You’ll Push Him Away if You Try Too Hard. Do This Instead…

In this week’s episode of LOVELife I speak with Sarah who had just started dating her “dream guy” before things took a turn for the worst when she left for a week. With his attention lost, we discuss the subtle ways she can regain it.

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15 Replies to “You’ll Push Him Away if You Try Too Hard. Do This Instead…”

  • Hi Matt,

    Wow! Thank you for the video. This is the kind of advice I need. My story is a reverse version of Sarah. The guy in dating for 3 months went back to his country for family member’s funeral.He was really close to this person and he I’m afraid while he’s away for a month, he will pull away because he is quite emotional about losing someone. Another thing is I joined your GTG and KTG programs and I think I haven’t heard of anything about how to handle the situation when a guy lose someone in his life. I’m not good at comforting people and I’m afraid I might say a wrong things. For now, I guess I’m doing the right to not keep talking to him all time and hope hell like me. I go on with my life and talk to him once in a while. Thanks again for all the things you’ve done for us girls. My love life gets better already after joining your programs. Thank you so much.


  • Hi Matt!I personally think this is one of your best videos and the advices that you share with us are very powerful with a Huge Impact!Thank YOU!

  • Thanks for this video. Knowing this and hearing it again makes such a huge difference (I don’t know why!) and I love how you help put things into perspective again. Sometimes we get so lost in the whys and the hows and questioning things that we forget about ourselves. Great video…it was just what I needed to do what I’ve been doing.

  • Liking a person and wanting to be with them but not caring if they like you ro not makes no sence to me.
    You want them around, so you want them to want to be around you.
    If not they are not going to be around.

    1. He’s not saying to not care at all if they like you; he’s saying not to be so worried about it that you lose interest in other things and lose the interesting parts of your personality.

  • Hi Matthew,

    I have been watching your videos on and off for about 5 months. They have been very helpful – thank you!

    I would like to see if you would address the question of slowing down a relationship. I am in a long distance relationship. My current boyfriend moved our relationship ahead very quickly. This was not my preference and at each milestone/expectation he presented I told him that I wasn’t ready (to date we have only been together 6 months). Examples – he tells me he loves me regularly, he wanted to move and be close to me, he wanted me to agree we were “long term”. Recently, as I was finally beginning to feel ready for a few of these milestones, he told me that he wanted to slow things down and make sure I didn’t have any expectations. I feel quite sure this was a not a reaction to my caution, but rather a realization of the commitment he was requesting as the holidays approached. Should I move on or should I take a step back with him? If I should step back (as it is only 6 months), what should that mean specifically?

    I hope you answer this dilemma!! I am struggling with my feelings for him and the relationship overall.

    Best to you!

  • Haha……just listened to this and had to write and say a big thank you!!! I thought at 44 I’d have this stuff sorted, I don’t but what I have realised is that like anything in life, if it’s and area I’m not skilled in and want to be, what do I do? I find the best person I can at that time and I learn from them……and Matthew it is you

  • I really needed this today!! I’m new to the dating world after 14 years of being with the same person. It’s fun, but so very different!

  • I have a REALLY important question: HOW DO YOU GET AWAY WITH DIRTY/SEX TALK?
    I’m a no-sex-before-monogamy kind of girl. Like, we can anything but not a sexual intercourse. So, what do I do? Please, Matthew, I really wanted to make my lovelife work, and I can’t do it without you!!

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  • Matthew I love your videos thank you so much it help in my break up I hope that one I get to meet you in person Thank you so much to help people all over the world and like me I love you Matthew in a good way you a beautiful role model for the world thanks

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