#AskMatthewHussey “Why Do Men Lie?”

In this week’s video we mix things up a bit…

I’ve taken video questions from viewers, and answer everything from:

-3 key things I’d go back and tell my teenage self
-My favourite performers, and
-My top 3 “idols”

I also get into a question on why men lie, and what can be done to avoid it…

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50 Responses to #AskMatthewHussey “Why Do Men Lie?”

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  1. Anie says:

    Hey Matt – Can you please post up a pic of Jameson? We are dying to see him :)

    Great snip it’s of advise by the way – shows that the challenges we women face are universal and not just confined to us here in good old Blighty x

  2. Anie says:

    Hey Matt – Can you lease post up a pic of Jameson? We are dying to see him :)

    Great snip it’s of advise by the way – shows that the challenges we women face are universal and not just confined to us here in good old Blighty x

  3. Dy says:

    I really enjoy watching you and listening to you.
    Even is the topic has nothing to do with me.


  4. Tess says:

    Hi, Matthew!

    First off, I want to thank you so much for you insight and advice on dating. It has helped me become successful and happy not only in my love life, but also in my overall social life.

    Recently, my SO and I talked about our past experiences with men and women. I believe I remember you talking in a video about why we shouldn’t bring up those topics because they create insecurities. I have unfortunately learned this lesson the hard way.

    When my SO and I were talking, I learned about the woman he had been in love with before me. They had never dated– she had a boyfriend and essentially used him for emotional comfort when she was having trouble with her SO. He stopped pursuing her the month we started dating. He mentioned that he still talks to her from time to time, but assured me that I didn’t have anything to worry about.

    A few days ago, I noticed that she had recently texted him (I accidentally saw it when he pulled up his messages on his phone– I promise I wasn’t snooping!) It kills me to admit that it bothers me knowing that he still talks to her. The truth is, I don’t want her to use my SO for emotional support, I also don’t want him to use her for emotional support either. I trust that he isn’t cheating on me, and that when he says he loves me he means it. However, I find that knowing he’s talking to an ex flame makes me feel insecure.

    My question is, how should you deal with insecurities in a relationship? Are there certain ones you should discuss with your partner? Are there certain ones you should simply just “get over?”

    Thank you,


  5. Martha Del Valle says:

    Hi, Matthew.
    I want to ask you something by your sites, but I’m locked to follow you on Twitter and in Facebook, I can’t give “like or comment” Do I believe that I am not to your liking!? Honestly I dont understand Why? Ok. my 2nd Question:
    What kind of journey do you recommend to any single woman, where she can meet people? Hopefully not say cruises, hotels or tours for “singles” that’s trite and lil boring.
    THX!! I hope you answer me but if I weren’t the case?
    I will understand that I must do nothing for your sites to avoid disturbing.
    Good Night+Happy New Year 2015! wish you the best for your life forever! 1000xo
    Martha Elena

  6. Viki says:

    Hi Matt
    I loved the video, it’s so helpful trust me if we can ask you it just makes it better :) thank you xoxo

  7. Bella says:

    Dear Matthew and team;),
    I loved it and it could have been a bit longer;)
    I’m looking forward to seeing more videos like that.
    Thank you for everything you do. It’s so helpful.

  8. Mary says:

    Could you please start captioning your videos? YouTube’s automatic CC system sucks and your accent makes it difficult for it to be accurate. I’m hard of hearing and can only catch bits and pieces of what you say.

    Thanks, love your material and energy, keep it up!

  9. Donna says:

    Hi Matt congratulations on the new chat format … I loved it x

  10. michaelle says:

    PS. Will I get a free place on your tour if I send you my Qs :) :) :) ??

  11. michaelle says:

    This is good! I like the questions and answers, and I like your answers. But this makes me want to send you some questions :)

  12. Yulia says:

    That’s an interesting format, Matt, really. It even slightly changes the way you talk. I liked it.
    Thank you for looking for new ways of communication between you and us:)

  13. Kiraz says:

    This is such a great video, Matthew. Perfect length as well.

    “I admire anyone who can stand up for what they believe in a way that defies public opinion and doesn’t give too much respect to public opinion.”

