for breakfast? Because your lookin magically delicious! Matt if you did not know already Lucky Charms is a brand of cereal that we sell here in the U.S. I gasped, then smiled and I invited him to have a cup of coffee. I normally don’t do well with pick up lines but he made me laugh. That’s the key for me “Laughter”

  22. Addie says:

    The best line I guy ever said to me was, I have been sitting here all night watching other guys hit on you all night. The funny thing about this scene is, you don’t even realize they are doing it. Do you realize just how beautiful you are? Then he sat down and bought me a drink. It was a nice conversation.

  23. Thirza says:

    Hi Matthew right now i’m sitting in a diffucult situation.
    My internship Goes good but i’m tired of the childish boys Who are there -___-
    They not even think with there brains but only with there underside.
    My parents are right now in relationtherapy and my father acting like he dont know anything. I’m angst Scared what’s gonna happen.
    My Mother was Crying what my father did all i can say he just sit on websites “The not normal websites” you know what i mean.
    My question is can i talk to anybody About it on my internship??
    Or must i solve my problem on my own and talk About it with nobody. Execept my family sister and Mother and grandma??
    I have nobody to talk with execept you Matthew i reall Would like to have you as my friend in Reality ;)

    Please response otherwise everything runns out off control not to push you or something but really.

    Thanks Greetz Thirza ;)

  24. Kay says:

    Thank-you Matt for getting me out of the Victorian era where I have to be properly introduced and the man has to call first and I wait for him to show his interest first.
    I need a big push to get out there, maybe several pushes.

  25. Betti says:


    I was in Spain with Erasmus scholarship and I decided to go to an Irish Pub (there are a LOT in Spain) because I love Irish music.
    The band was really good, I just enjoyed the music and felt great. When they took a break, the guitarist came up to me and said in Spanish: “Are you with Belén?” He pointed to a hippy-looking girl I was standing next to. I said no. He said: “I’m glad. I would have hated myself if we had met before and I hadn’t noticed you.”
    We dated for a month, then, unfortunately, I had to come home, but we’re still in touch. :)

  26. Christa says:

    The best line I ever heard actually came to me online.
    “If you were invited to a food fight, what would you bring?” Definitely deserved a reply!

  27. Jennie says:

    From my former college crush who I wanted to see again for the first time after 17 years, but I wouldnt be able to for a month, so I asked him if he’d wait for me. He said “I’ve waited for you for 20 fucking years, I’m going to wait for you for another month!”

  28. Cait says:

    The sweetest thing a guy has ever said to me or maybe it was just that he was extremely hott, was when I flew to Italy to sing at church. I had just got there walked in the door and they wanted be to sing, not being able to sleep on the flight my singing was off to say the least. After he came up to me knowing hardly any English and said “Bella, are all Americans this beautiful and sing like you?”

  29. Agostinha Jacinto says:

    really…i cant remember any line some guy said to me….isnt this sad?


  30. Sarah says:

    It was my day off and I was spending it in San Francisco. I was having some coffee at a small café and journaling when this man walked in. He said, “I saw you through the window as I was walking by. Could I sing you a song?” Uh, what?….I hesitantly said sure half in shock at how awkward this was and out of curiosity. He proceeded to half sing and rap, making scene in this café, and then asked me to lunch.

  31. Emaline says:

    While I was walking along the college campus this guy walked up to me and said ” Is your face from McDonald’s? Because I’m Mclovin it!” I looked at him awkwardly and walked away as he yelled “Don’t make this weird!”

  32. Haley says:

    Worst pickup line was “do you have a library card? Because I want to check you out”. I just found that one creative and hilarious. There was this other guy who asked me while I was checking out of a shoe store asking if I “was European because I had that foreign look about me”? I’m not sure if he meant it as a general analysis or if he was flirting. Any thoughts as to what the statement means, ladies and Matt?


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