    Great line. My thoughts exactly. Middle-ground is not my forte.

    I agree absolutely, what you say should be in sync with what you do. Most people lie to themselves first before anyone else. I don’t know how it is in England, but here in the USA people say “love ya” a lot. Everybody is using it so generously without meaning it. It is probably the biggest lie ever in the history of lies.

    I was the same with neatness. I used to spend so much time organizing, by the time I organized everything I didn’t want to study anymore. lol. Sigmund Freud suggested people who have chaotic private lives spend a lot of time being neat at home. There might be some truth in it. I am more relaxed now.

    Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom. xx

  14. Erin says:

    I’d rather have shorter videos to watch as it’s easier to fit into my schedule. I did like the “why men lie” question and answer.

    Matt, you definitely need to help the guys. They are not measuring up!

  15. Maya Morgan says:

    Love this new format! I think it’s actually great to have longer videos, we can get more into depth on subjects and examples! And like the videos type sharing, it brings the community more together! Keep it up Mat. All my love

  16. Nichole says:

    I like the new format, it gives someone a chance to ask a question of you that they wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to ask.

    I enjoyed the three questions. I wish I could’ve told my younger self to embrace boldness, to take chances and ignore the fear!

    Lastly, I Love Jamie Cullum! I’ve never seen him live but his music (mostly the “Twentysomething” cd) has helped me through many hard times and helped me enjoy the great times.

  17. Margot says:

    I like the idea; it would be terre if the questions were more about relationships and self betterment.

  18. A says:

    :-( I really wanna go to Uncle Matty’s seminars, but some ppl work weekends. What are other options?

  19. Caroline says:

    Hi Matt,
    I love your quote about every bit of productivity! I am hanging that above my desk! It was also really interesting to find out your heros. I often feel like that is a hard question to answer. Do you find that you are usually working against public opinion?

    I enjoyed the videos! I actually thought this video was short. I was disappointed that there were not more questions. All the best!

    Love the weekly videos!


  20. Faizah says:

    I like this idea, keep it going. I enjoyed the answer of the last question the most.
    Thank you!

  21. Daivd D says:

    Ken Dodd can hold a room for well over eight hours, and some! “The great thing about my shows– you always go home in the day light”

  22. Leslie says:

    Great way to put the three elements together on why men lie. So accurate and as always articulate. I like this format but also live your videos as well Thank you Matthew!!

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Matthew I love your videos,you,and you have helped me understand how men think more and how they act. You have helped me see who are just boys that will not ever stop playing and what to look for in a man who will be a keeper.
    Thank You.

  24. Crunchyface says:

    First time viewer of any Matthew Hussey video. I was referred by my sister who is active in his community. Loved ther video in its entirety!

  25. Connie says:

    Why men lie? This so resonated with me. I’ve not heard this explained in this manner but it makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, it is what broke up my last relationship, and it fit perfectly for my situation. Thank you Matthew.

  26. Val says:

    I love these videos. They’re more interactive, and you have a great personality.

  27. Miesha says:

    Matthew, this video was simply beautiful. I love the authenticity and the insight. I have followed you for a couple years now and this is the first video that I have ever commented on. I love where this is heading :).

  28. Solveig says:

    LOVE it. The best part for me is communicating standards and expectations for integrity. Noticing it is easy, but communicating it in a clear and calm way can be more difficult – but this really helps. Thank you Husseys;)

  29. Moving on says:

    I liked the longer format. I found the topics interesting and your answers inspiring and thoughtful. I felt they were directly related to dating and relationship as it’s all about creating a life of passion that makes me happy and interested in life. The integrity session was especially interesting to me as I was pretty well duped by someone for many years. Matthew summed up what integrity means and that was helpful to me as I move forward and have that conversation with someone else someday, perhaps.
    Thank you, Matthew. You do good work that has helped me.

  30. Susan says:

    Like the interactive quality of ur new format. And have always liked how you include and relate to Jameson (pretty fun if you took the camera Matt and we hear from Jameson – cos I know how 2 like to switch things up! hahaha)

    About the lie-thing – everyone lies…especially to ourselves.
    We all know it’s true. As you state, Matt (paraphrased)..the best we can do is show up in our integrity..drop down into the heart and have our words be congruent w/ our actions..damn wish more people used this as their m.o. reckon we just have to be the example – like your Jamie Cullum. Thanks for that! – Jamie is wonderful! Keep on w/ ur fight Warriors of Love..

  31. Venus says:

    Genuine..Loved it..not too long..
    *an organized person myself this made sense
    *why do I pursue someone without Integrity..hmmmm Venus

    Well done Ladies for the effort – not easy to do for some

    Thx Matt xx

  32. Mel says:

    Love this!!! Would love to see you do some research on divorced men in midlife 45-60

  33. Melissa says:

    I like a shorter video, more like 6 minutes max.

  34. Stefanie says:

    I regret to say what I”m about to say because I am a fan and have been to a retreat… this format left me cold. Too long, content not all that interesting or relevant. This video is all about you. You’ve changed your approach over the past year. I hate to be critical, but it seems like you’re acting like a celeb… LA seems to be rubbing off. To me it’s all getting slicker and less authentic. I understand you have a right to try new things and go in different directions, but it isn’t helpful to me. I hated the video for the get your ex back programme. It seemed so contrived, trying to create fake urgency and the side camera angles and all. I have just unsubscribed from the mailing list. Interestingly, since attend that retreat over a year ago, I’ve not heard a personal word from anyone in your organization. Sorry. You seem to be doing just fine so I don’t think you need my best wishes for success. It’s just not my cup of tea any longer.

    • LittleMissHoop says:

      I agree on your point about this video– Probably your least interesting one yet Matthew, sorry. It’s the first time I’ve skipped ahead in one of your vids. Totally agree with Stefanie about not changing your formula and not allowing the LA scene to change you. I still adore you Matt, with love

      • LittleMissHoop says:

        Stefanie I’m curious about you experience with the retreat…?

        • Stefanie says:

          I had a positive experience of the retreat. My only complaint is there was too much jumping around to music played at a volume so high it will cause permanent damage to your hearing. And as I said, I have not had any follow-up from anyone personally nor was there a group formed for us alums of the class to keep in touch or anything. Apparently GTG doesn’t know it’s much easier to keep a current client than get a new one. I got an email coupon a few days ago offering me another retreat at a discount. I deleted as I”m not going again. But I would still say to someone else they should go. Good info.

  35. ERIN GIBBONS says:

    I love your videos. I’m going to your tour in NYC. I look forward to seeing you.

  36. Caroline says:

    Loved the content and the longer format. Would love to see more of this!

  37. Louise says:

    Fab this is great ! Thank you

  38. Feebee says:

    Will you be coming to Australia later? It seems that all the tours are on the other side of the world. I think you have a lot of fans here. Please come to our side of the world too. Thanks.

  39. Freshy says:

    loved loved loved it … definitely keep doing them. You are amazing, I cannot believe you are only 27 and so wise. Wish I could clone you and bring you down under ;) to Australia/Melbourne I mean haha

    Love xx

  40. Becky Stanley says:

    Thank-you Matt,

    Great clear explanation of integrity, was one of the key reasons for red flags and breaking up.
    It’s not too long, I’m over 40 so can manage an attention span of over 2 minutes ;-).

  41. Lina says:

    Matt, I loved the video! And no, it’s not too long. It’s actually good to hear some different questions here, because it helps holding the attention. THANK YOU for these 3 points you would say to your teenage self, I’ll be sure to remind myself about them every day!

  42. Ineke Rapp says:

    Loved that session! More please :)

  43. Boba says:

    Great idea! spontaneous, educational…love it! :)

  44. Bruneta says:

    Heeey Matt It was an awesome video and I always get a good laugh from watching your videos you’re funny you little rascal

  45. Lauren says:

    You’re a really intense and well rounded person lol. I love the quote about work. I’m going to write down in my book of fantastic quotes. Thanks for sharing! :)

  46. Cam says:

    Wow!!! Your answer about why men lie was amazing, and it confirmed why I left my boyfriend due to his lack of integrity. Thank you, Matthew!!! I love this question and answer video!!

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